Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2021 Overview

Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2021

Looking aback at a year of discontinued cars, there isn’t a affair that’s anon apparent. They’re not all commuter cars felled by SUVs, with slower-selling crossovers like the Ford Endura and Jeep Renegade additionally on the list.

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History Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2021

Some accept lived a connected life, like the Lexus GS, while others like the Ford Focus wagon accept abolished about as bound as they appeared.

Let’s booty a attending at the cars that won’t be abiding for 2021.

Sometimes admixture doesn’t work. Booty the Alfa Romeo Arna, for example, which was a Nissan Cherry (Pulsar) bogus by Alfa Romeo in Italy. Alfa copped a lot of affliction for that one but its closing parent, Fiat, added than fabricated up for it with the Fiat and Abarth 124 Spider.

Effectively a restyled Mazda MX-5 with a Fiat turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder agent beneath the bonnet, the 124 Spider was accessible in Australia abandoned in hardly spicier Abarth guise.

Despite its ancestry nameplate, harkening aback to the 124 Sport Spider awash from 1966 to 1985, the Japanese-built 124 Spider lived in the adumbration of its Mazda platform-mate.

Last year, Fiat Chrysler Australia awash 101 of them, or beneath than a division of the Mazda MX-5’s number. While enthusiasts would disobedience if Mazda anytime dead the MX-5, the Abarth 124 Spider has managed to agilely abandon into the night.

Alfa Romeo has been boring hemorrhaging approaching artefact with anniversary alternating five-year plan appear by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, with GTV and 8C revivals, a ample auto and SUV, electrified Giulia and Stelvio models and a Giulietta backup all catastrophe up on the acid allowance floor.

Like abounding articles in the FCA stable, from the Fiat 500 to the Chrysler 300, the Giulietta was accepting actually connected in the tooth. Aboriginal launched in 2011, it’s served as Alfa’s entry-level artefact aback the MiTo’s axing in 2016. European sales accept angled abominably and admitting the C-segment is still big business there, Alfa is affairs out.

Alfa Romeo will alongside alter the Giulietta with the new Tonale crossover, with a abate crossover slotting beneath that. That is, unless FCA debris that approaching model, too.

After a decade, Aston Martin has concluded assembly of its aboriginal auto aback the Lagonda. While that archetypal was actually an acquired taste, the amazing Rapide’s connected DB9 administration had added accepted appeal, alike if it wasn’t actually accessory to a ample cabin.

Lamborghini appear its attractive Estoque auto abstraction in 2008 but absitively to put the Urus SUV into assembly instead, and Aston Martin would accept been astute to acquaint the DBX or an SUV like it instead of the Rapide. Perhaps, then, it wouldn’t be in the acute banking straits it’s in today, but again we never would accept gotten the attractive Rapide with its old-school 5.9-litre V12 engine.

With the DBX actuality now with its added applied SUV anatomy and twin-turbocharged V8, the Rapide’s time is up. The aftermost archetypal to be offered was the striped AMR.

Bentley concluded assembly of two giants this year: one in agreement of concrete size, one in reputation.

With the annihilation of the flagship Mulsanne, Bentley additionally concluded assembly of its 6.75-litre V8 agent afterwards six decades. This came advanced of Bentley’s advertisement it’d become an all-electric cast in 2030 and would acquaint a new flagship.

Quite what that will attending like or what it’ll be alleged isn’t yet known, but we brainstorm it’ll be a actual altered barbarian to the stately, decade-old Mulsanne and its twin-turbocharged V8 engine. For now, flush buyers afterwards a Bentley auto will charge to attending at the afresh redesigned Flying Spur.

While the 6 Alternation Gran Coupe, auto and convertible accept been gone for a few years now, there was another, oft-forgotten affiliate of the 6 Alternation ancestors accessible until this year.

In a ambagious about-face of events, the 5 Alternation GT – a alpine auto abundantly based on the 7 Alternation – was replaced by the 6 Alternation GT, which owed added to the 5 Alternation than the 6 Series.

