Audi Rs7 2021 Redesign

Audi Rs7 2021

Gotta adulation that profile.

Audi Rs7 2021 Rumors
Price, Design and Review Audi Rs7 2021

If for some acumen you aloof can’t jump on the RS6 Avant appearance (pun actually intended), Audi has addition advantage for you: the RS7. With its glassy looks, aciculate administration and class-leading berth tech, the Audi RS7 is one of the best all-around luxury-performance cars you can buy today.

The RS7 actually looks the business, all angular and mean, with ample amateur and advanced achievement and that classically admirable Sportback silhouette. I’ll accept I still acquisition the taillights of the accepted A7/S7/RS7 models to be a little frumpy, but that’s a baby nit to aces on an contrarily absolute design. Considering the aftermost RS7 was a little too sedate-looking for its own good, it’s nice to see Audi coil a bit of architecture beef with this latest RS hatch.

On the added hand, I’m appropriately animated Audi’s designers acclimatized affluence of abstemiousness back penning the RS7’s cabin. What could’ve been a blend of accidental angles and overstyled surfaces is instead actually elegant. The autogenous isn’t actually all that altered from what you get in the blow of the A6 and A7 range, but I’m not mad about it. The all-embracing artful is apple-pie and modern, with tasteful emphasis bond on the RS-specific seats and no abounding buttons — aloof flat, apple-pie surfaces and screens, screens, screens.

Audi currently leads the allegation on luxury-car berth tech and it’s accessible to see why. The company’s MMI Touch Acknowledgment infotainment arrangement is accessible to operate, with bright tiles for the best frequently acclimated features, abrupt acknowledgment times and a almost automatic card structure. The 10.1-inch awning in the average of the birr houses the capital multimedia interface, and there’s a secondary, 8.6-inch affectation below. That hardly abate awning is area you’ll acquisition altitude ascendancy functions and on-off switches for the stop-start arrangement and assorted driver-assistance features. The basal affectation additionally functions as a autography book for accessible destination chase or abode entry. Open a nav search, address “tacos” and boom, you’re off to lunch.

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The MMI interface is actively robust, but you don’t alike charge it best of the time. That’s because the RS7 comes accepted with Audi’s Virtual Cockpit agenda barometer cluster, housed on a 12.3-inch awning arch of the council wheel. This basal tech ability be a few years old, but Virtual Cockpit is still the bomb, with Google Earth aeronautics overlays and simple controls for things like phone, audio and agent abstracts via steering-wheel toggles.

Comfy and techy.

Weirdly, while the RS7 comes with Audi’s best multimedia tech offerings, all of the acceptable driver-assistance diabolism costs extra. Yes, a 360-degree camera, parking sensors and advanced blow admonishing are standard, but full-speed adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, cartage assurance acceptance and rear cross-traffic active are all bound abaft the $2,250 Driver Assistance Package. Why this being doesn’t appear accepted on a six-figure affluence car is above me, but it’s additionally not uncommon, so whatever.

Then again, it’s not like you’re affairs an RS7 to let the computers booty over every time you get abaft the wheel. This affair actually rips, and you’d be accomplishing yourself a disservice not to drive the pants off it every adventitious you get.

Audi Rs7 2021 New Model and Performance
New Model and Performance Audi Rs7 2021

The fun starts with Audi’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 — the above one you’ll acquisition in a agglomeration of added cars, including the RS6 Avant. This agent sends 591 application and 590 pound-feet of torque to all four auto through Audi’s accomplished Quattro all-wheel-drive system, consistent in a 0-to-60-mph time of aloof 3.5 seconds. That’s abuse quick.

Shockingly, these huge, 22-inch auto don’t ruin the ride.

Happily, every RS7 gets Audi’s abounding agenda of achievement hardware, including an adaptive air suspension, cyberbanking rear cogwheel and four-wheel steering. The aftermost two $.25 are decidedly important, giving this all-wheel-drive car a bit of rear-wheel-drive boost through corners, the rear-axle council around abridgement the wheelbase while you coast through bound bends. The RS7 is an abundantly active thing, with accurately abounding and candid council and solid ability from the accepted animate brakes. You can pay $8,500 to add bowl brakes with gray calipers, which action a apple of endlessly power, but I don’t anticipate you’ll charge this advancement in circadian use. If you’re tracking your RS7 or frequently hitting triple-digit speeds, again sure, alive it up. For the blow of you, aloof stick with the animate stoppers.

Regardless of which brakes you choose, they’re nestled abaft actually massive wheels. The RS7’s accepted bureaucracy wraps 21-inch auto in 275/35 tires, but this tester has the alternative 22-inch amalgamation with lower-profile 285/30 rubber. Audi says the 21s are the smallest-diameter auto that will bright the RS7’s huge brakes, and the 22s aloof attending like abstract by comparison. Thankfully, the air abeyance is acquainted to clarify out a lot of the acerbity you ability contrarily apprehend from such an advancing wheel-and-tire package. Whether you’re rolling in the RS7’s Comfort or Dynamic modes, the ride affection I empiric on Southern California anchorage is abundant — bland and adaptable on the artery but nice and abutting during adventurous driving. I’m disturbing to anticipate of addition car that’s as accurately sorted while benumbed on astronomic auto — abreast from the RS6 Avant, anyway.

Audi Rs7 2021 Configurations
New Model and Performance Audi Rs7 2021

I’d alone rather accept the wagon, but hey, you do you.

In fact, the RS7 is all-around nicer to drive and alive with than its abutting competitors, the BMW M8 Gran Coupe and Mercedes-AMG GT63. The Audi is artlessly bigger counterbalanced and has bluff in-car tech, and this car’s Sportback appearance agency it’s far added capacious, with 24.7 cubic anxiety of amplitude abaft the rear seats and a accomplished lot added if you bend them flat. The alone affair that comes abutting is Audi’s own RS6 Avant or a boilerplate crossover. Why buy a crossover back you could get this?

Really, the RS7’s abutting adversary is the above RS6. The RS7 is a bit added expensive, at $115,045 to alpha (including $1,045 for destination) compared to the RS6’s $110,045. I alone can’t brainstorm acrimonious the Sportback over the added interesting-looking and added anatomic Avant, but not anybody shares my opinion. 

No amount the roofline, Audi’s latest RS is a winner.

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