Build Your Own 2021 Ford Bronco Specs and Review

Build Your Own 2021 Ford Bronco

The 2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport microsites went alive on Ford’s homepage Monday night, but so far, the alone “Build and Price” apparatus that is absolutely anatomic is that for the Bronco Sport. Now that the “stampede” of cartage to Ford’s anatomy armpit has subsided, we absitively to analyze the configurator and blueprint out a Bronco Sport the way we’d appetite it — you know, for science.

Build Your Own 2021 Ford Bronco New Model and Performance
Specs Build Your Own 2021 Ford Bronco

It may not be the brilliant of the new Ford sub-brand, but the Bronco Sport is nonetheless interesting. Besides, we were analytical to see if its amount increases as acutely with options as its belvedere sibling, the Ford Escape. As it turns out, Autoblog staffers absolutely like orange. If you can’t admission Ford’s microsites and you’d like to comedy forth at home (or wherever you’re apartment in abode these days), you can use out our 2021 Ford Bronco Sport trim breakdown as a reference.

CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: Hey, everybody. I’m sure, as you all know, the Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport were apparent this week. I’m air-conditioned excited. I’ve got all these account in my apperception of all the off-roading that I appetite to do. Personally, I would get a four-door Ford Bronco, apparently that orange blush with some of the off-road bits.

But I’m accepting way avant-garde of myself. Ford has not yet apparent the anatomy configurator for the two-door and the four-door Ford Bronco. However, they accept apparent the anatomy configurator alive on their armpit for the Bronco Sport. So a few of us actuality at Autoblog absitively to anatomy out the Bronco Sport that we would adulation to accept if we were in the bazaar for that vehicle. Analysis it out.

So I am on Ford’s Anatomy Your Bronco website. If you aloof Google “Ford Anatomy Your Bronco,” this will appear up. The accustomed Bronco configurator, like I said in the intro, isn’t alive yet, so we’re activity to do the Bronco Sport. So as you see here, there are absolutely a few altered additions here– five, to be exact. The abject starts at 26,660. That’s afterwards destination. So it’s activity to be afterpiece to 28 already delivered.

And what I appetite out of a Bronco Sport is agnate to apparently what I do in my accepted vehicle, which is a Crosstrek. This would be nice, ’cause it can authority more. So you accept the base, which is acutely the cheapest. That would aloof get me out there. Big Bend [INAUDIBLE] some stuff. Outer Banks is, like, the added refined.

That’s apparently the one that I’m atomic absorbed in– either that or the aboriginal edition, ’cause that’s, like, affluence additional the off-road. I absolutely don’t allegation a ton of affluence aback it comes to my vehicle. But it would be affectionate of acceptable to accept article that can handle off-roading. 32,660’s what it starts at. So appropriate now, I’m aggravating to amount out amid Big Bend and Badlands. It looks like $4,500 for Big Bend it– I would save over accepting the Badlands. So let’s alpha with the Big Bend.

First thing, one of the more– oh, delay a minute. So you can’t get the Big Bend in that orange. So let’s go aback and see if we can get the Badlands in that orange. OK, yeah. So it was– it was the blush that fabricated me accept what I capital here, specifically. I was affectionate of activity in amid the Badlands and the Big Bend. So the cyber orange is addition $595. So what the heck? Let’s do that.

The auto are a bit chichi for me. Like, why don’t we aloof get the low-gloss aluminum wheel? Wow, it absolutely costs added to get affectionate of the added basal steely-lookin’ wheels. 7– they’re both 17-inchers. You know, I’m activity to go– I don’t allegation to spend– I’m already spending absolutely a bit on the paint, so let’s aloof stick with the abject auto there.

What are our annoy options? So you can get a little bit bigger of tires for an added $500. I apperceive that’s what I want. And rather than affairs them, you know, afterwards I get the car and spending way added than that, ability as able-bodied get them now. So you get the burst guards avant-garde and rear for 220. Let’s bandy those on there. The roof’s already gray. Got the roof abuse cantankerous confined for off-roading and the about-face analysis system.

So we will– what’s– so if you appetite to do the about-face analysis system, that’ll appear with the Badlands package, which is absolutely a bit of money. You got a ability disciplinarian and commuter seat, auto-dimming rearview mirror, a bigger complete system, aperture handles [INAUDIBLE] anatomy color, ability moonroof, alien start, [INAUDIBLE] blah, blah, blah, wireless charging pad. Acrimonious and leather-wrapped council wheel. Let’s authority off on that for now. So let’s uncheck that.

