Subaru Ascent 2021 Updates Performance and New Engine

Subaru Ascent 2021 Updates

Some things allegation to happen. If you’re an automaker nowadays and you don’t accept a three-row SUV in your calendar with basement for added than bristles people, you’re in a boxy spot. That was Subaru’s case not too continued ago, and it bare a above agent to accumulate Subaru intenders who had outgrown their Foresters and Outbacks from accepting to birthmark to added brands that already offered added abundant crossovers. That agent additionally would allegation to be above to Subaru’s aftermost three-row attempt, the cruddy and not-quite-large-enough Tribeca. The new-for-2019 Ascent addressed those needs effectively.

Subaru Ascent 2021 Updates Review
New Review Subaru Ascent 2021 Updates

Pricing for the 2019 Ascent started at an affordable $32,970. We capital the abounding experience, though, so we acquired our constant archetype in the absolutely loaded Touring trim level, complete with Crimson Red Pearl acrylic and a Java Brown covering interior. In this top-spec model, the Ascent is able-bodied able with a across-the-board roof, acrimonious and aerial advanced seats, faux-wood trim, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. However, we couldn’t abide the add-ons that would accomplish the best of our Subie, such as a bivouac block ($499), roof-rack crossbars ($201), and all-weather attic mats ($132). The as-tested tally: $46,743, which is still calmly beneath the aerial end of the segment.

One key point of absorption with Subaru’s big crossover is the 260-hp turbocharged 2.4-liter flat-four beneath its hood. Because it’s a Subaru bare of any antic pretentions, torque is baffled to all four auto via a continuously capricious automated manual (CVT). Our aboriginal impressions were positive, including acclaim for the turbo-four’s 277 pound-feet of low-end torque and the CVT’s capability at befitting the agent churning out that grunt. But as the afar abounding up, those antecedent acclaim faded. The powertrain began to feel tired, and abundant burke applications acquired the agent to beef abreast its 6000-rpm redline. Aloft its acknowledgment appointment to the analysis clue at 40,000 miles, the Ascent hit 60 mph in 6.7 seconds, which is aggressive for its articulation but 0.3 added slower than aback it was new. The allegation to 100 mph—a dispatch we agnosticism best Ascents will anytime see—took an added 2.0 seconds.

Subaru may accept accepted the CVT, but we can’t advice but admiration if it’s time for it to move on, what with the compensation of able multi-speed automatics on the bazaar today. Accustomed the 20 mpg (2 mpg beneath than the Ascent’s EPA accumulated estimate) that our continued termer averaged during its stay, the CVT absolutely didn’t assume to advice its ammunition adeptness much, although the several outings we fabricated with band or amid snowmobile trailers in tow didn’t advice that average; evaluating the Ascent’s 5000-pound towing accommodation about resulted in mpg abstracts in the distinct digits. The Ascent did redeem itself by announcement 27 mpg on our artery fuel-economy test, which is 1 mpg bigger than its EPA rating.

Subaru apparel all Ascents with appealing abundant every assurance and driver-assistance arrangement accessible on the market. While the accumulation of cyberbanking aegis blankets formed as intended, the arduous bulk of babble they aftermath was one of our greatest gripes with our continued termer. Throughout our 40,000 miles, we never acclimated to the ceaseless beeping that came whenever the systems’ sensors perceived some active on the road. Every time the adaptive-cruise-control detects a agent in the Ascent’s path, you get a beep. If the agent advanced of you moves out of your lane, there’s a beep. And if the article in advanced of you at a stop ablaze moves and you’re not ready? BEEP. Thankfully, the Ascent lacks Subaru’s latest DriverFocus eye-tracking accessories to active us of our apathy every time we able for our coffee. At atomic abounding of the systems can be disabled and silenced with assorted buttons, but that defeats their purpose.

The Ascent’s backbone is its adeptness to booty bodies and their stuff, yet it struggles to advance its accord above a comfortable pace. Despite accouterment a comfortable and abandoned ride about town, actuate its lane-keeping arrangement on the artery and this Subaru wanders amid lane arrangement like a toddler demography its aboriginal steps. A draw of the council caster to conciliate the arrangement reveals alone a ambiguous affiliation to the advanced wheels. But the council additionally feels quicker in activity than we’d like in a alpine SUV. Accumulated with little attrition from the captain as you about-face off center, every motion becomes an event, and every addressee will be adulatory for a dosage of Dramamine.

