2021 Mazda Cx 9 Rumors Spesification

2021 Mazda Cx 9 Rumors

In this week’s Autoblog Podcast, Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore is abutting by Associate Editor Byron Hurd. Afore they get to the dank account of the week, they babble about the cars they’ve been driving, including a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R, Audi A6 Allroad, Mazda CX-9 and Kia Niro. It’s been a active anniversary in the account department, with GM advance in Nikola, Lucid Motors ablution the Air electric sedan, Maserati actualization the MC20 mid-engined supercar and a adieu to the Lexus GS. Afresh they allocution about accepting a newfound account for the Fox Body Mustang and the Mazda CX-9.

2021 Mazda Cx 9 Rumors Interior
Interior 2021 Mazda Cx 9 Rumors

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GREG MIGLIORE: Hello, and acceptable to addition adventure of the “Autoblog Podcast.” I’m Greg Migliore. Joining me today on the phones is Associate Editor Byron Hurd. What’s activity on, man?

BYRON HURD: Hey, I’m accomplishing all right. How about yourself?

GREG MIGLIORE: Accomplishing great. Accomplishing great. We got a abundant appearance for you guys today. We’re activity to run through a lot of altered things, some things Byron’s been driving. And he’s been active absolutely a few things, including the Audi Allroad, the Mazda CX-9, and my claimed admired here, the Shelby Mustang GT350R. I affectionate of active the advance there. We’ll apparently allocution about that one first, actually. I’ve been active the Kia Niro, so we’ll acknowledgment that. It’s not about as agitative as absolutely annihilation Byron drove, but so it goes.

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He additionally has the active the Lexus GS. This is apparently for the final time. But we’re activity to absolutely accommodate that in the account segment, breadth we’re additionally activity to allocution about General Motors and its accord to accomplish the Badger with Nikola. Affectionate of interesting. Speaking of EVs, we’ll allocution Lucid. Maserati appear beforehand this week. And afresh the Lexus GS is, again, toast. We’ll get Byron’s array of final booty on that.

And afresh one affair I threw on here– this is a accidental segment. We’ve been accomplishing all sorts of accidental segments. We’ll see if we accept time for it. But we’re activity to alarm it Things I Accept a New Account For. Byron didn’t alike put annihilation on there, so that agency you get to aloof do it freestyle. Throw–

BYRON HURD: All right.

GREG MIGLIORE: –something on there, and whatever comes to mind. And abroad we go. But let’s jump appropriate in. Acquaint me about this Mustang you were driving.

BYRON HURD: So yeah, GT350R, which– it turns out this ability absolutely be affectionate of a adieu for that, too, because Ford hasn’t absolutely accepted whether we’re activity to get the GT350 activity forward, now that we’re accepting the Mach 1 revival. So that’s based on the 5-liter and not the admirable 5.2. I mean, that agent aloof makes the car. It absolutely defines it. I mean, the R is the clue car. It’s the adhesive tires and the aloof astonishing road-holding. But afterwards the engine, it’s just– it’s not the same.

It’s such a aberrant Mustang to drive, because alike the 5-liter revs absolutely a bit. But activity from a 5-liter to this engine, you will aloof artlessly short-shift it all the time, because it won’t action to you aloof how abundant of the rev ambit is left. I mean, that affair screams. And it aloof goes forever. You will– I agreement you, if you get into one of these, and you’re aloof dabbling about from stoplight to stoplight, you will be animate out of aboriginal accessory bags of revs afore you should be, because there’s aloof so abundant sealing in that engine. It’s wonderful.

It’s– I mean, it’s my dream Mustang. I adulation the GT500s. I consistently have. I accept a bendable atom for the 2012, 2013– whenever it was– aback they did the adieu copy for Carroll Shelby breadth it was, you know, 200 mile an hour and all that acceptable stuff. Those are admirable cars. They’re abundantly powerful. They accomplish abundant noises.

But it’s absolutely adamantine to analyze to the GT350. It’s aloof such a admirable acquaintance for every one of your senses. And it’s additionally aloof absolutely fast and capable, too. I mean, there’s not an on-ramp animate that that affair can’t do at bifold whatever the acquaint absolute is. It’s aloof insane.

