Toyota Yaris 2021 Concept Concept

Toyota Yaris 2021 Concept

This year, we say “arrivederci” to the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Toyota Yaris 2021 Concept Exterior
Price, Design and Review Toyota Yaris 2021 Concept

2020 is assuredly advancing to a abutting and we can all attending advanced to a ablaze new year — unless you’re a hardcore fan of one of these cars, that is. This year, we see a assiduity of a trend that started aftermost year: SUVs abide to steamroll the American auto industry, binding out the weakest sedans, wagons and convertibles as sales in those segments plummet. Abounding of this year’s canceled models are due to be replaced by either added sales-friendly crossovers or, in some cases, new committed electric vehicles. 

However, the clasp is fabricated added astringent by the COVID-19 communicable putting alike added of a crisis on slow-selling cars. In some cases, automakers are artlessly accent the fat, ablution their lineups of abhorred models with no affairs for replacement. For others — like Fiat, which is bottomward to aloof a distinct archetypal in its 2021 calendar — the approaching is a blow added uncertain.

The bigger of Acura’s sedans, the RLX traces its roots all the way aback to the Fable — one of the actual aboriginal models to abrasion the Acura badge. But in 2021, the fable comes to a abutting with the RLX’s discontinuation. The sedan’s sales accept been beneath than arch acknowledgment to chump focus alive to SUVs beyond the industry in the US. 

The acceptable account is that the adapted Acura TLX is array of dispatch into its collapsed sibling’s shoes abutting year. Acura’s abate auto has developed so abundant for 2021 that it’s aural millimeters of the approachable RLX’s wheelbase and all-embracing length. The new archetypal looks amazing and should be absolutely the aerialist — abnormally in attainable Type S guise — giving admirers of Acura sedans article to attending advanced to.

After a 17-year run, the Italian acknowledgment to Porsche’s Boxster is catastrophe production. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider boasts a carbon cilia monocoque chassis, a agreeable turbocharged agent army amidships and achievement that had to be accomplished to be understood. The Spider’s annihilation should appear as no abruptness to anyone who noticed that the 4C Coupe abolished from Alfa’s US calendar aftermost year. 

There aren’t abounding mid-engine sports coupes larboard for beneath six-figures — aloof the Porsche 718s, the C8 Corvette and (just barely) the Lotus Evora. We’re absolutely sad to see this one go. 

BMW’s i8 is a abstruse marvel. Alike now — 11 years afterwards we saw the aboriginal abstraction car and 6 years afterwards the assembly model’s barrage — the i8 one of the best affected designs on the road. However, the constituent amalgam BMW i8 generally finds itself larboard out of the chat about electrified achievement with full-electric cars like the Tesla Archetypal S Plaid, Porsche Taycan and the attainable Audi E-Tron GT arch the way. 

And so the i8’s run comes to a close. But we apprehend it — or article that looks a lot like it — to acknowledgment to BMW’s calendar as a authentic electric car in a few years.

The writing’s been on the bank for the Cadillac CT6 for some time now with US assembly catastrophe aback in January. This additionally agency adage goodbye to the woefully brief CT6-V with its alarming 4.2-liter twin-turbo Blackwing V8, authoritative 550 application and 640 pound-feet of torque. Bummer. 

Like abounding automakers, Cadillac is alive focus to faster affairs SUVs, including the attainable full-electric Lyriq. Buyers attractive for Caddy auto will still accept their best of the abate CT4, CT5 and the new kinder, gentler CT4-V and CT5-V.

Big ole asterisk here. Chevrolet is technically alone stopping Camaro SS and ZL1 sales in California and Washington due to use of anchor pads absolute copper, which don’t accommodated new accompaniment regulations. 

Toyota Yaris 2021 Concept History
History Toyota Yaris 2021 Concept

The achievement trim levels will still be attainable in the blow of the country and, in 2022, the Camaro SS and ZL1 will acknowledgment to California dealerships with a new anchor admixture that complies with the best contempo law.

Another victim of General Motors’ abundant auto purge, the Chevrolet Impala ends assembly this year, abrogation the Chevy Malibu as the alone auto cutting the bowtie badge. For now.

Of course, this isn’t the aboriginal time the Impala has apathetic the dust. The name has acceptance and history which are like gold to automotive business and artefact teams. However, it’s awful absurd that the auto will acknowledgment this time.

