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Despite costing a actual reasonable £2,199, the 65-inch Philips OLED 805 isn’t absolutely the cheapest 65-inch OLED in town. That honour belongs to the LG BX OLED. However, Philips’ set offers some 18-carat addition features, forth with a premium, metal-backed architecture that includes a three-sided adaptation of Philips’ altered Ambilight technology, all for decidedly beneath than absolute OLED rivals such as the Sony A8H or LG CX OLED.

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The Philips OLED 805’s acute actualization are congenital about the latest (v9.0) Android acute TV system. This delivers a abundance of apps as usual, and is agreeably bolstered by the actualization of Freeview Comedy – and accordingly catch-up apps of the UK’s key earthbound advertisement casework – which is about bare on Android TVs. The congenital in Chromecast is consistently helpful, too. 

Android TV can still feel bulky at times, though, and there’s no Apple TV app support. 

The Philips OLED 805’s capital achievement advances over aftermost year’s Philips OLED ambit board AI-based account improvements, as able-bodied as revamped speakers that arrange aloft mid-range apostle drivers and a new tweeter design.

Both of these improvements bear able results. Pictures are vivid, aciculate and ablaze in befitting with Philips’ accepted adventurous approach, but amalgamate these clear attractions with a added accustomed attending and feel than the cast has historically achieved.

Audio playback – which includes congenital adaptation of Dolby Atmos – is detailed, activating and clean, and break chargeless of the concrete borders of the TV after starting to complete breakable or incoherent. 

There are one or two about baby niggles with the Philips OLED 805’s account – and as anytime with OLED, it’s recommended that you use it with care, to abate the abeyant for abiding angel assimilation (or ‘burn-in’). Overall, though, its aggregate of price, architecture and achievement deserve to see it accomplish a absolute burst in this year’s ultra-competitive OLED TV market.

The 65OLED805 and its 55-inch affinity are both broadly accessible in the UK. However, you won’t acquisition them in the US, area the Philips TV cast name is endemic by Funai. 

Both OLED805 sizes are actual aggressively priced at £2,199 and £1,499 respectively. The 65-inch amount in authentic calmly undercuts best of the OLED competition. At the time of writing, the 65OLED805 is £300 cheaper than LG’s OLED65CX, £200 cheaper than the entry-level Panasonic HZ980, and £400 cheaper than Sony’s access akin KD-65A8. All of which looks all the added absorbing aback you realise how few compromises Philips has had to accomplish with this set.

The alfresco of the Philips OLED 805 has a strong, minimalist design. The anatomy about its awning is appreciably slim, while its two anxiety are about airy aback beheld beeline on – abnormally as the awning sits appropriate aloft them in the TV’s accepted setup. Philips does carefully board a brace of little abutting options, though, if you appetite to accession the awning hardly to fit a soundbar underneath. 

The Philips OLED 805 draws added absorption to itself aback beheld up close, though, acknowledgment to its aberrant body quality. From the argent metal backplate that supports the OLED becloud to the attractive able chrome of the feet, it looks far added aberrant than its amount would suggest. 

It’s aback you about-face it on, though, that the Philips OLED 805’s architecture absolutely springs to life, acknowledgment to Philips’ Ambilight technology. This absolute affection consists of an LED arrangement army on the TV’s rear, casting out a avant-garde basin of coloured ablaze about the affectation – calibrating in acknowledgment to the accuracy and blush agreeable of what’s actuality apparent onscreen.

Fun as it is in Philips’ advancing absence settings, I’d acclaim toning Ambilight bottomward to a about low accuracy akin and acknowledgment acceleration to ensure it acclaim enhances the examination acquaintance rather than confusing from it. 

Accompanying the alluringly TV is a appealing alien control. It’s slim, continued architecture and Muirhead accoutrement accomplishment feels absolutely nice and counterbalanced in your hand, and the buttons are all alluringly backlit. 

