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Subaru Ute 2021

Admittedly, the name is confusing: Ford Bronco Sport. This is not the “big Bronco,” the one that provides all the ancestry and cred that already has off-roaders drooling over a agent that faces off head-to-head with the toughest Jeeps. That agent is now delayed until abutting summer. This is the “baby Bronco,” the smaller, added affordable crossover with the aforementioned administration cues, but added burghal appeal. 

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Photos Subaru Ute 2021

Still, for the abutting several months, the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is the alone SUV with the acclaimed horse-kicking-up-its-rear-legs logo. (Okay, the Mustang Mach-E has a horse, too, but it looks different.)

John Voelcker

Ford’s new babyish ute is actual good. Admitting the butch Bronco name, this one is a bunched account agent that competes with the Jeep Compass and Cherokee, as able-bodied as high-volume chic stalwarts that accommodate the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, and Nissan Rogue. 

Above all else, it’s the abutting straight-across addition I’ve yet begin to the allegorical Subaru Forester. That absurd agent absorbed burghal and rural buyers who amount its allegorical backbone and acumen to accompany the outdoorsy drivers who absolutely use all-wheel drive and absolutely do get their cartage muddy. 

Ford would adulation to attraction that mix of shoppers. So it congenital a analogously boxlike vehicle, added the attraction of the tough, all-American Bronco name—underscored by an instantly identifiable grille and berth appearance like tie-downs and rubber-mat floors—and now it has a brand-new, butcher, acknowledgment babyish ute that we admired a lot. 

Just don’t acquaint the Bronco Bros it’s an Escape underneath, OK?

Ford’s designers nailed the aspect of what a babyish SUV should attending like: a tall, boxlike agent with an almost-vertical tailgate, window curve that run alongside to the ground, and almost slabby sides. It’s instantly apparent for what it is. Half a aeon ago, we’d aloof accept alleged it a wagon. These days, it has all-wheel drive and eight or added inches of arena clearance, so it’s a “small crossover” now. 

John Voelcker

The cocked appearance contrasts with the latest Ford Escape, which morphed into a alpine five-door hatchback. The two allotment automated underpinnings (though the little Bronco has been tweaked for tougher off-roading). But this one looks like a truck, while that one looks added like a car.

It’s a acute way to advertise added crossovers, abnormally back Ford axed the Focus for North America. Old Focus buyers can accept the Escape, and Escape buyers who ache for the cocked contour of the aboriginal ancestors from 2002 through 2012 now accept the Bronco Sport—even to the flip-up rear window in the tailgate.

The abutting architecture allegory is the Forester, which charcoal the best cocked of all the bunched crossovers. Foresters haven’t assorted in administration that abundant in bristles ancestors back 1997, and they’re appreciably able off-road back alleged upon. They won’t do what a Jeep Wrangler does, but they’re way added accomplished on rocky, rutted advance and addled muck than your basal RAV4. I’ll accept to leave it to accurate off-roaders to counterbalance in on absolutely how acceptable the Bronco Sport is beneath those conditions. (So far, aboriginal break are promising.)

Subaru Ute 2021 Release Date and Concept
Price and Release date Subaru Ute 2021

The Bronco Sport comes in Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, Badlands and Aboriginal Copy trims, in that order—the aftermost one is now awash out. The accepted agent in Base, Big Bend, and Outer Banks versions is a 1.5-liter turbo three-cylinder (yes, three), rated at 181 application and commutual to an eight-speed automated transmission. I didn’t analysis that version, but if the Escape with the aforementioned bureaucracy is any indication, it’ll action acceptable fun back apprenticed hard, but won’t be the fastest crossover you’ve driven. 

John Voelcker

The added able 245-hp 2.0-liter turbo four comes in the Aboriginal Copy and Badlands versions, with the aforementioned eight-speed automatic. I activated that one, and it’s absolutely peppy. I spun auto accelerating out of corners, in fact, which isn’t all that accepted in bunched crossovers. Once in a while, during quick on-and-off dispatch in abutting traffic, the manual accouterment didn’t accumulate up with what I asked for until the software absitively how it capital to react. Not a big deal, but agilely irritating.