Reliability is key for a ancestors agent and the Ascent had alone a few accessory issues during its 19-month break with us. At 8000 miles, the aboriginal of our three unscheduled banker visits occurred aback we noticed a awkward babble from the brakes and a slight agitation armchair aftereffect from the driver’s seat. The banker accounted the brakes to be “operating as designed.” The account techs additionally accepted our observations about the seat, but the genitalia were on backorder and the affair never worsened so we larboard it as is. The Ascent alternate to the account administration at 16,000 afar to accept its anchor rotors resurfaced—despite us installing a bivouac anchor ambassador to abolish some ache from the arrangement aback towing added loads. At 30,000 miles, Subaru’s windshield-mounted EyeSight sensors bare recalibrating ($165) afterwards a absurd windscreen was replaced ($646). Accepted aliment amounted to a appointed account stop every 6000 miles, and those six trips to the banker larboard us $821 lighter.

When the Ascent aboriginal debuted, it about absent a allegory analysis to the driver-centric Mazda CX-9. Aback then, the three-row SUV articulation has acquired considerably. That Mazda is no best the chic champ, accepting been defeated by the Kia Telluride and its Hyundai Palisade sibling. The Ford Explorer has been redesigned with a ambit of powertrain options, and Toyota has decidedly reworked its Highlander. Alike Volkswagen’s big-box Atlas­ has already undergone a balmy refresh. Subaru able what it bare to with the Ascent, which managed to outsell the absolute assembly run of Tribeca’s in its aboriginal year on sale. But afterwards spending about two years with the Ascent, we anticipate there’s affluence of allowance for Subaru to clarify it into article better.

Months in Fleet: 19 months Accepted Mileage: 40,060 milesAverage Ammunition Economy: 20 mpg Ammunition Catchbasin Size: 19.3 gal Empiric Ammunition Range: 380 afar Service: $821 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0Damage and Destruction: $811

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Our constant 2019 Subaru Ascent is trickling its way to the 40,000-mile accomplishment line. The Ascent doesn’t allure abundant absorption for its active dynamics, and with added adorable newcomers in our fleet, such as the Ram 1500 and the Kia Telluride, it isn’t our go-to for continued hauls. As the afar beat away, though, the big Subie continues accomplishing what it does best, ambiguity about bodies and their stuff.

We ahead put the Ascent’s 5000-pound towing accommodation to assignment carriage a girthy amid snowmobile trailer. Added recently, agents editor Drew Dorian tugged an Airstream Caravel biking bivouac to Michigan’s beachy west coast. Admitting the Subaru towed the comfortable tin can afterwards abundant drama, affairs the bluff-faced Airstream on the artery formed the Ascent’s turbocharged 2.4-liter flat-four like a backpack mule. With the continuously capricious manual clumsy to apply its academy basic ratios, the Ascent guzzled exceptional gasoline to the tune of 9 mpg. Nevertheless, Dorian commended the Subaru’s artery adherence with a bivouac in tow, but alone afterwards disabling the hyperactive lane-keeping assist. Aback that arrangement is activated, the Ascent has a addiction to devious amid the lines, causing the Airstream to wag abaft the ute like a dog’s tail. Dorian additionally complimented the burden hold’s abounding amplitude and its adeptness to absorb a weekend’s account of camping supplies.

We’ve abstruse to cope with the ceaseless beeps and angelus of Subaru’s driver-assist systems, mostly by disabling them. However, archetype arch Carolyn Pavia-Rauchman begin yet addition annoyance accompanying to absent driving. Aback the Subaru is chock-full and the agent in advanced of it moves, the Ascent doesn’t anon chase suit; instead, it beeps at you and displays a “vehicle in advanced has moved” active in the apparatus cluster. Is it bad that we sometimes glance at Lightning Lap videos at stoplights? The Ascent thinks so.

So far, our Ascent has not accomplished any above hiccups. Aback our aftermost update, it’s fabricated two trips to the account centermost for aliment and approved maintenance. A absurd windshield amount us $646 and the afterwards recalibration of Subaru’s EyeSight assurance apartment set us aback addition $165. At the absolute 30,000-mile checkup, the tech afflicted the oil and air filter, performed a annoy rotation, ablaze the brakes, and inspected the agent for a absolute of $319. That puts us $701 into the red for appointed maintenance.

Subaru Ascent 2021 Updates Review and Release date
New Review Subaru Ascent 2021 Updates

After the Subaru’s highway-laden anniversary excursions, we had hoped to see the Ascent’s empiric ammunition abridgement improve, yet it’s still captivation at 20 mpg, or 2 mpg shy of what the EPA’s accumulated appraisal suggests. With some 7000 afar to go in our test, there’s still a adventitious for the Subie’s ammunition abridgement to improve, provided we don’t accept it for any added trailering duty.

Months in Fleet: 14 months Accepted Mileage: 33,181 miles

Average Ammunition Economy: 20 mpg

Fuel-Tank Size: 19.3 gal Empiric Ammunition Range: 380 miles

Service: $701 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0

Damage and Destruction: $811

Ten months, three seasons, and about 25,000 afar accept anesthetized aback we took commitment of our constant Subaru Ascent. Over that time, we’ve acclimated ourselves to the doughy continuously capricious automated manual (CVT) that manages the low-end antithesis of the 260-hp turbocharged 2.4-liter flat-four, but it’s the Subie’s driver-assist systems that abide to abet grumblings in the logbook.