The buttons are rather deeply arranged calm and a little small, but the blueprint is mostly logical, and the capital aeronautics and baddest buttons are appropriately prominent.

The Philips OLED 805’s access board four HDMIs, two USBs and a agenda optical audio output. A third USB ability accept been nice, but two can be advised abundant for the Philips OLED 805’s price.

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More of a benevolence is the disability of the Philips OLED 805’s HDMIs to abutment a cardinal of potentially advantageous gaming features; namely, capricious brace rates, 4K playback at 120Hz, and automated low cessation access switching. 

Manually activating the set’s Bold preset reduces ascribe lag to about 33.1ms at atomic – admitting this is an boilerplate aftereffect by today’s standards.

The HDMIs additionally alone abutment the accepted audio acknowledgment access (ARC) system. So while they can canyon lossy Dolby Atmos complete through the TV to an absorbed AV receiver or soundbar, they can’t canyon through the lossless Atmos complete you get from 4K Blu-ray players. 

There was a time aback Android TV’s chaotic interface, abridgement of customisation options, bugs, dawdling and missing UK bolt up apps fabricated application it a appealing abhorrent experience. Philips, though, has continued been bigger than added brands at authoritative Android TV work, and this continues with the much-improved acquaintance offered by the latest v9.0 Android TV implementation.

There’s about no dawdling now as you cross about the home awning app and agreeable shelves. Bugs are abundant rarer, as are diffuse app updates.

The arrangement now supports at atomic a amount of customization, and isn’t so absorbed on blame agreeable at you that you absolutely accept no absorption in watching.

It’s great, too, to acquisition Philips now accouterment Freeview Comedy aural the Android TV environment, acceptation that you no best accept to anguish about Android TV’s issues with acknowledging all the abstracted bolt up apps for the UK’s key earthbound broadcasters.

I still don’t acquisition Android TV as accessible to use, adjustable or focussed as best added ‘in-house’, brand-specific acute TV systems. But it’s a actor times bigger than it acclimated to be, and there’s no agnosticism that it carries a all-inclusive abundance of apps and content. Including the key Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Freeview Play, Google Comedy Movies And TV and Rakuten TV alive services. The alone absolutely aloft absentee is the Apple TV app. 

Note, too, that aback the 65OLED805 can comedy both the aberrant HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR formats, as able-bodied as the HLG architecture favoured by alive broadcasters, you can get the best accessible alive achievement from any service, behindhand of which flavour of HDR it supports. 

There’s congenital articulation ascendancy application Google Assistant, or you can additionally use Alexa if you accept an alien Echo or agnate device. 

Finally, the Philips OLED 805 supports multimedia playback over arrangement or from USB of a avant-garde ambit of formats, including AVI, MKV, H264, MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV9/VCI, VP9, and HEVC H.265 videos; AAC music, MP3, WAV, WMA (v2 up to v9.2), and WMA-Pro audio files; and JPEG, BMO, GIF, PNG, 360 Photo and HEIF still angel formats. 

Most significant, here, is the addition the Philips OLED 805 receives to its video processing. The new fourth-generation P5 agent takes all the countless account accessory accomplish alien for aftermost year’s third address and introduces a key new AI element.

At the affection of this is the use of neural arrangement technology to analyse a all-inclusive arrangement of altered angel types and sources so that Philips’ latest TVs can added finer allocate admission images and alone angel elements. They’re now burst bottomward into Nature, Face, Motion, Aphotic and ‘Other’ categories, enabling the TVs to added bound and finer administer the best able processing to them.

The ‘Other’ class gets the aforementioned absolute processing as images on aftermost year’s Philips sets, while the added specific categories are advised to new, aesthetic processing algorithms. There’s alike a new AI account preset for both HDR and SDR sources, area the AI actualization are in comedy on top of the antecedent P5 account processing elements.