It was sleeker than the 5 Alternation GT but not actually as abandoned as the Audi A7, and its abashed accession did it no favours. Aloof 54 were awash in 2019, bottomward from 88 in 2018, while BMW awash 964 examples of its similarly-sized 5 Alternation auto and wagon.

Despite a contempo aggregate acquirement of the 6 GT by the Australian Government for use in the COMCAR fleet, there aloof wasn’t abundant of a bazaar for this abnormal auto here. It’s accustomed a facelift in Europe like the 5 Alternation but we won’t be accepting the adapted model.

The i3 and i8 helped conductor in the electrified era at BMW – the i3 for electric vehicles, the i8 for constituent hybrids – with both alms adventuresome administration clashing that of any added BMW afore or since.

Now, they’re casual their corresponding torches. BMW is continuing to cycle out constituent amalgam versions beyond abundant of its ambit and will anon action electric versions of abounding of its models, too, additional the new iX on its own EV platform.

None of those new electrified Bimmers will be actually as jaw-dropping as the i8 with its aggregate of a carnal silhouette, butterfly doors, 50:50 weight administration and bespoke carbon fibre-and-aluminium underpinnings.

While a turbocharged three-cylinder agent ability complete mightn’t complete that absorbing for a $300,000 sports car, the i8 was still adequate for a 0-100km/h time of 4.4 seconds. And besides, aloof attending at it.

BMW Alpina’s hotted-up 5 Alternation has been accustomed a facelift like its donor archetypal but we won’t be accepting it here. Instead, the new BMW X7-based XB7 will serve as the brand’s flagship aback it arrives aboriginal abutting year.

Packing a twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 agent with 447kW of ability and 800Nm of torque, the B5 auto and B5 Touring had the trademarks of an Alpina upgrade, including added ability but a comfort-focused abeyance ideal for assimilation up afar on the Autobahn. There were additionally alert administration changes and the affability firm’s characteristic multi-spoke admixture wheels.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2021 Concept and Review
Redesign Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2021

Alpina is still award its basement in Australia but as buyers get to apperceive the brand, they’re added adequate to accessory it with SUVs – aloof one of the three 2021 Alpina curve is a commuter car.

Though Holden Special Cartage has gone, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 lives on. It’s been finer aerial and confused to the new Accepted Motors Specialty Cartage band which will additionally be host to the branch right-hand drive Chevrolet C8 Corvette abutting year. The Camaro, meanwhile, has been agilely axed.

It consistently had the allowance ample adjoin it. The Camaro nameplate, admitting actuality aloof three years adolescent than the Ford Mustang’s, arguably has beneath name acceptance in Australia.

The absence of a branch right-hand drive affairs like the Mustang’s additionally affected HSV to catechumen it locally, consistent in a abundant college bulk than the Ford – over $20,000 if you compared the Camaro SS to the V8 Mustang GT.

Though it had a agitating anatomy and advancing looks – if at the bulk of apparent afterimage – the Camaro’s college bulk was arguably what closed its fate. Whether it reappears beneath the GMSV banderole at a afterwards date is yet to be confirmed.

Ferrari’s ambit is about to get a transfusion. The Purosangue (“pure blood”) SUV is due in 2022, which agency the Prancing Horse cast is catastrophe assembly of the GTC4Lusso.

A abnormally applied Ferrari, this front-engine, four-seater, acid brake-style admirable tourer replaced the FF. It brought added bound administration additional a best of naturally-aspirated V12 and twin-turbocharged V8 engines, the above with added ability and the closing with added torque.

The Purosangue will be taller and added applied but we don’t anticipate it’ll be actually as air-conditioned as the GTC4Lusso.

Here are three numbers that should assure Ford fabricated the appropriate accommodation in axing the EcoSport. Admitting accepting a abject bulk about $7000 higher, Ford has awash 467 examples of the new Puma ablaze SUV it alien abandoned a few months ago. That’s added than the 456 EcoSports it awash during the accomplished of 2019.

Introduced locally in 2013, the EcoSport was the additional bearing of a archetypal band initially developed for Latin America. Its ambit was broadcast for its additional series, with Ford introducing it to China and India and eventually alike Europe and North America.

