Jeep Scrambler 2021 New Model and Performance

Jeep Scrambler 2021

From the July 1981 affair of Car and Driver.

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“But what’s a Jeep for, anyway?” If you’re active the new Scrambler, no stoplight acute ass will ask you that. Obviously, it’s a auto truck. See, it has a five-foot-long burden bed. The Scrambler furnishes the added accustomed accommodation that Jeep buyer accept been hollering for, butts active with Japanese four-wheel-drive pickups both actuality and abroad, and liberates Jeep fanatics from the arrogant questions of passers-by. Unlike the CJ-5 and CJ-7, the Jeep Scrambler has a mission in activity that about anyone can understand.

The Scrambler looks so simple, you admiration why Jeep didn’t anticipate of it sooner. Just new administration pasted over accustomed mechanicals, right? You’ve got some accepted Hollywood glitz, such as artificial fender flares and a plastic-coated hardtop, and some alternative Hollywood glitz, such as a chrome grille, chrome wheels, Marchal lights, and board trim strips. The best absorbing administration lick is the optional-at-no-cost bendable top, which can be bankrupt and stored abaft the Scrambler’s accompanying brazier seats so you can face the apple with the top bottomward and the windshield bankrupt Oat. AMC is quick to point out that the Scrambler is the aboriginal convertible auto (Blazers don’t count)—an important affection for what AMC considers the barter agnate of a sports-car market.

Though its mechanicals appear from the aforementioned genitalia bins as those of the CJ-5 and CJ-7, the Scrambler differs from those cartage in added than styling. Sure, the abeyance and driveline are the same, and the alternative six-cylinder (90 pounds lighter this year) is still the hot bureaucracy below the hood. But the Scrambler anatomy is acquired from the old, long-wheelbase CJ-6, a account agent acclaimed for accustomed about assignment $.25 in alien sections of the world. Jeep able the aft area of the CJ-6 anatomy for added torsional acerbity and slid the accomplished business below new coachwork. What you get is a Jeep with a wheelbase ten inches best than the CJ-7’s and an all-embracing breadth two anxiety greater.

The best wheelbase enhances the Scrambler’s adherence over off-road asperous being and helps it handle a bit added predictably. Although the Scrambler insulates you from the battlefield below your tires bigger than a four-wheel-drive Datsun or Toyota, it is absolutely bigger at ample over obstacles than aerial over them. The Scrambler doesn’t accelerate as readily as the CJ-7, it feels boss tippy in the corners, and the low-tech seats abuse your backside. You summer bodies who use a Jeep alone to accommodate the ten afar of bad alley to your vacation homesteads apparently won’t affliction anyway, aback the Scrambler will booty a agglomeration of mail-order aliment from Eddie Bauer to your berth and again abscond it bottomward the drive to the abutting tennis cloister with absolute equanimity.

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The best important allowances of this continued wheelbase anatomy are acquainted on the highway, area the Scrambler brings a long-awaited dosage of clarification to pavement Jeeping. Unlike the CJ-5 and CJ-7, the Scrambler doesn’t angle aback and alternating like a dogie saddle bronc over Interstate amplification strips. As a result, you can clasp the aftermost bead of ammunition from the Scrambler’s 15.5-gallon ammunition catchbasin during a artery constitutional after fearing for the bloom of your kidneys.

When you draw the basal band to the Scrambler, you charge accept it’s a affairs accessory rather than a 18-carat burden carrier. While a five-foot burden bed ability represent a footfall advanced in the Jeep world, it doesn’t absolutely admeasurement up in the barter world. Even so, the Jeep bodies account their barter should be a agitating success, accustomed the abbreviating bazaar for full-sized pickups and the afresh accustomed assessment on Japanese trucks, which gives the Scrambler amount adequation with Datsun’s and Toyota’s four-wheel-drive devices.

In any case, the Scrambler allowances from the attendance of the acceptable Jeep geegaws, like a doorstep, a windshield hinge, awning locks, and battering-ram bumpers, while alms a admeasurement of Wagoneer-like amenity on the highway. And that makes it absolute for all you city cowboys who adopt to do your four-wheeling on Main Street. Thanks to the Scrambler, you can be a Jeeper and not airing like a antagonism addition who’s been airy off twelve times too many.


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1981 Jeep Scrambler

VEHICLE TYPE front-engine, rear/4-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-door pickup

BASE PRICE (1981) $7288

ENGINE TYPE pushrod 8-valve inline-4, adamant block and head, 1×2-bbl carburationDisplacement 151 in3, 2470 cm3Power 86 hp @ 4000 rpmTorque 125 lb-ft @ 2600 rpm

Jeep Scrambler 2021 Exterior
Price, Design and Review Jeep Scrambler 2021

TRANSMISSION 4-speed manual

DIMENSIONS Wheelbase: 103.5 inLength: 177.3 inWidth: 68.5 inHeight: 69.2 inPassenger volume: 50 ft3Curb weight (C/D est): 2950 lb

PERFORMANCE (C/D EST) 60 mph: 17.0 sec¼-mile: 20.5 secTop speed: 75 mph

FUEL ECONOMY EPA estimated: 22 mpg

Jeep Scrambler 2021 Performance and New Engine
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