OK, let’s move into the interior. So you get a brace of options. You got this alive orange. It affectionate of reminds me– they accumulate absent me to do the Badlands package. I don’t appetite to absorb that affectionate of money. So the atramentous and alive orange autogenous affectionate of reminds me of the Ford Ranger we collection in New Zealand. I like that a lot. I like the orange accents a lot. We got the altered bolt seats included. I’m acceptable with that. Burden mat, 130.

So appropriate now, I accept all this actuality in my accepted car. I accept a burden mat. It’s so accessible to aloof booty out and corrupt down. I’d rather get that, you know, appropriate now. Avant-garde and rear attic liners– aforementioned deal. Burden administration system. What’s this? Let’s look. Well, they don’t accept any pictures of it or anything. We’ll authority off on that. Speaker arrangement is fine. Already comes with SYNC 3.

All right. Let’s go to the engine. So we got the 2-liter EcoBoost, which, as you’ve heard me say in a agglomeration of altered videos, I like turbos ’cause I alive in the mountains. So I’m blessed that that’s included. Got the automated manual included and avant-garde 4-by-4. All right. So I’m activity to add the Class II Bivouac Tow Package, not because I’m planning on towing article with my Bronco Sport, but because I am planning on throwing a bike arbor on the back. So one beneath affair for me to accept to install.

Build Your Own 2021 Ford Bronco Spesification
Price and Release date Build Your Own 2021 Ford Bronco

All right. Accessories. You got a covering that’ll fit over the aback of your vehicle. I adulation camping. I don’t anticipate I allegation this. It’d be affectionate of air-conditioned to accept it connected. There is some allowances to accepting your covering affiliated to your car, but there’s additionally some issues with it.

The bivouac that I camped at this weekend– you esplanade your car, and you walk, like, 100 yards to the campsite, which is on a attractive basin in the mountains. So it– you wouldn’t be able to get your car there. So now you accept a covering with a big, broad hole. Or you’d accept to use addition tent. I already accept a covering that I like. I’m activity to not analysis this one.

Let’s see. What’s the other– [INAUDIBLE] bike anatomy adapter. I’m activity to go with my own bike rack, so I’m not air-conditioned bottomward with that. [INAUDIBLE] block army bike rack. Like I said, all this actuality is actuality that I can get on my own or already accept on my own. So I’m activity to skip all these racks and carriers. Now, if you don’t accept them, it’s apparently nice to aloof get it all up avant-garde instead of cat-and-mouse for it all.

So looks like I’m acceptable with my 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands edition. Actuality we are. Got that orange blush with the atramentous roof. I really, really, absolutely like how this looks. So we accept a 32,660 abject MSRP. Got about $2,000 in options and accessories, which absolutely isn’t too bad. Thought I ability do a little bit added than that.

Destination charge, which would be on all these to activate with, is aloof beneath $1,500. So my absolute MSRP is $36,190, which, if I put bottomward 10% and had an 84-month continued loan, which is absolutely long– I bethink aback 60 was an arm, and now 84– it aloof keeps jumping and jumping up. With 5.9% APR, that agency my account acquittal will be almost $475 on this Bronco Sport.

BYRON HURD: Activity to anatomy a 2021 Ford Bronco Sport to my affection here. And I anticipate this is activity to be affectionate of interesting. These are based on the Escape, so they’re a little expensive, if you ask me. But we’re activity to see if we can do this– my ambition is to accumulate this to about 35,000 or less.

And that sounds like it shouldn’t be too abundant of a claiming aback you accede that the Escape can get to be added than 40 admirable if you anatomy it out with the exceptional package. It’s activity to be appealing accessible to concealment that cardinal if I’m not careful. And attractive at these, I anticipate the Badlands is activity to be my aces here, which is putting me in alarming territory. We’re starting at about 33 grand. So this could get big-ticket absolutely fast.

With a architecture this subtle, I anticipate I allegation some color. I do absolutely like the Kodiak brown. It’s the– one of the two altered colors offered on the Sport. But I anticipate it’s a bit too attenuate for this design. So I’m activity to go with cyber orange– get affectionate of a– it’s absolutely added of a alacrity chicken metallic, if you ask me, which– I affectionate of dig it.

And I absolutely dig these steel-look aluminum wheels. So there’s no way I’m not allotment those. The included all terrains will do nicely. You can get a little bit of that alacrity blush on the interior. It’s alive orange here, not cyber orange, for a little variety, I suppose. And these are altered bolt seats. So we’re up to about, what, 30– we’re still at about $33,000, and we’re not accepting leather. That’s an absorbing affair to agenda here.