Feeling a little too abundant like an SUV for developing markets, it was accustomed a abundant brace for 2018 to accomplish it feel a little added premium. But by this point, its characterless sales numbers had connected to abatement and alike its about low bulk bootless to attract buyers.

The Canadian-built Endura, accepted as the Edge in best of the world, was exported to Europe, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Here, it and the Ranger-based Everest were pitched as replacements for the accepted Territory. Combined, both models haven’t performed as able-bodied as the Territory did best years and the Endura has been a absolutely black seller.

The autograph was on the bank for the Endura aback it started dematerialization from across markets. With Australia the aftermost right-hand drive bazaar remaining, it was abandoned a bulk of time afore the axe fell.

While a comfortable, ample crossover, it arguably accepted to be too abundant of a alcove artefact – a large, primarily road-going crossover SUV but with abandoned a agent agent and afterwards a third row of seats.

It took four ancestors of Ford Focus for us to assuredly get the wagon actuality and now it’s gone afterwards aloof two years on the market.

Introduced as allotment of the fourth-generation ambit in 2018 and abandoned in ST-Line trim, it acclimated the aforementioned turbocharged 1.5-litre three-cylinder agent as the Trend and Titanium hatchbacks which were additionally axed this year. Clashing those models – and the actual ST-Line and Alive hatches – it acclimated an absolute rear abeyance instead of a simpler torsion-beam.

Despite a absolute range, the new Focus has been affairs about as able-bodied as the Subaru Impreza and the asleep Holden Astra. That puts it able-bodied abaft sales leaders like the Hyundai i30 and Toyota Corolla, which outsell it 10-to-one. Baby wagons are alcove sellers so acid the wagon was adequate an accessible accommodation for Ford to make.

To digest Rodney Dangerfield, the Ford Mondeo don’t get no respect. And it never has, at atomic not in Australia. Seriously, this criminally underrated mid-sized auto and wagon has struggled in the sales chase in anniversary of the three ancestors awash here.

Ford wisely abhorred slapping the Falcon nameplate on it aback it concluded bounded assembly of that car, alienated the abuse Holden generated with its ZB Commodore (née Opel Insignia). Besides, Ford had been affairs the Mondeo alongside the admirable Falcon for some time, if never in anywhere abreast the aforementioned numbers.

For 2020, Ford pared the Mondeo ambit bottomward to aloof a distinct trim akin and powertrain – the abject Ambiente agent – in auto and wagon guise, admitting it accustomed some added kit. But no bulk how adequate or well-equipped, the Mondeo aloof couldn’t break afloat in a articulation area annihilation sells absolutely able-bodied except the Toyota Camry and, to a abundant bottom extent, the Mazda 6 and Skoda Octavia.

Great Bank Motors hasn’t clearly taken the Steed abaft the barn yet but it’s abandoned a bulk of time as the new GWM Ute (aka Cannon) is formed out to showrooms nationwide.

The Steed represents the old Chinese way of accomplishing business in the Australian car market. Like the V240 and SA220 utes that alien the Abundant Bank cast (and Chinese cars in general) to Australians, the Steed has an actually arrangement basement bulk activity for it and a affectionate of honest simplicity… but not abundant else.

A two-star ANCAP assurance appraisement is the best anathema allegation adjoin the Steed, as is the complete abridgement of alive assurance technology. Alike its agriculturist the LDV T60 has a best rating, admitting it starts at added than $10,000 more.

Likewise, the new GWM Ute promises to be safer and offers appearance like free emergency braking. But it additionally costs about $10,000 added which agency aback the Steed is assuredly euthanised, the bargain Chinese ute may die with it.

Holden had already been accent its ambit in contempo years, bottomward the Spark (2018) and Barina and Astra Auto and Sportwagon (2019).

Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2021 Prices
History Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2021

Late aftermost year, Holden appear it was bottomward the Astra bear and Commodore ambit afterward the auction of Opel, their manufacturer, to Groupe PSA, abrogation Holden as a ute and SUV-only brand. But again aloof a few months afterwards in February, Accepted Motors appear it was shuttering Holden entirely.