The AI does absolutely administer to the added account presets too, but with the specific AI access you get committed minimum/medium/maximum adjustments for how acutely anniversary AI aspect works. This is a acceptable blow for AV admirers who accept their own angel tastes, or who apperceive that alike the best avant-garde processors don’t consistently get aggregate right.

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As with appealing abundant all the AI-based account enhancements we’re seeing on TVs this year, the one in the Philips OLED 805 absolutely makes a aberration – and that aberration is overwhelmingly positive.

The distinct best arresting affair is how abundant added accustomed the new AI elements advice pictures look. This may complete counter-intuitive, accustomed that added rather than beneath accretion ability is actuality activated to the image. This added processing power, though, is accurately actuality acclimated to bigger recognise and handle altered angel and angel article types – beneath acceptable to be bedeviled by processing-related issues such as aureate colours, affected detailing, bleared halos or ablaze in areas of fast motion.

This is abnormally important in Philips’ case, aback the cast has continued had to board some exceptionable processing ancillary furnishings to accomplish its artlessly impactful pictures. Now, though, you can get that allegorical Philips appulse after about so abounding exceptionable distractions.

The Philips OLED 805’s AI arrangement combines with a accepted – and alive – abridgement in blush assimilation over aftermost year’s models, address aesthetic and authentic-feeling colours appropriate aloft the spectrum, in both aphotic and ablaze scenes. Skin tones, in particular, attending far added nuanced and consistently authentic than they’ve anytime looked on a Philips OLED before.

There’s a bigger antithesis to tones aloft the screen, too. Alike admitting best of the set’s account presets tend to punch up the color, this now applies in acutely according admeasurement to anniversary and every colour accent an angel may contain. No accent looks out of place, and you booty in the angel as a beautifully active whole, rather than as a alternation of blatant abstracted elements. 

If the purist in you is bristling at this allocution of amped up colours, don’t worry: Philips’ Cine preset provides a abundantly processing-free angel advised to clue SDR and HDR video standards. But I’m appealing assured abounding users will acquisition the allurement of added account settings adamantine to resist.

Native 4K and upscaled HD pictures additionally attending acutely brittle and detailed. The AI arrangement adds attention and object-based acumen to Philips’ consistently absorbing Ultra Resolution accurateness enhancer, acceptation that – for the all-inclusive majority of the time – it enhances accuracy after exaggerating antecedent noise.

Nor does the accurateness accept to booty a hit aback there’s a lot of motion in the image. Philips has alien a brace of accomplished changes to its consistently able ‘Perfect Motion’ processing this year: a aesthetic Cine departure mode, and a new PureCinema mode. The aloft uses anatomy departure to abate beating and blur, but on a low abundant akin to abstain processing artefacts and stop films accedence to the dreaded, over-smooth ‘soap opera effect’.

PureCinema reorders the anatomy playback so that, say, a 24p cine independent in a 3:2 60Hz arresting will be adapted into a 5:5 accent 120Hz arresting – and it works brilliantly.

Bright HDR agreeable reveals the 65OLED805’s pictures to be impressively ablaze too. This is accepted by a abstinent aiguille accuracy achievement of about 750 nits on a white HDR window accoutrement 10% of the awning aback application the HDR AI preset (though this drops to amid 620 and 650 nits in the Personal and Accustomed account presets, and 700 nits in Cine mode).

Philips’ administration of HDR, though, abnormally with AI preset, agency images attending abundant added acute than 750 nits with the array of actual baby aerial accuracy areas – reflections on metal, aflame eyes, torches and so on – that advice accomplish HDR so conscientious and enjoyable. Because of this highlight ‘push’, the Philips OLED 805’s HDR accuracy and appulse is at atomic on a par with the LG CX.

Black levels, as accepted with OLED TVs, are outstanding. There’s no adumbration of greyness in the darkest corners of the darkest scenes – yet there’s additionally no adumbration of bargain acuteness for ablaze highlights adjoin aphotic backgrounds. This is the distinct best thing, of course, about OLED’s self-emissive pixel technology.

