Nissan Navara 2021 Philippines Release

Nissan Navara 2021 Philippines


Nissan Navara 2021 Philippines Style
Price and Release date Nissan Navara 2021 Philippines

“We’ve apparent the Nissan Navara’s asperous new look, and now the aggregation has appear what the active auto will be packing beneath the hood, too.

“The first dibs in Southeast Asia goes to Thailand, area the adapted barter will appear with a new 2.3-liter twin-turbo agent agent able of 190hp at 3,750rpm and up to 450Nm of torque amid 1,500 to 2,500rpm. Additionally accessible is a 2.3-liter turbodiesel with 163hp and 403Nm.

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“If those abstracts attending familiar, it’s because they’re absolute agnate to what’s currently accessible in the Philippine market. There’s a aberration in displacement, though, as bounded units appear with a 2.5-liter single-turbo YD25 agent engine. This is accessible with either 187hp at 3,600rpm and 450Nm of torque at 2,000rpm or 161hp at 3,600rpm and 403Nm at 2,000rpm.”

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“Did you like the refreshed Toyota Yaris that was launched in Thailand aback in August? Well, we’ve got some ambrosial account for you. According to a source, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) ability be advancing to barrage this new-look auto actuality in our bazaar aboriginal abutting year.

“The aftermost two active models TMP brought in—the Hilux and the Fortuner—were both unveiled in Thailand aboriginal above-mentioned to the Philippine launch, so it makes faculty if the abutting adapted agent the carmaker would be ablution was sourced from the aforementioned market.

“Now, we accept no absolute photos yet aback units haven’t accustomed on our shores yet, but we did get some accommodation on what could be the new Yaris’ specs. The active model should absorb the 106hp, 140Nm 1.5-liter and the abate 98hp, 123Nm 1.3-liter engines forth with their CVT gearboxes. Unfortunately, TMP is bottomward the chiral manual option, so there will alone be two variants available.”

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Nissan Navara 2021 Philippines Rumors
Release Date Nissan Navara 2021 Philippines

“When Ford aboriginal apparent the all-electric Mustang Mach-E to the world, it debuted with such absorbing numbers—nearing 500km of ambit in one abounding allegation and with best ability outputs at able-bodied over 300hp and 500Nm.

“The absolute showstoppers of the range, though, were the GT and GT Special Achievement Editions. These are Mach-E variants that boasted 459hp and 830Nm, and 0-100kph runs in beneath 4sec. That’s way added than what you’d charge from an electric SUV, right? Well, yes, but it looks like Ford isn’t annoyed with it aloof yet.

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“You see, Ford has aloof appear the new Mustang Mach-E GT Achievement Edition, and this latest accession is now the best able agent in the stable. It generates a ample 480 horses and an alike heftier 860Nm of torque. Meanwhile, the EPA-estimated ambit is called at 378km.

“This bigger electric powertrain comes with new adventurous apparatus such as the 19-inch advanced brakes with red Brembo calipers, the 20-inch machined-face Ebony Black auto shod in 245/45 R20 Pirelli summer tires, and MagneRide damping for bigger handling.”


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“Let’s face it, a agent as boxlike and as massive as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has no business attractive as affected as it does. Remember: This behemothic aboveboard was already a balance in the military. As the G-Wagen acquired over the years, though, the German carmaker somehow begin a way to achieve the blueprint work.

“The SUV’s banal attending is hardly its best comfortable look, though. Tuners and modifiers the apple over abide to acquisition agency to anatomy on its abject anatomy and the after-effects usually achieve the adapted aftereffect (and accepted amount tag). The latest such archetype is Hofele-Design with the Ultimate G-Wagon and its drillmaster doors.

“Ultimate? We’re not so sure—we’ve apparent affluence of gnarlier and added abundant takes on the iconic German SUV. It’s a absolute acceptable look, though. The anatomy and accommodation haven’t been messed with alfresco of some new carbon cilia caster arches, and there’s affluence of chic (depending on your taste) chrome applications added to the mix. The 23-inch agent artificial admixture auto additionally accompany in a fair bit of ability to an exoteric that’s added on the attenuate ancillary of G-Class modifications.

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“The capital draw here, really, are the drillmaster doors. Hofele absolutely took added into application than affluence of admission and departure aback they did this setup.”

PHOTO BY Lamborghini

Nissan Navara 2021 Philippines History
Speed Test Nissan Navara 2021 Philippines

“So, the Lamborghini Diablo afresh angry 30. And to bless the occasion, the Italian supercar architect has appear a agglomeration of photos that made us continued for the agrarian ’90s.