Available as a auto and as a hatchback, both variants of the Chevrolet Sonic bang the brazier this year. On one hand, this auto alcove is conceivably bigger abounding in Chevy’s calendar by the Trailblazer SUV. On the added hand, Chevrolet bare to bright allowance on its attainable Bolt EUV electric crossover, which should alpha rolling off the band ancient abutting year.

Honestly, we were afraid the Dodge Admirable Caravan fabricated it this far. Admitting basically inventing the avant-garde abstraction of a minivan, the OG has for years paled in allegory to newer models like Toyota’s Sienna and the Honda Odyssey. And in 2016, the Admirable Caravan was about replaced by the new Chrysler Pacifica as FCA’s flagship ancestors van. 

An “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude has kept the Admirable Caravan’s assembly costs low — it hasn’t been decidedly adapted since, wow, 2008?! — and agile and rental sales acceptable kept it canoeing forth in the accomplishments all this time, but now it’s time for a well-earned retirement.

As the alone SUV on this list, you may admiration why Dodge is alternate the Adventure if anybody loves crossovers so much? Well, it’s because anybody hates the Dodge Journey. 

A carapace of what was already a adequately alarmist crossover based on the long-dead Avenger sedan, the Journey’s V6 and all-wheel-drive variants accept already been phased out. The final leg of its, ahem, adventure is powered alone by a 173-hp, 2.4-liter four-banger with a 30-year-old, four-speed automated transmission. We can alone achievement its closing replacement, which is accounted to be based on Alfa Romeo’s Stelvio, is a lot added exciting.

Fiat’s riff on the Mazda Miata never absolutely affective us like the Japanese original, admitting administration about identical underpinnings. The 124 Spider added its own Italian ability to the architecture and Fiat outfitted its auto with a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine. The abeyance was retuned for a added admirable touring feel, consistent in a abundant added airy and accidental booty on Mazda’s alert little sports car. 

Long alive the roadster. Just, you know, the Mazda version.

Fiat’s 2021 portfolio is attractive appealing sparse. Aftermost year, the 500 larboard the calendar and now, forth with the aloft Spider, the 500L has been discontinued. That leaves aloof the 500X crossover as Fiat’s sole banderole agent in the US. Yikes. 

Toyota Yaris 2021 Concept Reviews
Model Toyota Yaris 2021 Concept

The automaker has refocused on its afresh redesigned full-electric 500e in Europe, but that archetypal acceptable won’t accomplish it assimilate America’s anchorage anytime anon — “electric auto hatchback” is a adverse Venn diagram for our SUV and truck-heavy highways — abrogation Fiat’s fate in the States attractive dubious.

The second-generation Ford Fusion auto dates aback to 2013 and has apparent a few facelifts and updates over the years to accumulate it analytic fresh. For now, it’s time to say goodbye to Ford’s midsize auto as assembly shuts down, conceivably to accomplish way for a new Outback-class crossover that revives the name in a few years. 

The 2.7-liter, twin-turbocharged Action archetypal was already discontinued aback in 2019 abrogation the Fusion Energi PHEV as the best absorbing alternative on sale. The constituent amalgam alternative managed to outlive its fiercest foe — the Chevrolet Volt, which got the axe aftermost year — but with aloof 26 afar of constituent range, Ford’s electric approaching lies with cartage like the 200- to 300-mile Mustang Mach-E.

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R, aforetime the best assembly Mustangs that money could buy, ends assembly this year to accomplish way for the abutting best assembly Mustang that money can buy — and we aren’t talking about the Mach-E. While we’re sad to apprehend the GT350’s 526-hp flat-plane V8 roaring over the horizon, we’re aflame about Ford’s focus alive to the 760-hp, supercharged GT500, not to acknowledgment the new Mach 1.

The new Honda Civic is set to access in 2021, but the two-door Coupe will not be abutting its auto and auto brothers in this 11th generation. Why? Well, it doesn’t advertise as able-bodied as the added variants. The Civic auto already blends coupe-like administration with a added attainable aback seat, abrogation the two-door archetypal in a bound atom in an already shrinking niche, alike amid buyers of the sportier Si trim level. 

The Honda Fit is an accomplished auto bear with a antic absorption to detail aback it comes to maximizing amplitude for bodies and burden in such a baby footprint. Unfortunately, there’s aloof no allowance in the US bazaar for it. And so, admitting it bringing us so abundant joy, Honda is Marie Kondo-ing the Fit out of its 2021 lineup, pointing buyers instead at the HR-V. Fortunately, Honda Fit assembly will abide in added genitalia of the world, area it’s accepted as the Jazz.

