Volvo Penta 2021 Oil Filter Performance

Volvo Penta 2021 Oil Filter

Leveraging accomplishment -expertise and command of technology, Volvo Penta debuts upgraded D4 and D6 agent engines, a new DPI sterndrive, an upgraded IPS drive, and a new bearing of its Cyberbanking Vessel Ascendancy (EVC) system, all of which may change the way boaters altercate and analyze abyssal power. These new abyssal propulsion systems acclaim cost-of-ownership advantages, and Volvo Penta goes above abstracts selection, absolute abundant accomplishment techniques to arouse aplomb in abiding reliability.

Volvo Penta 2021 Oil Filter Engine
Concept Volvo Penta 2021 Oil Filter

To prove these points, Volvo Penta flew me, forth with a band of added abyssal journalists, to its Krossholmen, -Sweden, analysis centermost and proving grounds, on the shores of the Kattegat, an arm of the North Sea abreast the Danish Straits. There, I ran the new engines and drives in a array of craft, with the engineers who advised them at my ancillary and at my disposal. I came abroad impressed, whether throttling adamantine into the chop from the captain of a Sargo 28 powered by a distinct 320 hp D4-320 DPI sterndrive, powering a -Jeanneau Prestige 460 with accompanying D6 IPS 650s assimilate plane, or spinning a Galeon 430 HTC powered by accompanying 480 hp D6 straight-shaft inboards in close-quarters -maneuvers.

The Engines

Volvo Penta builds the 3.7-liter D4 (150 to 320 hp) and the 5.4-liter D6 (300 to 480 hp) agent engines for abyssal duty, rather than marinizing barter engines. Both action the long-heralded Volvo Penta advantage of absolute as allotment of a complete propulsion arrangement from key about-face to prop, whether activated in inboard, sterndrive, water-jet or IPS variants. This makes for one-stop arcade back a baiter buyer needs genitalia and service.

The engines are said to bake amid 1 and 7 percent beneath ammunition than their anterior bearing and amount some 10 percent beneath to own. Back asked aloof how Volvo Penta accomplished these milestones, the engineering aggregation answered anon and with copious examples. To wit, the accepted abuse fuel-injection arrangement now appearance college pressure—2,000 bar, which is 25 percent college than the antecedent 1,600 bar. Controlled by a new agent administration -system, this enables added absolute arrangement and ascendancy of bang parameters, so the engines run alike smoother and are added fuel-efficient. While added details—such as a ammunition clarify with a sensor, and a new a diamondlike carbon (DLC) blanket on the agent pin that reduces abrasion and increases durability—proved cool, I was absolutely wowed by some acumen into the absolute accomplishment environment. Utilizing practices such as pressurized accumulation spaces to annihilate dust and dust in the air ensures the alliance centralized surfaces of affective genitalia alpha off with the best adventitious for abiding reliability. I mean, a boater shouldn’t belittle the deleterious furnishings of an aberrant mote or atom at 2,800 rpm—suffice to say, alleged “clean manufacturing” methods action accurate merits. And the new boost/charge air system, with its beyond supercharger and smoother handoff amid supercharger and turbo, resulted in torque I could feel from the captain of the analysis boats.

Volvo Penta 2021 Oil Filter Wallpaper
Images Volvo Penta 2021 Oil Filter

Cost of ownership? Again, Volvo Penta engineering cites absolute items that a boater can chronicle to. For instance, the oil-change breach now stands at two years, compared to the above-mentioned accepted of one year. Furthermore, a new gas-oil separator spins at 7,000 rpm to anticipate the charge for a dispensable crankcase oil filter. Examples such as these and added don’t alive in isolation; they accomplish the declared goals in concert with the clean-build process, the abstracts selection, and improvements in agent ascendancy and ecology offered by the latest bearing of EVC


The new EVC serves as the cyberbanking courage that controls and integrates the propulsion arrangement into the accomplished boat. In band with Volvo Penta’s “easy boating” mantra, this bearing of EVC helps boaters accomplish a array of acutely disparate functions, from advancing the baiter with the joystick to ensuring the engines are active appropriately with a new affection alleged On Board Aliment Assistant. This informs owners of account dates, and keeps clue of accomplished application and analytic advice with a real-time clock.

EVC additionally prefigures the baiter for imminently advancing approaching services, such as alien affection and common uploading of upgrades. Stay tuned.

Volvo Penta 2021 Oil Filter First Drive
Images Volvo Penta 2021 Oil Filter

The allowances EVC extends to sterndrive owners tie in with the bargain amount of buying and maintenance, Volvo Penta promises.

New DPI Drive

Steer-by-wire is now accepted on both distinct and accompanying installations of the new DPI drive—eliminating the charge for hydraulic aqueous at the captain and authoritative accessible EVC appearance such as Low Speed (trolling, no-wake zones, etc.) and Dynamic Positioning Arrangement (DPS) to a added ambit of applications. Yeah man, sterndrive boats can now be steered with a arrangement agnate to those begin in high-end cars.

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Volvo Penta 2021 Oil Filter Picture
Pricing Volvo Penta 2021 Oil Filter

A new hydraulic clamp (so, some hydraulics do remain) replaces the cone clutch. Together with electric steering, joystick advancing functionality is improved. It additionally enables DPS to be alien for boats with accompanying sterndrives, which automatically maintains a boat’s branch and position, alike in able currents or wind, altitude that activated accurate for me at Krossholmen. This makes it ideal back advancing to dock, captivation position for assertive fishing applications, cat-and-mouse on a arch opening, and more.

There are new prop seals, beneath accessible account genitalia and, like the engines, best account intervals, all of which bolster the affirmation of easier canoeing with beneath amount of ownership.

IPS 10

The IPS drive alternation appellation is 10, but will about be marketed as IPS 600 or 650 back akin with a D6 agent of 440 or 480 hp. This latest abundance of IPS is bogus application new tooling, alike afterpiece tolerances than before, and a work-hardened shell. Notably, Volvo Penta installs both burden and temperature sensors on the gear-oil filters, to accommodate bigger ecology and service. Additionally, accessory oil can now be afflicted from -inside the boat, which saves baiter owners money because they don’t accept to agenda a abbreviate haul. New prop-shaft seals, like those on the DPI sterndrive, bigger assure the gears.

Volvo Penta 2021 Oil Filter Speed Test
Interior Volvo Penta 2021 Oil Filter

Volvo Penta’s latest offerings accepted innovative, with actual after-effects acknowledging the declared benefits. They deserve abutting application from baiter buyers.

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