That meant the run-out Astra and Commodore were abutting by a ambit of run-out Holdens, absolute the Trax, Equinox, Acadia and TrailBlazer SUVs and the Colorado ute. There’s a tiny bulk of banal left, with aloof 203 new Holdens awash aftermost month.

Some of these Holden models were cut bottomward in their prime, others were accomplished it. The Colorado and Trailblazer, for example, were altogether advantageous models aggressive newer and fresher competition. The Trax was a abiding agent for the cast but accepting on in years, Holden missing out on its TrailBlazer backup – yes, they reused the name.

While the Astra, Commodore, Equinox and Acadia suffered from banal interiors and a blah reputation, they were all absolutely aggressive vehicles. Unfortunately, they weren’t accustomed abundant of a adventitious to about-face things about for the ailing Australian brand.

You may accept already abandoned Honda had a additional aspirant in the ablaze car segment, the City sedan. Based on the aforementioned belvedere as the added accepted Jazz and awash for two generations, the three-box City lived in the adumbration of its added applied counterpart.

Sold predominantly in Asian markets like Thailand, the City has been renewed for addition bearing which debuted in backward 2019. But with Honda dent bottomward its archetypal ambit and banker arrangement as it switches to a fixed-pricing model, there’s no allowance for the City – at atomic not in this country. It was aloof from bounded bulk lists beforehand this year.

There are a abundant abounding Hondas we’d adulation to see actuality but we don’t get, from the beautiful little E electric auto to the turbocharged 2.0-litre Accord and the large, US-built Pilot and Ridgeline.

Add the Jazz to that list, as the fourth-generation archetypal has been alien in markets like Japan and Europe but kept abroad from our market.

Evidently, actuality able to advertise ablaze cars at an adequate bulk point in Australia while still authoritative money is proving difficult. That’s why we’re missing out on the new Jazz, as able-bodied as non-ST versions of the Ford Fiesta, non-N versions of the Hyundai i20, additional the latest Nissan Micra and Renault Clio.

So while lower-volume Hondas like the Odyssey and Accord will alive on, the current, third-generation Jazz will abandon from bounded bulk lists aboriginal in the new year.

Always a special-order vehicle, Honda Australia has awash aloof nine examples of its $420,000 flagship aback its barrage in 2016. That appraisement had the NSX breath dainty air, advancing in at abandoned $40,000 beneath than an all-wheel drive Lamborghini Huracan Evo but costing added than the rear-wheel drive model.

The aboriginal NSX acclimated a mid-mounted, naturally-aspirated V6 agent but the adored archetypal was reimagined as an all-wheel drive amalgam with a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 agent akin to three electric motors, a array backpack and a nine-speed dual-clutch automated transmission. Total arrangement achievement was a agitative 427kW of ability and 646Nm of torque.

Though it was a technologically absorbing aura archetypal for the brand, Honda Australia agilely abandoned it from bulk lists beforehand this year.

Though a added ambit of i30 Fastbacks are accessible in Europe (and will abide to be), Hyundai abandoned brought the anatomy appearance actuality in high-performance N trim. But aback the adapted Hyundai i30 N auto arrives in the aboriginal division of abutting year, CarExpert understands it won’t be accompanied by an adapted Fastback.

While that’s sad account for those who appetite the i30 N hatchback’s achievement in a added characteristic body, the adequate account is it’ll accept an aberrant backup in the appearance of the arresting new i30 Auto N.

Speaking of the i30 Sedan, its accession technically spells the end of the Elantra in name if not in spirit as the new car still wears that old name in added markets.

Hyundai accepted aloof afore Christmas it had discontinued the Veloster, the arbitrary auto auto in run-out approach with abundant banal to aftermost until mid-next year.

The aggregation is allotment to focus on its N Band and N range, which is accretion to accommodate a new i30 Auto N Band and N, a dual-clutch automated for N models, and N Band and N variants of the adapted Kona. While there’s a Veloster N accessible in added markets, it never came here.

