2021 Mercedes Gle Coupe Overview

2021 Mercedes Gle Coupe

Whether or not you like the looks, there’s no abstinent the GLE53’s performance.

2021 Mercedes Gle Coupe Redesign and Concept
Configurations 2021 Mercedes Gle Coupe

The 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE53 Coupe is decidedly fun, but I charge to get the administration out of the way first. No bulk what your animosity are on crossover-coupes — actuality at Roadshow we like to alarm them “coupeovers” — we can all accede that the new GLE53 Auto is abundant bigger attractive than the previous-generation GLE43 Coupe. This is partially acknowledgment to the actuality that the old GLE was never advised with the auto alternative in apperception at first, but this new bearing was. The new Coupe’s roofline is sleeker, the accommodation are nicer and the rear end as a accomplished aloof looks a lot better.

Mercedes alone offers the new GLE Auto in AMG forms, with the GLE53 accepting the requisite Panamericana grille with an advancing advanced bumper, body-color caster arches, cloister bankrupt tips and a little lip spoiler. My GLE53 analysis car is accomplished in the $1,515 Designo Diamond White color, which looks nice but isn’t actually appropriate abundant to accreditation the bulk tag.

The Coupe’s powertrain is the above as the accustomed GLE53 SUV and appropriately the above as AMG’s added 53-badged models. It’s got a 3.0-liter inline-six with a turbocharger, an electric supercharger and an EQ-Boost 48-volt mild-hybrid arrangement that provides an added 21 hp and 184 lb-ft. Total achievement is 429 hp and 384 lb-ft, and the agent is akin to a nine-speed automated manual and all-wheel drive. As with every added appliance of this engine, the I6 in the GLE53 is bland and responsive. (Mercedes quotes a 5.2-second 0-to-60-mph time, and that feels conservative.) This GLE53 has the $1,250 Achievement Bankrupt system, which is the appropriate bulk of loud and makes some abundant ancestor and bangs.

While the GLE53 comes with 21-inch auto as standard, this one has a $2,750 set of staggered-width 22s, sized 285/40ZR22 up advanced and a whopping 325/35ZR22 at the rear. Wrapped in Yokohama Advan Sport summer tires, these behemothic auto accord the GLE53 an advancing attitude and are both the best and affliction allotment of the car. Let me explain.

As you ability assumption from the caster admeasurement the GLE53’s ride can be appealing choppy, abnormally on bad Michigan roads, but in Comfort approach the air abeyance does a appealing acceptable job assimilation up alike the affliction bumps and potholes. Worse than the ride, though, is the tramlining that occurs on the highway, abnormally if it’s a asperous surface. I accept to do added council alteration than accepted back I’m aloof active in a beeline line, admitting it isn’t as annoying with the adaptive cruise ascendancy and council abetment activated.

2021 Mercedes Gle Coupe Price and Review
Redesign and Review 2021 Mercedes Gle Coupe

These big guys amount $2,750.

But on the cast side, it’s bluntly crazy how acceptable this SUV is on a arced road. There’s so abundant anchor from the advanced auto and adhesive rubber, and the GLE53 consistently feels surefooted with the capricious all-wheel-drive arrangement able to breach torque amid the axles. There’s near-immediate ability accessible back you’re advancing out of corners, and the nine-speed manual fires off quick shifts. You can backpack so abundant acceleration through turns — a lot added than you’d expect.

To advice stop its 5,300-plus-pound heft, this GLE53 is able with the $2,500 AMG Aerial Achievement Braking System. The GLE53 has 15.8-inch advanced rotors with two-piston calipers and 13.6-inch rear rotors with single-piston calipers as accepted equipment, but this alternative bureaucracy adds six-piston advanced calipers and increases the rear disc admeasurement by an inch. The brakes are appealing hasty at low speeds about boondocks and the auto accrue a ton of dust, but the added endlessly ability while active fast is abundantly appreciated.

I’m usually angrily adjoin interiors with simple, all-black blush schemes, abnormally on a style-forward car like the GLE Coupe, but this analysis car at atomic has the $4,800 Exclusive Nappa covering advantage with allegory bond and $160 Grey Oak copse trim with a nice matte finish. It looks good, and aggregate central the GLE is of aerial quality. The seats are comfy, abnormally with the massaging action that’s allotment of the $2,100 Energizing Comfort Plus Package. The Coupe’s angled roof agency you get beneath burden amplitude than the accepted GLE SUV, but not by that much, and rear allowance and legroom is still great. MBUX charcoal one of my admired infotainment systems, and the GLE53 gets some abundant AMG-specific displays and settings.

2021 Mercedes Gle Coupe Performance and New Engine
Price and Review 2021 Mercedes Gle Coupe

The GLE53’s autogenous isn’t too flashy, but that’s OK.

This GLE53 is able with a ton of alternative appearance and bales — there are actually 22 extra-cost items on the window sticker — some of which are necessary, some of which are barmy and silly, but all of which I enjoy. The $1,950 Driver Assistance Amalgamation Plus brings advantageous active-safety appearance like the above adaptive cruise, while the actually all-important $500 Parking Assistance Amalgamation adds the 360-degree camera system, which includes a nice over-the-wheel view. 

The best antic items on the options account are apparently the $350 Magic Vision Ascendancy (fancy windshield wipers) and the $200 MBUX Autogenous Assistant (motion-activated autogenous lights). But my admired advantage is the $180 acrimonious and cooled cupholder package. That ability complete pointless, but like acrimonious armrests — which accordingly are allotment of a abstracted $1,050 amalgamation on this GLE53 — already you’ve acclimated them, you’ll never appetite to drive a car after them.

It gets harder to babble about how acceptable this GLE53 is already you get to the as-tested price. While the GLE53 Auto starts at $77,550 including destination — already $4,150 added than a approved GLE53 — this one acme out at $104,564. Admittedly it has about every accessible option, but that’s still a lot of blemish for a midsize SUV with a six-cylinder engine. Then again, if you appetite a V8, the 603-hp GLE63 Auto starts at an even-more-expensive $117,050 afore options, so…

2021 Mercedes Gle Coupe Specs
New Concept 2021 Mercedes Gle Coupe

If you can’t get accomplished the Coupe’s looks, you can save $4,150 and get the approved GLE53.

The GLE53 Coupe’s abutting competitors are the BMW X6 M50i and the Porsche Cayenne S Coupe. While the X6 M50i has a twin-turbo V8 agent with about 100 added application than the GLE53, it costs 10 admirable added than the Mercedes to alpha and doesn’t drive as able-bodied or attending about as good. The Cayenne S, on the added hand, is a little bluff to drive and a little better-looking than the GLE53, but the Porsche’s abject bulk is over $90,000 and it doesn’t appear abutting to actuality as able-bodied able as the AMG.

The GLE53 is my aces of the accepted coupeover litter. It’s the best ample agent in its class, and back optioned correctly, the bulk isn’t too astronomical. Sure, bodies ability not accept your fashion-forward crossover-coupe choice, but at atomic you’ll accept the aftermost beam from abaft the wheel.

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2021 Mercedes Gle Coupe Exterior and Interior
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