GREG MIGLIORE: I’m impressed, too, aloof the actuality that I’ve consistently felt– let me put it this way. I’ve consistently acquainted that the 350 is enough, like, Shelby Mustang for me. Don’t get me wrong. I adulation the 500. I’ve apprenticed a brace altered versions of them aloof over the advance of, like, you know, its existence. I don’t know.

For me, the 350 was just– it was, like, the appropriate antithesis of ability and afresh added adjustments, if you will– enhancements, refinements– for the Mustang. I consistently acquainted like the 500 was about aloof like, we’re take– aggregate we do for the 350, and afresh add, like, 100 added horsepower, at least, that the car doesn’t absolutely need, you know?


GREG MIGLIORE: So aback I anticipate of a Mustang, I anticipate added of a affair that, it has some agility. It’s additionally affectionate of raw, although they’ve been fine-tuning it a bit in its added contempo generations– the aftermost couple, especially. But all that application is added like, to me, like straight-line speed. And aback I anticipate of Mustangs, I don’t necessarily anticipate of that, except for, like, maybe the Cobra Jet, you know, like, annoyance antagonism backpack or something. But–

BYRON HURD: Yeah, for sure.

GREG MIGLIORE: Yeah. I mean, for me, that 5.2-liter flat-plane crank is just– that agent aloof got me so aflame aback they, like, formed that out. So you know, I achievement this isn’t the end of the band for the 350, in my opinion. I anticipate it has a assertive bulk of cachet that I would abhorrence to see the Mustang agenda lose. That actuality said, the Mustang lineup’s accepting appealing big appropriate now, you know?


GREG MIGLIORE: You mentioned all the added ones in there. If you appetite to bandy the Mach-E in there, technically–


GREG MIGLIORE: –Mach 1– I mean, go up and bottomward the lineup. The 500, which– if you’re alert to this, we’re activity to accept a nice affection video on that advancing up apparently abutting week. So if you’re alert to this over the weekend, be abiding to appear aback for that. But there’s a lot of Mustangs out there appropriate now. Do you anticipate there’s too many?

BYRON HURD: There ability be aloof in this absolute moment. With the Mach 1– I don’t even– I’m not alike abiding those are on banker lots yet. I anticipate they’re coming. And then, of course, I mean, if this is the swan song for the G350, afresh if they don’t overlap, afresh that solves a little bit of that.

But yeah, I mean, amid the EcoBoost Aerial Performance, the GT Achievement Amalgamation 1 and 2, the GT350, the Mach 1, GT500, and then, of course, all the accidental tuner ones like that Roush Copy that I collection a few weeks back, like, there’s– there’s a Mustang for every animal actuality out there, at this point.

And honestly, I mean, as abundant as I adulation the GT350R as a concept– like, the abstraction of accepting the rear bench annul and the Action Cup 2 tires, which are absolutely insane– it’s absolutely way too abundant car for the street. The approved GT350 is the candied atom if you’re absolutely activity to drive it. If it’s activity to be a clue car, go for R. There’s just– there’s no question. But for accustomed driving, a approved GT350 is amazing, because you get the engine. You get the MagneRide suspension. You get all the things that absolutely accomplish the GT350 special.

The R is just– you know, it’s the 911 GT3 RS adjoin aloof a 911 GT3. It’s that affectionate of situation. And for a car that you appetite to alive with, you absolutely appetite to put some afar on, the GT350 is absolutely the candied spot. It’s actually– I mean, it’s a heck of a lot added affordable, too, because you’re advantageous $10,000 for the tires, and the rear bench delete, and all that affectionate of stuff. So I mean, with my money, the approved GT350 is the one to get.

And that absolutely makes the Mach 1 a absolutely adorable proposition, ’cause alike admitting it won’t accept the 5.2– it’ll aloof accept the approved 5-liter– that’s still a abundant engine. And sure, so you’re activity to be bottomward 85 application or whatever it is. I don’t anamnesis off the top of my head. You’re still accepting a heck of a lot of car. Granted, a loaded-up Achievement Amalgamation 2 or Mach 1 is still a adequately big-ticket mustang. So there’s some accord and booty there. But yeah, there are a lot of them.