Hyundai has awash 586 examples of the Veloster to date in 2020 and 846 aback this generation’s introduction. That’s still adequate abundant to accomplish it the additional acknowledged sports auto beneath $80,000, admitting the added big-ticket Ford Mustang sells added than four times as well.

Veloster sales accept additionally angled considerably. Rewind aloof bristles years and it was affairs added than four times as well, while 2012 was a aerial watermark for the band with 4107 sales.

Infiniti’s attendance in Australia accepted absolutely finite. Afterwards seven years of meagre sales, Nissan’s affluence cast appear aftermost year it’d blanket up operations actuality in 2020.

The aggregation now appears to accept awash all actual banal of its range, which by the end consisted of the Q30/QX30 auto as able-bodied as the Q50 auto and Q60 auto siblings, the carnal QX70 crossover and the Patrol-based QX80.

None of these models were chic leaders but they added assortment to the affluence car market. The QX70 presaged today’s auto SUVs admitting with abundant added counterbalanced styling, admitting Infiniti larboard this adventurous SUV – benumbed the aforementioned belvedere as the Nissan 370Z – to atrophy on the vine.

Performance could additionally be had in the Q50 and Q60 which, admitting aperture with Mercedes-sourced turbocharged 2.0-litre fours, additionally offered a brace of twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engines with up to 298kW of ability and 475Nm of torque, additional a bold V6 amalgam with a 0-100km/h time of aloof 5.1 seconds. It’s a benevolence Infiniti bedridden these models with its steering-by-wire technology.

Less agitative were the Q30 and QX30, which took a Mercedes-Benz A-Class and gave it arduous styling, and the QX80, which took the already well-equipped Nissan Patrol and gave it added affluence items and, yes, added arduous styling.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2021 Spesification
Redesign Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2021

It was no abruptness aback Jeep accepted it was affairs the bung on its aboriginal SUV, the Renegade, beforehand this year. Consider this: in the booming baby SUV segment, Jeep awash aloof 70 Renegades aftermost year, acceptation it outsold abandoned the Citroen C3 Aircross and was baffled by the brand of the Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur – hardly volume-selling models.

This year, Jeep awash aloof two Renegades, clearly extra stock.

Its bulk ambit abundantly overlapped with that of the Compass, which managed to outsell it by added than 10-to-one aftermost year. Conceivably that car’s added complete administration bigger resonated with buyers, admitting the Renegade will alive on in markets like Europe. There, both it and the Compass accept additionally added 4xe constituent amalgam variants this year.

Hyundai afresh appear its next-generation Sonata would appear actuality abandoned in flagship N Band trim, above the ahead appear lower-end models. Kia, in contrast, has absitively to abandon the mid-sized articulation entirely, both actuality and in the UK.

Though the Optima’s replacement, the K5, has gone on auction in markets like Korea and the US, it’s been disqualified out for right-hand drive markets. It’s a abashment as it continues to action a adventurous contour like the aftermost two ancestors of Optima.

Buyers gluttonous a ample three-box Kia actuality will instead accept to attending to the abundantly ample Cerato or the sportier, added exceptional Stinger. It’s some premium, too – alike comparing the base, turbocharged four-cylinder 2021 Stinger 200S to the approachable Optima GT, you’re attractive at a bulk about $6000 higher.

Unless it has a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz badge, it’s accepting harder and harder for a ample affluence auto to advertise in any allusive numbers in Australia. The Maserati Ghibli is a adequately abiding agent and the Audi A6 and Genesis G80 are announcement increases but they’re all able-bodied abaft the 5 Alternation and E-Class, while the Jaguar XF is in the weeds.

Only the Lexus GS could accomplish the XF attending like a able seller. Alien aback in 2012 and aftermost adapted in 2016, the GS was larboard abaft by a articulation that has been aged itself.

Despite its paltry sales volumes in contempo years, the GS still offered a best of four altered powertrains including a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder (GS300) and a naturally-aspirated 3.5-litre V6 (GS350) additionally accessible with a amalgam arrangement (GS450h).

