Opel Van 2021 Reviews

Opel Van 2021

Groupe PSA to Barrage All-electric Versions of Its Bunched Van in 2021

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Price, Design and Review Opel Van 2021

Regulatory News:

Since 2019, Groupe PSA (Paris:UG) has launched all-electric or constituent amalgam versions of all its new models. The Group’s cold is to action a absolutely electrified portfolio by 2025.

Following the 2020 barrage of electric versions of their average van models (D-Van) and ample van (E-Van), the four brands, Peugeot, Citroën, Opel and Vauxhall will complete their line-ups in 2021 with all-electric versions of their bunched van (B-Van) and associated commuter cars.

The new bearing of Groupe PSA’s bunched van calm abundant titles including the 2019 “International Van of the Year” award. The commuter car versions were additionally voted the AUTOBEST “Best Buy Car of Europe 2019”. These successes accept been accepted in the market, with sales beyond 650,000 units common back the barrage in September 2018.

Opel Van 2021 Specs and Review
First Drive Opel Van 2021

The electric bunched vans and the arrangement packs will be accumulated at the Vigo bulb (Galicia, Spain), the electric motors in Tremery (France) and the final drive apparatus in Valenciennes (France).

Coming from eCMP platform, the powertain is composed with:

Xavier Peugeot, Senior Vice-President of Groupe PSA’s Light Commercial Vehicles Business Unit said: “With these all-electric versions of bunched vans and associated commuter cars, Groupe PSA is continuing its electrification abhorrent and now offers a absolutely electrified LCV1 portfolio after compromises on performance”.

About Groupe PSA

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Groupe PSA designs different automotive adventures and delivers advancement solutions to accommodated all chump expectations. The Group has bristles car brands, Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall and provides a advanced arrangement of advancement and acute casework beneath the Free2Move brand. Its ‘Push to Pass’ cardinal plan represents a aboriginal footfall appear the accomplishment of the Group’s eyes to be “a all-around carmaker with cutting-edge ability and a arch advancement provider comestible lifetime chump relationships”. An aboriginal innovator in the acreage of free and affiliated cars, Groupe PSA is additionally complex in costs activities through Banque PSA Finance and in automotive accessories via Faurecia..

Media library: medialibrary.groupe-psa.com / @GroupePSA_EN

Communications Division – www.groupe-psa.com/en – 33 6 61 93 29 36– – @GroupePSA

1 LCV: Light Commercial Vehicles

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Media contact: Cyrille Duclos Roparz – 33 6 60 31 25 96 – [email protected]

View antecedent adaptation on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201202005393/en/

Opel Van 2021 Specs and Review
Wallpaper Opel Van 2021
Opel Van 2021 Specs and Review
Overview Opel Van 2021
Opel Van 2021 Price, Design and Review
Overview Opel Van 2021
Opel Van 2021 First Drive
Price and Review Opel Van 2021
Opel Van 2021 New Model and Performance
Rumors Opel Van 2021

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