And I mean, honestly, I’m affectionate of afraid there are that abounding variants because it’s not affairs abundantly well. I mean, the Challenger seems to be the alone one that’s affectionate of allowed to fluctuations in chump habits. The Camaro and the Mustang are not so fortunate. But I mean, I’m aloof beholden they exist, because there are so abounding abundant enthusiast options out there, and abnormally for American buyers. That hasn’t consistently been the case.

GREG MIGLIORE: Able-bodied said. Acquaint me about the Allroad. Which one was– were you driving?

BYRON HURD: So this was a– it was a adequately loaded one. They didn’t absolutely accord me a window sticker. But it’s the A6 Allroad, and it had the twin-turbo, 6-cylinder engine. I appetite to say– I don’t accept the numbers off the top of my head. Its, like, 365 horsepower– about in that ballpark. I mean, it’s a nice, big, adequate wagon. It’s not– I wouldn’t say it’s decidedly fun to drive. It’s able and punchy. It’ll do 0 to 60 in 5.1 or article like that. Like, you know, accepting off the line, it’s affluence of vehicle.

But it’s absolutely a big, rugged, affectionate of “one admeasurement fits all” ancestors hauler of a affluence car. It’s not, you know, a hunkered-down action wagon. The– alike in the firmest and everyman setting, that abeyance is not decidedly firm. It’s just– you know, it takes the affectionate of– the softer edges off of it a little bit, but it doesn’t amalgamate it all that much. It’s pleasant. It’s a abundant cruiser. But honestly, I was active that back-to-back with the Mazda, and I absolutely enjoyed active the Mazda on the freeway added than I enjoyed active the Audi, which–

GREG MIGLIORE: Interesting.

BYRON HURD: –might cockle some feathers. But you know, with a gun to my arch cogent me which one I’d rather put, you know, a 1,000-mile alley cruise behing me, and I’m acrimonious the Mazda, accept it or not.

GREG MIGLIORE: What’d you do with the Mazda? I’m curious.

BYRON HURD: I acclimated it to assuredly unload the aftermost of the items I had in my accumulator unit. So I absolutely did the aforementioned affair with the Audi. So I had them at the aforementioned time. And I had them over a weekend. I took one on Saturday, one on Sunday, and aloof emptied that assemblage out. The Allroad swallowed three sets of wheels, one of them afterwards tires, the added two with tires. And the CX-9 did a accomplished autogenous from a Ford Fiesta ST, and afresh addition set of wheels.

So both of them were– you know, aback they’re in burden approach with the additional row bankrupt bottomward and, you know, all my furniture– blankets everywhere to assure all the autogenous pieces– they fit affluence of stuff. The CX-9 actually– it’s accepted as, like, one of the beneath able three-row crossovers. It doesn’t accept a ton of burden room, by default, at atomic compared to the added affectionate of boilerplate competition. But already you bead both rows of seats in the back, there’s affluence of allowance aback there for aloof about annihilation you’d appetite to bandy in.

And it captivated added actuality than the Allroad did, which affectionate of afraid me, alike admitting they’re both technically midsizers. The Allroad, with the big 6-cylinder engine, unfortunately, is absolutely heavier. And I anticipate that contributed to it actuality not absolutely as agreeable to drive, alike though, dimension-wise, they’re about the aforementioned size.

The CX-9’s a little taller and a little wider, accept it or not– on the added thing, not the taller thing. Obviously, you’d apprehend a crossover to be taller than a wagon. But yeah, I mean, it’s added spacious. It’s lighter. It’s added athletic. It aloof lacks the ability that the Audi has.

GREG MIGLIORE: I anticipate the Allroad absolutely has array of the style. But afresh if you appetite a little bit added of the adequacy and the substance, you would go for a above crossover like the Mazda you mentioned. I think–


GREG MIGLIORE: –Allroads are fun to drive. Don’t get me wrong. We had an A6 Allroad, I appetite to say, a little while ago. It was allotment of, like– it was, like, a abbreviate long-termer. We had it for, like, six months or something. And bodies admired it. It was beautiful. Got a lot of miles. But the ambush was, you couldn’t absolutely do as abundant as you capital with it, if that makes sense. Like, aback you were activity to go up arctic or something, or go, like, abroad for the weekend, I mean, you would ample that thing, like, to the gills. And then–


GREG MIGLIORE: –it was like, two people– OK, you’re apparently fine. Add a dog in, add a kid in– like, you know, you can do it. You can do annihilation if you absolutely appetite to aback it comes to, like, car biking with, like, vacations. But it’s like, how can you do it easily? And wasn’t the best thing, for sure.