My analysis agent was a Ford Bronco Sport Badlands 4×4 in Kodiak Brown, a root-beer amber with a subtle, affected metal cell that showed up alone in sunlight. The two-tone autogenous was “Ebony Roast Lea-Trim” and alloyed handsome with practical. The account of accepted appearance added a few dozen ammo points. 

All Bronco Sports arise with all four apprenticed auto as standard. The abate agent uses a accepted all-wheel-drive arrangement that splits ability amid advanced and rear, admitting it’s apprenticed abundantly by the advanced auto beneath on-road circumstances. In accession to three almost accepted drive modes—Normal, Eco, and Sport—this AWD arrangement offers Glace and Sand modes.


The 2.0-liter analysis car had a added able accepted 4WD arrangement that includes a twin-clutch rear differential, to absolute all rear torque to one caster or the added for greater ascendancy in off-road use. It additionally has a beefed-up abeyance and added arena clearance. That arrangement adds two added modes: Mud/Ruts, for glace wet fields and tracks, and Rock Crawl, for accurate off-roading. 

Drive modes are called on a rotary punch that says “G.O.A.T.” on its face. That stands, according to Ford, for “Goes Over Any Type of Terrain”—so abundant tougher than “Drive Mode,” right? Aside from my rutted single-lane road, I didn’t get the befalling to booty the Bronco Sport off-road—but admitting its abilities, we’re action best buyers won’t either. They aloof like the possibility, alike if they never use it. Still, attending for a added all-embracing off-road analysis on The Drive abutting month.


Like best Ford cars and its affinity the Escape, the Bronco Sport handles and holds the alley well. It’s hardly added advantageous to drive fast than the RAV4, CR-V, or Rogue, which accept softer rides acquainted for mass-market comfort. I apperceive that sounds like I’m anathema it with aside praise, but let’s be real. There’s alone so abundant on-road action that can be dialed into a bunched crossover with off-road pretensions. Still, the babyish Bronco rides well, conceivably because my Badlands had alternative 17-inch tires rather than the larger—arguably harsher—black 18-inch auto that arise accepted on the Badlands and Outer Banks trims.

Ford has created a aboveboard birr and ascendancy blueprint afterwards swoops or flourishes. For this 5’11” reviewer, the bench acme is absolutely right: easier to access and exit, and alms a acceptable cocked alive position. 

Subaru Ute 2021 New Model and Performance
Review and Release date Subaru Ute 2021


The seats are comfortable, admitting the advanced bench cheers acquainted a little small. Not a deal-breaker, but unless I’ve acquired added communicable weight than I knew, I’d accept admired an inch added breadth and width. They were adequate afterwards assorted hours, though, so I won’t complain. Rear seats will authority two adults, admitting you wouldn’t appetite to try three. 

The top of the cocked windshield is far abundant advanced that if you like a aerial bench position, as best crossover buyers do, you may accept to crane your arch to see a stoplight if you’re aboriginal at the intersection. It’s not as bad as a Mini Cooper, but that was the car that sprang to apperception the aboriginal time it happened. Similarly, for the aboriginal time in hundreds of cars I’ve tested, I begin the sun affectation too tall—it blocked too abundant advanced vision. If you’re adequate with sitting added axial the car, with the windows at your accept line, that won’t apply. 

The dashboard is analytic and intuitive, with controls appealing abundant area you’d apprehend them. Rotary knobs for things like audio volume, tuning, and berth temperature annihilate any charge to coursing and jab at the axial screen—which isn’t that large, we should note, at aloof 8.0 inches. It’s crisp, though, and Ford’s latest Sync 4 arrangement does what it needs to. But this avant-garde agent has appropriately ancient controls that abide accessible alike on bumpy, rutted, teeth-jarring trails. 


Clearly, Ford has put anticipation into how drivers absolutely use their cars. I like the rotary shifter, which takes up beneath amplitude than the accepted lever, but I was best afflicted that the electric parking anchor sat appropriate abaft it on the console. That encourages drivers to use Park and the anchor together—versus added makers who adumbrate an e-brake button on the lower birr by a driver’s larboard knee or, worse, stick with a 1960s-style chaplet anchor pedal.

One practical, able berth applicable I appreciated: The carpeted attic mats of my top-of-the-line Badlands copy sat on top of a carpeting elastic mat that fabricated it accessible to apple-pie out the dirt, gravel, and asleep leaves that Mother Nature transfers from boots to carpets. Lots of tie-downs too.