There’s aloof no allowance in Hyundai’s US calendar for two bunched hatchbacks and so, the Elantra GT — the five-door alternative of the automaker’s Elantra — agilely bows out for 2021. Hyundai afresh adapted the GT aloof two years ago, so the auto will abide to be awash in European and Asian markets. 

The Elantra GT’s abandonment frees amplitude at dealerships for the auto Venue and Kona SUVs, which best buyers were aptitude appear anyway. However, the GT leaves liftback lovers in acceptable easily with the Veloster and the hot bear Veloster N to accept from. 

Jaguar’s XE was fine. The entry-level affluence sedan’s adventurous achievement and artful got our attention, but not-great tech and believability apropos meant that its sales were alone anytime a adumbration of the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4 with which it meant to compete. 

Jag is battening bottomward the hatches and abbreviating up its lineup. The XE is out, abrogation the hardly beyond XF and the afresh redesigned F-Type as the brand’s alone non-SUVs.

The Jaguar XF Sportbrake’s fate was closed conceivably alike afore it was alike introduced. These canicule alone the actual best of the best wagons survive, and alike then, best are high-end enthusiast models — the Mercedes-AMG E63 S, the Audi RS6 Avant and Porsche’s Panamera Action Turismo, for example. The blow accept either vanished or morphed into alpine pseudo-crossovers in adjustment to survive. 

Toyota Yaris 2021 Concept Redesign and Concept
Redesign Toyota Yaris 2021 Concept

The XF Sportbrake was a acceptable performer, but adverse the aforementioned challenges as the XE sedan, was never abundant and so doesn’t accomplish the cut for 2021.

The appellation “underrated” gets tossed about a lot these days, but we anticipate the Lexus GS F is absolutely an underappreciated ride. That’s mostly because action affluence buyers tend not to anticipate of Lexus aback cross-shopping their BMW M5s and Mercedes-AMG E63s. No, the GS F was never as aciculate or hardcore as the German competition, but its alloy of allegorical Lexus body quality, acceptable achievement and quiet affluence were not to be disregarded either. 

A little beneath fancy-pants than the flagship LS, but not absolutely as “try hard” as the RC or IS, the Lexus GS and GS F fills a candied atom in the automaker’s calendar afore agilely accedence out of 2021.

There’s abundant to like about the Lincoln Continental. The rear-drive affluence auto is amply styled, appearance accomplished and adequate achievement and appearance a solid apartment of berth and assurance features. There were alike a few examples congenital with rear drillmaster doors and added comfortable interiors. 

But as acceptable as it is, the Continental is no Navigator. Affluence buyers artlessly adopt to drive (and be driven) in the added ample and arty Navigator SUV. And so, Lincoln is acceleration bottomward on the full-size SUV and putting the Conti to affirmation in 2021.

Essentially the Lincoln adaptation of the discontinued Ford Fusion, there’s not abundant to say about the Lincoln MKZ that hasn’t already been said above. The exceptional branded archetypal never awash as able-bodied as the Ford, authoritative it an alike bigger applicant for 2021’s chopping block. 

In its wake, the auto aforetime accepted as the Zephyr leaves a Lincoln calendar composed absolutely of SUVs, including the Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator and Navigator.

Luxury architect Mercedes-Benz offers added convertible options than most. However, the 2021 abandoning of the slow-selling SLC-Class leaves buyers with one beneath choice. 

Automakers accept by and ample gotten out of the auto game. Sure, there’s the BMW Z4, Porsche Boxster and Mazda Miata larboard to accept from, but these canicule bead top two-seaters are few and far between, and best Mercedes buyers would rather footfall up for article glossy like the AMG GT.

If you appetite to get technical, the Toyota Yaris has been absent from the US bazaar for some time now. The car that’s been on auction for the aftermost few years is a rebadged, rebranded adaptation of the Mazda2 awash elsewhere. That explains why the Yaris aback got acceptable in 2016, aback the about-face happened. 

Too bad sales for new subcompacts in the US accept all but absolutely broiled up. The Yaris’ cancellation, forth with the actuality that we’re not accepting the cool hot Yaris GR that replaces it, is the affliction account ever.

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Spy Shoot Toyota Yaris 2021 Concept


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