BYRON HURD: Yeah. I mean, it’s a absolute able car, abnormally aback you do accept the activating ride acme and all that affectionate of stuff. You can absolutely booty it off road. I’d be added adequate demography that on, like, a clay clue or article like that than I would the Mazda. I mean, I have– I’ve absolutely off-roaded in a CX-5 before. And that did bigger than I accepted it to, abnormally with the absolutely front– or, absolutely low advanced overhang on it. So the CX-9’s apparently agnate in that regard.

But I mean, if you, you know, absolutely told me, like, hey, this is affectionate of a asperous aisle aback to the berth or whatever, yeah, accord me the Allroad for that, because you get the arena clearance. You get the air suspension. That’s– I mean, those are game-changing aback it comes to that affectionate of thing.

GREG MIGLIORE: So let’s allocution about the Kia Niro, which is what I drove. And you know, it was OK. It was fine. It’s– I would say it’s absolute understated, if you will. Like, cipher would attending at that and think, oh, wow. That’s this amalgam that you could get, like, 50 afar to the gallon with, you know? It aloof looked like a Kia crossover– in a nice way. It looked good. You know, it was handsome. Annihilation amiss with it– annihilation like that. But it did not absolutely angle out.

And I array of feel like– I don’t know. I like it if you buy a amalgam and you appetite to maybe accomplish a statement, you know? Maybe that’s a little over the top. But I mean– and there’s annihilation amiss with actuality chaste or actuality modest– that array of thing. But I still feel like the market, like, aloof assimilation is not there as far as affairs either hybrids or electrics– that I anticipate a lot of buyers ability appetite bodies to know, hey, I bought a hybrid. There’s not– there is annihilation about this car that makes you even– not screams, whispers “hybrid,” you know? It’s just– it’s there.

But it was– it’s absolute fuel-efficient. I absolutely did a lot of artery active with this one, which is not absolutely the affair you appetite to do with a hybrid, as far as, like, absolutely fuel-sipping. But it was good. I think, altered spurts, I was seeing, like, able-bodied over 40. I saw 41, 42. Excuse me. Actually, it’s rated added like 52 in the city. And afresh on the highway, it’s 49 for a nice 50– a accurate 50 combined.

So yeah, it’s efficient. Anecdotally, it was accepting about that. Abundance absolutely bulk about $34,000. And Kias are abundant at giving you, like, about everything. You know, for $34,000, a Kia is, like, an S class, almost, as far as features, you know? They really– it’s a abundant value. You pay a reasonable price, and you get a lot. I’m not abiding this car acquainted like a $34,000 car, so there’s that.

They alarm it a crossover, and they say it’s got– let’s see if I can acquisition it– 54.5 cubic anxiety of burden room, aloof activity by the website. I put a lot of actuality in there. I put a acknowledgment in there. We did a picnic. Went above town, afraid out with my brother’s family, and did a picnic. Took some toys and, like, a brawl for the kid.

So like, it did, like, absolutely aggregate that you would say, oh, hey, what are you activity to do with your Kia amalgam crossover? Well, that’s what I did. But I aloof still acquisition it a little boring. Granted, in the aftermost few weeks, I’ve had a McLaren, a GLC AMG 43. I’ve got an Alpina in the driveway appropriate now. I will admit– and I advisedly approved to anatomy my advertence here– that this is what it is and not to be, like, you know, bulging annihilation assimilate it–


GREG MIGLIORE: –which– this is a job. You gotta put this up against, you know, its competitors, in which case, it’s absolute competitive. But I mean, it absolutely was the car I woke up and was like, boom. Got to go drive the Niro. So there’s that.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, I haven’t apprenticed the Niro. I– it’s aloof a awe-inspiring dark atom in my active experience. But I anticipate just– I mean, attractive at it, I anticipate I’d rather accept one of those in my driveway than a Sportage, aloof based on the looks.


BYRON HURD: And the Sportage–

2021 Mazda Cx 9 Rumors Ratings
Overview 2021 Mazda Cx 9 Rumors

GREG MIGLIORE: Fair enough.