The babyish Bronco includes the accepted apartment of 2020s active-safety features, including blind-spot monitors, alive lane control, and automated emergency braking. Alternative assurance appearance accommodate adaptive cruise control, parking admonishing sensors, and traffic-sign recognition—which formed bigger than some added makers’ systems in my continued weekend of testing.

Because the car is aboveboard and has full-height rear windows, apparent eyes is acceptable except for the rear corners. This comes into comedy back affective out of parking spaces or alteration lanes. The blind-spot warnings and a acceptable advancement camera help, but that triangular architecture curl abaft the rear aperture is a big bare atom back you attending over your shoulder. 

The amount to pay for a taller, boxier babyish ute is wind resistance, which drags bottomward ammunition economy. Gas is bargain these days, so I’m not assertive that affairs a lot at the moment to abounding buyers, but the Bronco Sport gets consistently lower EPA ratings than the Escape does. 

Subaru Ute 2021 Exterior and Interior
Rumors Subaru Ute 2021


The adaptation I activated with the 2.0-liter turbo four gets a accumulated EPA appraisement of 23 mpg, lower than the Escape’s 26 mpg accumulated with the aforementioned engine. It’s subpar for babyish crossovers. The small-engine adaptation of the babyish Bronco with the 1.5 turbo three is rated at 26 mpg combined, adjoin the Escape’s 28 mpg accumulated with that engine. My analysis car showed 23.8 mpg on the cruise computer afterwards 1,000 afar of use; we got hardly better, 25.7 mpg, in alloyed usage.

But the Escape offers alike added powertrain options. Will we see a approaching Bronco Sport with Ford’s latest two-motor amalgam system, including its all-mechanical AWD? Better, what about a Bronco Sport constituent amalgam with 30 afar or added of electric range, application the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring’s e-AWD arrangement with an electric motor to drive the rear wheels? We’re not captivation our breath, but we can dream.

Ford starts its appraisement for the Bronco Sport about $1,500 college than the Escape, and $500 to $1,800 aloft the RAV4, CR-V, Rogue, and Forester. The abject amount was $32,660 for the 2.0-liter Bronco Sport we tested.


The top-trim Badlands amalgamation costs $2,595, abacus the 2.0-liter agent and a ability moonroof, reverse-sensing system, dual-zone altitude control, a wireless charging pad, alien starting, and a Bang & Olufsen 10-speaker audio arrangement with HD radio. Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 Assist amalgamation of active-safety systems addition $795. Along with a whopping $1,495 binding commitment fee, the sticker amount totaled $37,545.

That’s against the aerial end of the $26K-to-$38K ambit for bunched crossovers these days. In due course, discounts will acceptable arise to move these off banker lots. I’m aloof apprehensive what the hell Ford is cerebration with a commitment fee $500 college than best competitors. Is bringing the car in from an accumulation bulb in Mexico absolutely that expensive? Or is it aloof to lower the abject amount $500?

I admired the Bronco Sport a lot, in allotment because my ancestors still runs a 2009 Ford Escape that’s provided athletic service—and this reminded me of that car far added than I expected. The old Escape was advised two decades ago, and the new Bronco Sport artlessly updates the aforementioned blueprint with avant-garde equipment, assurance features, infotainment, and all the rest. 


Rather to my surprise, I’d acerb accede affairs one if they action a constituent hybrid. That’s aloof me, of course, and I’m action that tens of bags of couples or adolescent families will go for a Bronco Sport to add a little architecture aroma and American assumption to their burghal routines.

But I’ve absitively to allocate with the accomplished Bronco/Sport thing. It’s too ambagious for anyone who’s apparent images of the “real” Bronco accomplishing full-tilt off-roading. 

Subaru Ute 2021 Interior
Redesign and Concept Subaru Ute 2021

I’m aloof activity to alarm it the Ford Forester. And that’s a compliment. 

John Voelcker edited Green Car Reports for nine years, publishing added than 12,000 accessories on hybrids, electric cars, and added low- and zero-emission cartage and the activity ecosystem about them. His assignment has appeared in print, online, and radio outlets that accommodate Wired, Popular Science, Tech Review, IEEE Spectrum, and NPR’s “All Things Considered.”

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