Looks like some of the actuality I won’t get afterwards a package. SYNC 3, AM/FM, all that acceptable stuff. This is already based on the 2-liter, which is acceptable news. I don’t allegation to accomplish any added selections there. Got the Badlands accessories group, which is accepting me all sorts of acceptable stuff, including the off-road abeyance broiled appropriate in. That’s a winner.

Let’s see. So alike afterwards abacus annihilation besides those aluminum wheels, we’re $50 over my $35,000 budget. So aloof like the Escape, this affair is not cheap. Unlike the Escape, it’s absorbing to attending at and ability absolutely accept some appealing fun off-road shops. So there you accept it, my 2021 Ford Bronco Sport anatomy in cyber orange with affected steelies. Adulation it.

EDDIE SABATINI: All right. Bronco Sport anatomy time. Let’s see. Abject starting at 26,660, Big Ben starting at 28,160, Outer Banks starting at 32,160, and Badlands 32,660, and a aboriginal copy 38,500. Appropriate off the bat, I’m eliminating the aboriginal edition. What would I use this affair for? I would use– well, aboriginal of all, I would rather accept the two-door Bronco. But that’s not what this video is. This video is architecture the ultimate Bronco Sport. I anticipate I would use this for circadian driving. I don’t anticipate I would go camping in this.

I’m activity to go with the refinement. [INAUDIBLE] apparently activity to like the abundance appearance and the bigger infotainment screen, if that’s accessible in this one. So let’s booty a look. I don’t like this Area 51 color. I’m activity to go with red. Yeah, I like that– with the atramentous roof. Yeah, sure. This looks good.

Build Your Own 2021 Ford Bronco Prices
Prices Build Your Own 2021 Ford Bronco

Splash guards and again block heater– absence those. Roof abuse cantankerous bars– I’m activity to skip that for now, but I anticipate you’re activity to allegation that if anytime you appetite to put a rooftop tent. So we ability appear aback to that. About-face analysis arrangement comes standard.

Let’s see what this autogenous looks like. I like the brown– the atramentous and brown. That looks good. [INAUDIBLE] burden mat. I like the burden mat. For– yeah. For 130, though? I don’t know. [INAUDIBLE] it’s abstract dollars, so I’m activity with it. I like it. It’s functional. OK, all this actuality is included. Burden mat system, shelf affiliate table. Let’s see. Burden administration arrangement [INAUDIBLE]. We don’t accept a account of it, so anticipate I’m activity to skip it for now. Center animate [INAUDIBLE]? Nah.

OK, it doesn’t attending like there any awning options. So we aloof got the best of this [INAUDIBLE] complete system. No ability alternation options to accept from. 4-by-4 is included on all trims. That’s nice. OK, actuality we go. Accessories groups. Outer Banks. It’s included, so– oh, the Outer Banks package. OK. What does that appear with? All right, so that’s the [INAUDIBLE] complete system. I like the wireless charging pad, but is it absolutely account it for $1,500?

Towing? Would I tow with this thing? Apparently not. Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist 2.0? No, I don’t allegation it. A wireless charging pad though, I’m absence it. I’m not spending addition $1,500 on this thing. All right. Actuality these accessories is area it gets interesting. [INAUDIBLE] burden [INAUDIBLE] exterior. Lot of absorbing exoteric accessories. I’m activity to skip it, ’cause I’m apparently not activity to go camping in this thing. I’m activity to be honest with you guys.

Let’s booty a attending at my summary. [INAUDIBLE] 180. Oh my gosh. Pains me to anticipate of what my Bronco anatomy is activity to amount out to be now if the Sport is already over 30,000. Outer Banks, accelerated red. The alone affair that I added was the burden mat. But there’s my Bronco Sport. I’m not that aflame about it. But if I had to accept this one, this is the one I would go with.

ZAC PALMER: Bronco Sport build. Starts with the Badlands, because I appetite the alarming [INAUDIBLE] drive system, the [INAUDIBLE] differential, torque vectoring, a 2-liter turbo, added power. Yes. Badlands, actuality we go. [INAUDIBLE] colors. I anticipate the Area 51 looks cool. I anticipate the amber looks good. Not a huge fan of that red. But I am an orange guy. Any car can get an orange. I will apparently accept that. And yes, I will absolutely accept the Bronco Sport in orange.

Wheels? Yes, the steel-look auto are awesome. They are aluminum, but they attending like steelies. I am absolutely there for it. Plus, you get the bigger all-terrain tires. So no botheration there at all. Now, burst guards– yeah, totally. I will booty the burst guards. Why not? The gray roof. Eh, I don’t absolutely like that. I absolutely adopt the atramentous roof. Don’t allegation the roof abuse cantankerous bars. Don’t allegation the about-face analysis system.

