Ford Raptor 2021 Rumors

Ford Raptor 2021

We’ll acceptable see it soon, but ancient abutting year.

Ford Raptor 2021 Pictures
Pictures Ford Raptor 2021

Well, accost there next-generation Ford F-150 Raptor. The new high-performance auto alike online in two forms to accord us quick looks at how it’s demography shape. One shows the Raptor’s advanced end from a computer rendering, and the added shows off the truck’s body-in-white from the side.

The pictures appear via the F-150Gen14 appointment and it seems accessible this is the abutting F-150 Raptor. The barter carries the aforementioned angular LED ablaze signature in the headlight architecture as the accepted truck. It looks like a specific Raptor-spec grille will sit advanced and centermost with the big “Ford” name spelled out, not clashing the accepted iteration.

Ford Raptor 2021 Pictures
Concept and Review Ford Raptor 2021

Here’s your abutting Raptor’s body-in-white.

Ford Raptor 2021 Configurations
Redesign Ford Raptor 2021

Checking out the body-in-white photo shows the pickup’s awning additionally looks a lot like the accepted model. It alike has the amplitude carved out for the awning beat on top.

While some rumors acicular to the F-150 Raptor’s admission accident by the end of this year, that window is closing quickly. More likely, we’ll see it aboriginal abutting year afterwards the latest 2021 F-150 begins aircraft out to dealers en masse. While we don’t accept any solid intel on the barter yet, one rumor suggests Ford will acquaint a limited-run Raptor with V8 ability to booty the action anon to the Ram TRX. Hopefully, that turns out to be the case.

Ford Raptor 2021 Wallpaper
New Review Ford Raptor 2021

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