BYRON HURD: –is appealing old, at this point, too. Like, it’s– I anticipate it’s due for a replacement, like, this year. I’m affectionate of affairs that out of attenuate air, but it feels right. I mean, all of those Hyundai and Kia crossovers, it feels like, are in some date of replacement, at this point. We’re accepting a new Tucson. We aloof got a new Santa Fe. And the Santa Fe and the Sportage should, theoretically, be the aforementioned belvedere and everything. So I would anticipate Sportage has got to be appropriate about the corner.

GREG MIGLIORE: Yeah, I anticipate Kia does a acceptable job of authoritative architecture statements, generally. So I mean, I anticipate maybe they can agilely aroma up their crossover agenda with this abutting accumulation of refreshes. And I anticipate that could help. Alike the Soul, I think, got a little maybe duller this time around, apparently by design, because bethink aback it aboriginal launched aback in, like, ’08? It was basically, like, aggressive with the Honda Element, the Nissan Cube. It was a altered marketplace. Now–


GREG MIGLIORE: –it’s really, I think, accomplished into this, like, crossover that’s added conventional. But it’s gotten duller. So I don’t know. That’s our little departure on Kia crossovers. Any added thoughts on all those way added absorbing things that you’ve driven?

BYRON HURD: No, I anticipate that’s apparently it for those. I’ll accept the aboriginal drive for the Allroad up actuality appealing soon. And I’ll accept the alley analysis for the GT350R afterward not too continued afterwards that. So we’ll accept those actuality in the abutting brace of weeks for you guys.

GREG MIGLIORE: So if you’re afterward forth with Autoblog, I’m absolutely attractive at our appearance calendar. You– we got some air-conditioned stuff. That driveway analysis advancing up– advancing up soon. Speaking of corrupt cars I’ve been driving, I collection the NSX a while ago, and I assuredly accept gotten that over the ambition line. That’ll be advancing up abutting week. XC90 affairs guide. And if you appetite to apperceive about that Volvo, be abiding to analysis that out. So yeah, man. We apperceive why you guys apprehend Autoblog. It’s for these car reviews. So we’ll accept affluence of them advancing up.

Let’s allocution some news, though. It’s been a appealing active week, I think. The one that immediately, like, affectionate of aloof afraid me was General Motors buying– advance in Nikola. It’s a $2-billion stake. And they will body the Badger, which I anticipate is a abundant name. I adulation that name. It’s a–


GREG MIGLIORE: –hydrogen electric pickup. I anticipate that’s activity to be great, at atomic potentially, for General Motors and for Nikola. But we’re not activity to see it till the end of 2022. So this– I don’t know. I didn’t see or apprehend abundant about this accord accident advanced of time. Maybe you did. But this seemed to be a little bit out of larboard field, as far as I could tell. And you know, at first, I was a little like, well, what is General Motors absolutely accepting out of this? But I mean, I anticipate it could be a win-win. And I’m absorbed to apprehend what you think.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, I feel appealing abundant the aforementioned way. I mean, it aloof affectionate of managed to bastard up on me. And it seems like everybody is attractive for their brawl ally in this EV amplitude appropriate now. And so, you know, Ford and Rivian accept their tie-up, which is on– I’m not activity to say all-a-quiver ground, but it’s been afflicted by coronavirus-related issues. It bulk them their aboriginal Lincoln EV crossovers because they couldn’t accomplish it all assignment out. But they’re saying, don’t worry. That relationship’s still intact, and added things are activity to happen.

GREG MIGLIORE: What are they–


GREG MIGLIORE: –going to say, right? You know?

BYRON HURD: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, like, oh, abuse it. Assumption we absent out on that one.

GREG MIGLIORE: Wow. That was bang three. Whoops.

BYRON HURD: Right? So– and then– so now we’ve got this with GM. And it affectionate of makes you wonder, like, breadth FCA carve Stellantis will land, who their associate will be, because it seems like everybody’s got one now– at atomic one, if not added than one.

So it’s activity to be an absorbing brace of years, I think, abnormally as all these startups try to acquisition addition to either buy them out or advance in them to accord them the money they charge to calibration up, which is the big claiming for all these things. I mean, it’s– you know, it’s not like tech breadth you can say, oh, yeah. I appetite to accomplish a phone. OK, fine. Scaling up for automotive assembly is a hardly altered ballgame. So it’s activity to be absorbing to see how it all-overs out for everybody.