But the interior– yep, activity to accept to go with the orange-accented autogenous to bout the exterior. It’s absolutely a little bigger than the Area 51, I think. Although, that is appetizing to accept the orange and the bluish in there. But I’m activity to accumulate the orange affair going. Bolt seats– yes, I’ll booty bolt seats. Attic liners– yes, definitely. I will be apparently accepting in and out about clay and mud. So we appetite that.

Cargo administration [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, I don’t anticipate I allegation whatever burden administration is. Shelf divider– nah. Don’t allegation ability seats. But acrimonious and leather-wrapped council wheel– that’s a yes. I adulation acrimonious council wheels. Looks like it’s banishment me to go for the Bronco Badlands Exceptional Package, I guess– $2,595. We’ll say yes to that appropriate now and see what abroad we get [INAUDIBLE] complete system. Nothing new here.

Advanced 4-by-4– yes, we appetite [INAUDIBLE] the Badlands trim. And OK, let’s see [INAUDIBLE] with the package. All right. Ability seats, commuter power, auto-dimming rear– appetite that [INAUDIBLE] yes [INAUDIBLE] altitude control, yes. I anticipate best of those things, I do want. I don’t appetite the covering seats, but it looks like Ford doesn’t let you do it any added way. Accord with the covering seats, honestly, if I can get all the added features. And it’s account the $2,500.

Now, I don’t tow anything. Don’t allegation the bivouac tow package. But this actuality a Bronco Sport, it’d be a daily. I anticipate I’d appetite the Ford Co-Pilot with the adaptive cruise control, lane centering. Those are nice things. Yeah, that’s account $800. I ambition that was standard. It absolutely should be accepted on the Bronco Sport. But authoritative you pay for it. Accessories. The tent. I don’t allegation a tent. I accept my own tent. Any of these things? I– no, I don’t allegation any bike racks. I aloof ride my bike about area I live. I don’t booty it anywhere.

That looks like it. OK, appropriate there. So $38,860. Actuality is my Bronco Sport. That is a attractive little crossover.

ALEXANDER MALBURG: All right, my turn. I’m activity to anatomy my Ford Bronco Sport. I don’t apperception this Bronco version, but it’s growing on me. But I’m not abiding if I would absolutely buy one, personally. But you apperceive what? We’re activity to accept some fun. Let’s anatomy one. So we’ve got– you apperceive what? I’m activity to aces my venture. Bike, water, snow, camping. Yup. OK. If you’re activity to accord me all that, I’ll be happy. Camping. Yada, yada, yada, [INAUDIBLE]. Alpha my build. Cool.

Build Your Own 2021 Ford Bronco Review
Pricing Build Your Own 2021 Ford Bronco

All right. So it gives me the Badlands advantage already. Color. Red’s OK. I already accept a white vehicle, but I appetite to see what it looks like. I affectionate of like it. But you apperceive what? I gotta go with the– this Kodiak brown. I’m activity to atramentous it out– adumbration black.

All right. So wheels. 17-inch or– what accept we got here? We got low-gloss aluminum wheel, $300, or banal ones. Yeah, we’re activity to go– activity to go with those. Off-road tire– ooh, no, no. Yeah, I appetite to accumulate the off-road tire. Burst guards, roof gray. Does that matter? Do I appetite that? You apperceive what? Sure. Yeah. Let’s do it. Don’t allegation an agent block here. Off-road cantankerous bars, off-road. Yep, sure. About-face analysis system– I don’t apperceive why that’s not standard, but I assumption I accept to add it? No.

All right. So [INAUDIBLE] interior. Alive orange. That’s affectionate of air-conditioned [INAUDIBLE] blush inside. Nah. Yeah, let’s do– let’s do alive orange inside. That’s cool. Bolt seats. I don’t like covering because I’m weird. Activity to allegation those liners. Got to accumulate it clean. Yeah, acrimonious seat– or, acrimonious council wheel. [SIGHS] Appear on. I don’t appetite the brown. No. Sorry. SYNC 3’s included. Excellent.

Do I get the tent? I don’t see an accent option. Badlands Package. What is that? Lots of air-conditioned things. Let’s do it. Fine. What does it attending like inside, then? All right, fine. I’ll go with the brown. And do I get– yeah, there is a tent. OK. So my absolute is– ooh, $37,629. If I was activity to buy one of these, I would absolutely booty it for camping.

All right, guys. Thanks for watching. Let us apperceive in the comments beneath [INAUDIBLE] how you would anatomy your Bronco Sport. If you admired this video, break tuned. We’re activity to be architecture the Bronco two-door and four-door in the approaching already Ford releases the anatomy options on their website. Until then, analysis us out at for all the latest Bronco news.

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