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Ferrari D 2021

From the December 2020 affair of Car and Driver.

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The Ferrari Roma’s alpha button isn’t a button. It’s an iPad-like touch-sensitive about-face at the basal of the council wheel. And it’s but one of abounding functions awash assimilate the helm. Alike afterwards spending 30 hours with the car, we were still apprehension new ones. Ferrari isn’t relying on its ancestry here. This is alone the additional V-8-powered front-engine GT auto in the brand’s history—the aboriginal actuality the 2018 GTC4Lusso T, which was the active FF with four beneath cylinders. No, with the Roma, Ferrari focused on authoritative a 21st-century grand-touring car with an about all-digital interface and afterwards a cool retractable roof.

Sure, the auto convertible Portofino is still around, and there’s a lot of Portofino in the Roma, but the Roma is some 200 pounds lighter and 20 horses added powerful, with a 612-hp adaptation of Ferrari’s twin-turbo 3.9-liter V-8. The accessible Portofino M will bout that output, but it won’t adjust the weight discrepancy. And while all three of these Ferraris accept an agent that roars like artillery, the Roma is prettiest.

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It has the face of a shark. The fenders blaze like a Sophia Loren sigh, and the bodywork is chargeless of holes, vents, and gouges. The razor-edge taillights attending annihilation like the accepted annular Ferrari fare. The Roma and Portofino allotment a 105.1-inch wheelbase and their basal abeyance design, but the Roma is 0.7 inch lower, 1.4 inches wider, and at 183.3 inches long, 2.7 inches best overall.

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The 561-lb-ft torque aiguille comes up at 3000 rpm and stays there until 5750 rpm, with affluence above that to the 7500-rpm redline. Pop the awning and the Ferrari V-8 looks as acceptable as the body. There’s no artificial sound-insulation awning here.

Pull the appropriate carbon-fiber paddle shifter and the rear-mounted, Magna-made eight-speed dual-clutch transaxle endless aboriginal gear. The Roma is the aboriginal of Ferrari’s GTs to accommodate a Race ambience for the adherence and traction-control system. Turn the manettino selector on the council caster to Race and the car growls and gets bottomward to the business of arena flying.

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Shifted with the paddles, the eight-speed reacts instantly. Downshift into a bend and the car squats flatly, takes a set at the apex, and bolts confidently. The arrangement allows a bit of appendage slide, but on accessible roads, it’s adamantine to get to the cornering acceleration area the 285/35ZR-20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires will breach free. What’s accessible alike in Comfort approach is altogether calibrated council and the adventure of activity the 245/35ZR-20 Michelins up advanced chaw into the surface.

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We apprehend this Ferrari to concealment 60 mph in 3.1 abnormal back barrage approach is activated, but the bankrupt ball and cull of the agent accomplish it assume alike quicker than that. And the Roma is artful at triple-digit speeds. It additionally has a amusing rear bench and a analytic sized 10-cubic-foot trunk.

Roma prices alpha at $222,420. The adaptation apprenticed actuality agitated an advantage amount that put it at $316,240. Skip the $11,812 carbon-fiber rear diffuser, the $5906 advanced addle-brain you’re apprenticed to scratch, the $4725 carbon-fiber dashboard inserts, and a few added bits, and a Roma could be a abundant quarter-million-dollar Ferrari. In the prancing-horse world, that’s a bargain.

Ferrari D 2021 Redesign and Concept
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Ferrari D 2021 Price, Design and Review
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Ferrari D 2021 Style
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