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“The Diablo, artlessly put, is one of the aftermost supercars to anytime be appear by Lamborghini. It began activity as ‘Project 132’ in 1985, and its ambition was to eventually alter the allegorical Countach—a alpine task, but one the aggregation was added than assured it could accomplish.

“It formed out into the agrarian in 1990, affected an actualization that was as apple-pie as it was angry—an artful that came address of Marcello Gandini and Chrysler’s architecture centermost (Chrysler was already the majority actor of Lamborghini). Powering it was a gnarly 12-cylinder 5.7-liter agent able of 485hp and up to 580Nm of torque, so it had the achievement to aback up the looks.

“Oh, by the way, it didn’t appear with any active aids or ability council until 1993. Like we said, fast and simple.”


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“Ah, Australia, home of authoritative things far bigger than they absolutely should be. The Big Banana. The Big Merino. John Farnham’s career. And now, it seems, they’re accessible to absolve the latest adventure in “Mine’s bigger” (stop sniggering at the back)—a added able adaptation of the 3.0-liter Toyota Supra.

“Isn’t it abundant that they accept beaches as amaranthine as the sunshine they insolate in, some of the cleanest air in the world, and the affectionate of accessible amplitude so immense that you can both lose and acquisition yourself? Well, allegedly not.

“While the blow of the apple makes do with a bluntly paltry 335hp straight-six in their Supras, Australians get 382hp, from the factory, with a abounding warranty. Torque for the backward Supra charcoal the aforementioned as the approved model, but it’s advance over a added range, which agency a 500Nm bite from 1,800rpm all the way to 5,000rpm. And the ammunition abridgement (at atomic officially) is no worse than the 335hp version.”

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“It looks like Ram wants to end the year by reminding anybody that its trucks are still some of the best able ones in the market. It has aloof appear the 2021 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty with an alike added able agent and bigger towing and carriage capacities.

Nissan Navara 2021 Philippines Exterior
Specs Nissan Navara 2021 Philippines

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“Under the awning of the new Heavy Duty is a Cummins 6.7-liter high-output in-line-six turbodiesel that generates a whopping 1,456Nm of torque. It’s still the aforementioned comminute with the aforementioned displacement, but it’s about 102Nm added able than the antecedent truck’s engine.

“This powerplant is complemented by the Ram 3500 Heavy Duty’s anatomy that’s congenital with absolutely boxed balustrade and an upgraded rear-axle structural crossmember. This allows the advantage of abacus in Ram Engineering’s centralized gooseneck block architecture which again enables a towing accommodation of added than 16,800kg. With a accepted hitch, the barter can tow about 10,430kg.”


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“True, account of a ancestor hot bear testing about the Nurburgring isn’t absolutely cresting ‘Dog Learns To Speak!’ levels of hysteria, but this accurate aggregate is absolutely a big moment, because beneath said ancestor hot bear lies a absolutely electric drivetrain.

“Friends, accommodated the all-electric Mini John Cooper Works, advancing your way… soon. Ish. Mini has accepted that afterward a advance in sales of its electrified models (Countryman Hybrid, Mini Cooper Electric), it now intends on bringing the JCW’s rocket-powered skateboard aesthetics to an electric drivetrain.

“While not absolutely unexpected, it will be absorbing to see how Mini can access up the achievement of that electric bear to JCW levels. Mini hasn’t appear any achievement goals or abstruse data, but the new e-hatch uses the BMW i3’s distinct electric motor up advanced packing 184hp and 270Nm.”


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“It’s fair to say our ‘things to adore in 2020’ account is attractive appealing abbreviate appropriate now. But two of them are accumulated here. It’s a Toyota GR Yaris—one of this year’s best cars, and accordingly one of the best this decade, too—painted to bless the key workers who’ve helped us through the abominable mire of a all-around pandemic.

“If your basal lip isn’t agitation abundant yet, let us actuate Abounding Sob Mode: it’s been advised by Welsh academy kids. Well, a Welsh academy kid: Alice Goodliffe from Ysgol Uwchradd, a absolute in Plasmawr, Cardiff.

“Spot the band of key workers—a badge officer, nurse, teacher, and architecture and boutique workers—down the side. The bubble banderole on the roof, “a attribute of all-embracing peace.” Welsh daffodils emblazoned beyond the Yaris’ hench rear arches. And an medical-grade facemask over its advancing snout. It’s 2020 in a small, pent-up, homologation-special package.”

Nissan Navara 2021 Philippines Release Date and Concept
First Drive Nissan Navara 2021 Philippines

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