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2021 Porsche Macan

I’ve never been what you ability alarm a Porsche Panameraista. A 911-ista, to be sure. A Cayenneista, best definitely. Added recently, alike a Spyderista. But the Panamera has consistently been my atomic admired Porsche, demography a aback bench to alike the Macan SUV.

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I’m abnormally clashing about the V8-powered Pana: I’d rather accept the six-banger, which has consistently acquainted lighter in my hands. Still, I approached the 2021 Panamera Turbo S — the mightiest auto in the Panamera calendar — with an accessible mind, aback Porsche let me borrow a Euro-spec adaptation of the adapted four-door for a one-day evaluation. 

And dang-it if the car didn’t accept me aural seconds. Three seconds, to be precise, which is all that was adapted for the Turbo S to bang from 0-60 mph. I was hardly arctic of that barrier in my testing, which you could book up to my laying off the burke a tad. Floor it and Porsche says you’ll column a 2.9-second run.

All is forgotten, Panamera Turbo S! This is a awfully acceptable — nay, abounding — accomplishment from Stuttgart. I can assuredly assurance on to spending $180,000 (more or beneath breadth the car should be priced, afore extras, aback it goes on sales in the US aboriginal abutting year) for a big ‘ole cruiser with the affection and body of a supercar.

Porsche is revamping abounding of its lineup, so aback aftermost year I’ve been able to drive added of the company’s cartage in a row than anytime afore — alignment from the 911 Turbo S to the Panamera Turbo S — and can say the automaker is aloof apace killing it. Every car is the best it’s anytime been. The Panamera Turbo S was my aboriginal aftertaste of a brace to the second-generation of the lineup, and it tasted very, actual good.

So what’s new for 2021? Well, the Turbo trim has been eased out, with the Turbo S now sitting a cleft beneath the Turbo S E-Hybrid, a constituent that’s accessible in Porsche’s adapt of the model. The V8 agent is an improved, twin-turbocharged, 4.0-liter comminute that makes 620 application with 604 pound-feet or torque and zowie! do you feel it.

“Crap, this affair is fast,” I heard myself complain whenever I punched it. I punched it often.

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In fact, all you appetite to do with the Panamera Turbo S is bite it. Admittedly, the 550-horsepower Panamera Turbo that helped the car win our Business Insider Car of the Year accolade in 2017 was additionally addictively punchable. But I anticipation it was array of over-muscled, as a sports sedan. Not so the Turbo S. The added 70 ponies knocks a half-second off the 0-60 mph dart and gives this car a berserk agreeable quality. 

The fastest Panamera already ashamed me in a bad way. The new fastest Panamera now scares me in a acceptable way.

My tester car accustomed cutting a different but acute “Papaya Metallic” acrylic job, and afterwards the actual shock of seeing an orange Porsche in the driveway, I acclimatized on the color, abnormally aback some late-September aureate ablaze of dusk hit the agent and fabricated it afterglow like the Abounding Pumpkin.

All right, I agnosticism abounding barter are activity to baddest the autumnal tone, but this abutting to Halloween, it addled me as appropriate. 

The Panamera Turbo S’s advanced end has been tweaked, but it still suffers from accepting to embrace the abominable Porsche bug-eyed headlamp design, alike if the headlamps, with the quad-point active lights, are mad LED coolness. The aback end is bigger than what we saw aback the Panamera access assimilate the arena a decade ago, but it’s still a Panamera aback end. 

In short, well, you don’t buy a Porsche because it looks great. And you absolutely don’t buy a Panamera for aesthetics. 

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My Turbo S came outfitted with simple atramentous covering upholstery, but the artlessness was deceptive. The advanced seats were 18-way-adaptive units, acrimonious and supple, complete with adjustable bolstering. The rears were appropriately well-crafted, with their own altitude controls. Above them all was a dual-pane moonroof.

Glossy piano-black surfaces, carbon-fiber trim, and beautifully machined controls aggregate the amplitude with a multifunction GT council wheel, additionally heated, that featured a drive-mode ambassador with a addition approach that pulls out all the stops on the twin-turbos for abbreviate bursts of fury.

The apparatus array is an analog-digital apprehension of the acclaimed Porsche five-gauge setup, and for my tester, a Sport Chrono amalgamation brought a admirable alarm to the centermost of the dashboard.

So while I accept all the anticipated complaints about the Panamera Turbo S on the outside, aback tucked into the cockpit, I become an enthusiast. One feels both abundantly bent at the caster — It’s time to drive! — and coddled by an autogenous of abundant, yet never excessive, luxury.

And you get about 17 cubic anxiety of burden breadth beneath the hatch, so the Panamera provides some hasty versatility for a agent with supercar achievement specs.

Porsche’s infotainment arrangement is thoroughly accustomed to me now, and it adds absolutely a bit to an autogenous experience. It’s about the aforementioned arrangement that’s in added Porsche’s I’ve tested. 

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Running off a ample axial touchscreen, it handles Bluetooth accessory bond and USB connectivity, and the GPS aeronautics was reliable, although I almost acclimated it. 

My Turbo S came with an absorbing 14-speaker, 710-watt Bose audio arrangement that articulate superb. Bose setups handle a advanced ambit of music, and the arrangement in the Panamera produced a affluent and, as you ability apprehend loud alert experience.

I didn’t accept abundant time to appropriately batter the Panamera Turbo S, but I did drive it in a active manner, and let me acquaint you, for a potentially well-optioned $200,000 sticker price, you’d be hard-pressed to acquisition a added animating sedan. (And I was advancing off an Audi S7 analysis that already had me afraid over what the VW Group can do with a four-door.) 

The Panamera Turbo S is aloof hypnotic: so fast in a beeline line, so buried in the corners, so confidence-boosting advancing out of them, with a acquiescently smooth-shifting eight-speed dual-clutch manual sending delicious slabs of ability from that roaring V8 to the absurdly able all-wheel-drive system. 

The added application over the V8 Panameras I’d ahead apprenticed fabricated all the difference. Something appropriate happens aback you cantankerous that 600 hp barrier. The car no best acquainted beefy — the action fabricated it light. But that was an illusion, because it was aloof the physics abacus intensity, and with it the faculty that I could ask added from the anatomy and suspension.

Sometimes, a accomplished apparatus aloof leaves me after abounding to say. That’s what happened with the 2021 Panamera Turbo S. As I was active my babe home from a friend’s abode at the end of my day with the vehicle, the adjudication arrived. 

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“What do you think?” she asked.

“Such a acceptable car,” was all I bare to say.

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