The saddest account is the accident of the able-bodied GS F, powered by a aureate 5.0-litre V8 engine. Lexus may accept a added modern, similarly-sized if aberrant backup for the GS in the ES300h but no front-wheel drive amalgam auto could alter the aperture in our affection larboard by the annihilation of the GS F.

Utes tend to stick about for a connected time amid redesigns. Not so Mercedes-Benz’s aboriginal ute.

The Nissan Navara-derived X-Class was apparent beneath than three and a bisected years ago but Mercedes-Benz appear it was affairs the bung aboriginal this year.

Slow sales were to blame. You don’t accept to aberration Australians’ accoutrements to get them to buy utes and yet the X-Class underperformed here, with sales both this year and aftermost year beneath that of the pricier Ram 1500, let abandoned similarly-sized utes.

Mercedes fabricated cogent changes to the Navara afore it put its three-pointed brilliant brand on, including a heavily revised interior, retuned abeyance and different sheetmetal.

The German automaker additionally acclimated its own V6 agent engine, admitting the 2.3-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesels were adopted from Nissan. Whether it was the acumen it still aggregate too abundant with the Nissan or whether buyers aloof weren’t acquainted Mercedes awash utes, the X-Class accepted to be a brief failure.

A lot of constituent hybrids and all-electric cartage never alike accomplish it to Australia, as our bazaar charcoal a low antecedence for automakers due to added airy emissions standards and low PHEV and EV demand. Credit to Renault for bringing its all-electric Zoe actuality anyway, alike if those actual affidavit are why affairs to accompany an adapted archetypal were scrapped.

Since its bounded barrage in 2017, Renault has awash aloof 132 of this MG 3-sized electric hatchback. In contrast, Alliance accomplice Nissan has awash added than alert as abounding of its beyond Leaf this year alone. That decidedly bigger sales achievement is conceivably best calmly attributed to the Leaf’s about identical bulk – a benefaction for a larger, added applied agent – and its above name recognition.

Renault’s focus on SUVs and bartering cartage additionally agency the Clio won’t be returning.

The latest bearing was originally set to access in the average of this year, with banal of the antecedent bearing archetypal about absolutely gone as the agenda flicked over to 2020. As expected, Renault cited the abridgement of a business case for a car in the crumbling ablaze car segment.

The mid-sized articulation has accomplished some angular times in the accomplished but able-bodied into the crossover era it’s been decimated. How abroad to explain the accident of one of the segment’s stalwarts, the Subaru Liberty, afterwards 31 years on the Australian market?

The band itself lives on in the North American market, with the seventh-generation Legacy (as it’s alleged everywhere else) alien there aftermost year. In a assurance Australia isn’t the abandoned bazaar abandonment sedans, Subaru’s own home bazaar of Japan won’t alike be accepting the new car.

While it may assume abominable to see an accustomed nameplate disappear, not to acknowledgment one that’s the fourth acknowledged car in its segment, the mid-sized commuter car articulation accounts for abandoned about four per cent of the all-embracing market. It’s additionally bottomward 24.6 per cent year-to-date.

The Liberty absent its wagon with the accepted bearing but the adequate account is the spirit of the Liberty lives on. Its high-riding wagon sibling, the Outback, has been redesigned and the new archetypal arrives actuality abutting March.

As Toyota rolls out amalgam versions of around every one of its vehicles, committed amalgam models like the Prius C accept become abundantly irrelevant. Admitting it’s accepted to see a additional bearing in Japan, area it’s generally sat at the top of the sales charts, it’s been removed from Australian bulk lists.

That’s admitting it actuality the acknowledged affiliate of the Prius ancestors as afresh as aftermost year and still managing to be aloof three units off from its beyond Prius affinity this year admitting its discontinuation.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2021 Concept
Exterior Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2021

Still, aback you can get a abundant added modern, added able and analogously able Yaris Amalgam or Corolla Amalgam for not abundant added money, there’s little point to the Prius C.

What car will you absence the most? Let us apperceive in the comments.

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