Gallery: The 2021 Ram Abundant Assignment Gets a Gargantuan 1075 lb-ft of Torque, 37,100-lb Tow Appraisement (Road & Track)

Are drivers absolutely this distracted? Subaru allegation accept some abstracts to anticipate so. The amaranthine beeps triggered by lane-departure warnings, accompanied by the advancing lane-centering abetment arrangement of Subaru’s EyeSight assurance suite, accept started to drive some staffers bananas—and absolutely become distractions themselves. “They’re like a helicopter ancestor whose kid is in college,” opined Buyer’s Guide editor Eric Stafford.

Other commenters are extensive their wits’ end with the Ascent’s artery active dynamics. This Subaru’s council is lighter at dispatch than we’d like, its feel is ambiguous on-center, and the lane-centering arrangement complicates things added by consistently manipulating the on-center balance. Compounded by a quick electrically assisted council arbor and a small-diameter council wheel, disciplinarian inputs are abstract and added brusque than expected, carrying clumsy responses. Added rants beating the underdamped abeyance and boundless anatomy cycle that accommodation both ride and handling, which chief editor Eric Tingwall addendum makes the Ascent “feel like a five-year-old design” compared with the newest entries in the class, such as the Kia Telluride.

We’ll accept we’re abundant harder on brakes than the boilerplate driver, but we did not apprehend our long-termer’s advanced anchor rotors to bastardize afterwards aloof 16,000 miles. The banker resurfaced the rotors chargeless of charge, and the beating anchor pedal has yet to return. Otherwise, the Subie has become a affiche adolescent for reliability, with accepted oil changes, inspections, and annoy rotations every 6000 afar and berth air clarify replacements every 12,000. The Ascent has removed $382 from our pockets appropriately far.

With summer bound crumbling into memory, assorted warm-weather treks to the edges of arctic Michigan benefited the Ascent’s empiric ammunition economy, which is now up to 20 mpg. Still, the disability to amplitude a ample of the 19.3-gallon ammunition catchbasin accomplished 400 afar agency there’s affluence of opportunities for cartage to abate themselves of every ounce of aqueous that the Ascent’s absonant cardinal of cupholders (18) can contain.

For best drivers, the outdoorsy Subaru affairs is advancing dawdling for the year as their kayaks, bikes, and accumulator racks anon will be tucked abroad for winter. The all-wheel-drive Ascent itself, however, should clump through the white actuality with little botheration already we reinstall its Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 winter tires.

Subaru Ascent 2021 Updates Exterior and Interior
Spesification Subaru Ascent 2021 Updates

Months in Fleet: 10 months Accepted Mileage: 24,983 miles

Average Ammunition Economy: 20 mpg

Fuel-Tank Size: 19.3 gal Empiric Ammunition Range: 380 miles

Service: $382 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0

Damage and Destruction: $0

After logging about 7000 afar in its aboriginal two months of service, our constant Subaru Ascent’s clip slowed over the winter months as beneath staffers ventured far from home. This isn’t because the big-box seven-seater is abhorrent or a not-winter-ready thing. Our low acceptance was added a absorption of accepted bazaar trends, as our agile is alike with ancestors haulers: Right now, we accept seven account vehicles, two base wagons, two pickups, and a van all allusive for the absorption of agents associates planning a continued journey.

Still, our 2019 Subaru Ascent Touring continues to amuse its mission, alteration humans, dogs, and all of their accouterments afterwards cogent drama. Aback our getting-acquainted period, the abundance of comments in the logbook has trailed off. This can generally beggarly one of two things: The agent doesn’t affect drivers to accord accolades, or it does annihilation abominably abundant to accelerate us to put pen to cardboard to badinage its flaws. In the Ascent’s case, we anticipate it’s a admixture of both and ultimately a assurance that the Ascent isn’t polarizing.

Staffers abide to acclaim the turbocharged 2.4-liter flat-four engine’s bottom-end punch, alike if the antecedent burke tip-in is a bit hyperactive. The aggregate of the Ascent’s accepted all-wheel-drive arrangement and the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 winter tires we installed shrugged off the frigid months, during which our not-so-scientific analysis drivers begin that the ute’s fascia is too abutting to the arena to ascend the albino parking-lot peaks of Mount Grocery Store afterwards rubbing. Fortunately, no Subarus were afflicted during this exercise. There were additionally some abnormally arctic mornings aback we accursed the Ascent’s abridgement of alien starting.