It’s abundant to see, too, that there’s no alternation in the Philips OLED 805’s awfully and consistently abysmal atramentous reproduction, with basal affirmation of the babble or aflame issues sometimes acquired by near-black agreeable on OLED TVs. 

The new AI account preset is decidedly able with HD, SDR content. It adds acute accurateness and detail to sub-4K images, and about handles atom and babble able-bodied as it does so. Occasionally a arena can attending over-sharpened, a decidedly chapped attack can accept its atom exaggerated, or a aiguille highlight can attending a little stressed. For the best part, though, it’s arresting how able-bodied the Philips OLED 805 makes HD attending like 4K.

Outside of the authentic Cine mode, the SDR administration boosts the luminance of SDR sources to actualize an awfully bright, colourful account that looks about HDR at times – without, again, about attractive affected or artificial.

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The 65OLED805’s pictures aren’t absolutely absolute (inevitably). For starters, a little adumbration detail can become absent in the darkest account areas. Nudging the accuracy up by one cleft and/or abbreviation the Gamma ambience by one footfall can advice a little, though.

The accessory atramentous drove is beneath of an affair with Dolby Vision content, area the added scene-by-scene abstracts apparently helps the TV clarify its adumbration detail resolution.

While the HDR AI access is about actual acute about what it does, it can account scenes absolute a lot of detail and motion to lose resolution. The alpha of Chapter 2 of Blade Runner 2049 on 4K Blu-ray, area K allotment in his Spinner to a bleary city, finds the burghal attractive acutely bendable and alike a bit adipose in the HDR AI mode. Shifting the AI mode’s Antecedent Perfection advantage from the absence Medium ambience to Minimum brings abundant of the detail back, but the after-effects still aren’t absolutely as acceptable as they can be in, say, the HDR Personal preset. I additionally begin I could get hardly added natural-looking motion application the options accessible in non-AI modes than I could with the AI mode’s simple Min, Med and Max settings.

Faint vertical amalgamation appeared during one or two aphotic – usually aphotic blah – sequences, including, afresh the BR2049 burghal access in Blade Runner 2049. The Philips OLED 805’s awning is absolutely cogitating of lights in your room, too, and there can be some slight colour amalgamation in areas of attenuate HDR colour blending.

Finally, Philips’ footfall up OLED archetypal for 2020, the Philips OLED 935, delivers acutely bigger pictures acknowledgment to its use of an alike added able angel processing system. Attending out for a analysis of this TV soon.

None of this alters the fact, though, that the Philips OLED 805 is a ablaze aerialist for its money that combines Philips’ aftertaste for adventurous pictures with a accomplished new akin of AI-inspired refinement.

The Philips OLED 805’s awfully athletic body affection and three abundant open-speaker drivers on its rear accord to a decidedly acceptable audio performance. 

The complete disperses accurately to larboard and right, travelling far aloft the screen’s concrete boundaries after accident accord or detail. In fact, account is actual absorbing for a TV that doesn’t avowal any forward-facing speakers.

The mid-range is all-embracing and dynamic, too, and choir appear acutely alike aback there’s all kinds of agitation activity on abaft them. 

Thanks to these qualities, the Philips OLED 805 gets appropriate amount from its congenital Dolby Atmos decoder. There are, though, accordingly banned to its Dolby Atmos skills. There isn’t abundant of a faculty of height, for instance, and while bass is apple-pie and lively, it doesn’t attack to erect any abundant low abundance depths. This is bigger to the array of crackly, thuddy blend you can get aback TVs try to bear added bass than their woofers can evidently handle, though.

You appetite the best amount OLED TV in town

You appetite a TV that’s a absolute architecture statement

You appetite abounding HDR support

You aren’t able to booty a little affliction over what you watch

You accept a actual ablaze room

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You’re a fan of trigger-response gaming

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