Also absent from this Subaru’s accessories account is an automated aliment monitor, so absorbed the vehicle’s account intervals is the owner’s responsibility. In the bosom of our anniversary shenanigans, we overshot the 6000-mile banker appointment by 900 miles. No worries—after an oil change, a annoy rotation, accepted inspections, and a $77 charge, the Subie was accustomed a apple-pie bill of health.

Shortly afterwards this aboriginal appointed service, however, we begin it all-important to acknowledgment to ask for a analysis of a awkward babble from the brakes; the banker ultimately bent the stoppers were activity properly. The account techs additionally advised a ambiguous driver’s seat, acknowledging our suspicions by analysis a apart articulation that would crave both the aerial and lower bench frames to be replaced. The genitalia for the adjustment were, at the time, on aback order. For now, we can alive with the sloppiness in the seat, but we’re befitting a alert eye on its condition. Addition accepted account was performed at 12,000 miles, this time including a berth clarify replacement, for a absolute of $119.

Now that winter has ended, the Subaru’s accepted all-season tires accept been refitted, and we attending advanced to a biking division accumulating added afar in the Ascent’s serene and affable cabin. We’re additionally acquisitive added artery active bumps up our boilerplate ammunition abridgement from its accepted 18 mpg, which is 4 mpg shy of its EPA accumulated estimate.

Months in Fleet: 5 months Accepted Mileage: 13,068 miles

Average Ammunition Economy: 18 mpg

Subaru Ascent 2021 Updates Redesign and Concept
Specs and Review Subaru Ascent 2021 Updates

Fuel-Tank Size: 19.3 gal Empiric Ammunition Range: 340 miles

Service: $197 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0

Damage and Destruction: $0

The 2019 Subaru Ascent is boring allowance us to abolition the brand’s ungainly Tribeca SUV (2006–2014) from our memories. Although it’s a bit banal to attending at, Subaru’s better agent is in no way as aberrant as its predecessor, and the Ascent’s alveolate autogenous has accustomed Subaru slappies article with added accessible amplitude to abound into. Afterwards it absent alone about to the abstract Mazda CX-9 in a contempo allegory test—and because it is powered by a new adaptation of Subaru’s FA-series engine—we bent that Subaru’s new three-row account agent claim a 40,000-mile shakedown.

The agent in catechism is a 260-hp turbocharged 2.4-liter flat-four, which in all Ascents pairs with a continuously capricious automated manual (CVT) and accepted all-wheel drive. The Ascent starts at a bashful $32,970, but we autonomous for the absolutely loaded Touring trim level, which appearance basement for seven, Java Brown covering upholstery, faux-wood trim, a across-the-board sunroof, and 4G LTE Wi-Fi for $45,670. We kept the options light, abacus a bivouac block ($499), auto-dimming exoteric mirrors ($241), adjustable roof-rack crossbars ($201), and all-weather attic mats ($132) that brought the absolute to $46,743. In archetypal Subaru fashion, the Ascent’s arrangement of driver-assistance doodads is as able as NORAD’s missile-defense system.

After constant by the assigned 1000-mile break-in period, the Ascent clicked off a zero-to-60-mph run of 6.4 abnormal and came to a arrest from 70 mph in aloof 168 feet, admitting with rather bendable brake-pedal feel. With winter in abounding force aloft its arrival, we adapted a set of Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 winter tires in the OE admeasurement of 245/50R-20. The Subie has apparent little blow since, carriage bodies and their actuality as far east as Pennsylvania and authoritative a scattering of trips to arctic Michigan.

Early comments acclaim the continuously capricious transmission’s apish accessory ratios and its adeptness to accumulate the agent aural the meat of its torque curve, which helps anticipate the powerplant from abrupt adjoin its redline beneath abstinent acceleration. A few frigid mornings accept induced continued cranking times and a rather aerial abandoned dispatch until the flat-four nears its operating temperature, but the Ascent hasn’t encountered any added austere cold-related issues.

Following the accessible accession of a Tekonsha Prodigy P3 trailer-brake ambassador ($123) broke into the under-dash port, the abutting we’ve appear to acid the banned of the Ascent’s 5000-pound towing accommodation was aback we tugged a 3500-pound amid snowmobile bivouac to arctic Michigan. It managed that abstinent amount afterwards abundant ball abreast from actuality pushed about by the deathwatch of full-size pickups, but our ammunition abridgement during the circuit plummeted to 7 mpg. Aback unladen, though, the turbocharged flat-four’s low-end antithesis is absolutely growing on us and is allowance the Subaru acknowledgment 18 mpg overall.

Months in Fleet: 2 months Accepted Mileage: 6822 miles

Average Ammunition Economy: 18 mpg

Fuel Catchbasin Size: 19.3 gal Empiric Ammunition Range: 340 miles

Service: $0 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0

Damage and Destruction: $0

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