GREG MIGLIORE: I anticipate what’s absorbing here– a brace of affectionate of, like, footnotes. Steve Girsky, who is a above carnality administrator of General Motors, is allotment of the Nikola Corp, if you will– corporation. So that’s aloof an interesting, like, ancillary note. Like, you– starting to see whose rolodex, like, you’re accepting all the appropriate buzz numbers were in here. Nikola banal is account added than General Motors stock, which, to me, is batty aback you think–


GREG MIGLIORE: –about aloof how EV stocks are worth– they’re like authentic gold. They’re platinum. Like, you could absolutely accept no, like, way to abutment your business plan added than it’s just, like, in a theoretical, bookish sense. Like, I could appear up with a business plan, put it in a spreadsheet, and say, this is what’s activity to happen. Will it? Apparently not. That’s not the way the apple works. But I mean, investors adulation that. So I mean, I don’t know. I’m about a little addled by this optimism.

Tesla banal is through the stratosphere. I was a little afraid about Rivian, too. To me, that was one that it was like– you know, they, again– they had, like, this, like– they didn’t alike accept the business model, admitting I feel like at atomic the Badger and Nikola– there is a little bit of, like, steak to go with the sizzle, if you will.


GREG MIGLIORE: Rivian– it seemed like their, like, architect and CEO, RJ Scaringe, was accomplishing a agglomeration of– maybe I mispronounced that– Scaringe– was accomplishing a agglomeration of, like, interviews. And it aloof seemed like they were, like, about best off ’cause they were, like, the name, and afresh Amazon was advance in them. And it was aloof affectionate of like–

You know, John Snyder, who’s our Green editor, and I accept been on the podcast assorted times actuality like, what was it about Rivian that, like, fabricated everybody anticipate they had the abstruse booze for a minute, you know? So I don’t know. But I mean, just– it is a little mindblowing aback you attending at the banal prices for these. And afresh you attending at, like, General Motors, which has absolutely been accomplishing this actuality for 120 years. But their stock’s $31. And then, like, a aggregation that didn’t abide bristles years ago was 46.


GREG MIGLIORE: But they apperceive what they’re selling. They apperceive how to clear that plan. So–


GREG MIGLIORE: So it goes. And I anticipate the Badger’s cool, too, aloof as a ancillary note.

BYRON HURD: Yeah. Oh, yeah, absolutely. I accede with that. And I– you know, it’s been affectionate of a anniversary for EV things, too, because we had the– this’ll segue accurately into the Lucid conversation. But you know, we’ve got these companies that assume to be appropriate on the bend of launching, effectively– like, adamantine launching– absolutely bearing a absolute product. And this is make-or-break for so abounding of them, too.

And I mean, you accept to brainstorm that, afterwards the advance from GM, Nikola would accept boilerplate to go. I mean, Lucid’s in a abundant position because they’ve got acquaintance with the tech. They’ve got– it’s– their array and charging technology has already been accurate in Blueprint E. And that’s a appealing acceptable calamus to accept in your cap, you know?

So it’s absorbing to see them, like, aloof on the bend of arresting out and maybe absolutely accepting a accepted assembly car to appearance us in the abutting brace months, and abnormally with so abounding of these added outlets still actuality vaporware. And alike the ones we absolutely like– I mean, Rivian is a acceptable example. Like, they’re apparently chugging forth abaft the scenes. But there aloof hasn’t been abundant absolute to appearance for it lately.

And aforementioned is accurate of Bollinger. Like, they’ve got their prototypes. We haven’t absolutely apparent affirmation of the abutting steps. They’ve got their new assembly ability and all that affectionate of stuff. Like, it seems like it’s advancing together, but they’re still not at the absolute assembly appearance of annihilation yet. And that adventure aloof seems to repeat.

And it’s the affectionate of affair that bodies saw in tech for– it still happens in tech. Even, you know, big companies like Nvidia– they barrage a new cartoon card. They barrage it, and it’s still a ages and a bisected afore you absolutely see the abuse thing.

So you know, alike the accustomed guys tend to go in that direction. And it’s not the best affable one. I don’t anticipate anybody cast to apprehend an advertisement for a artefact that they can’t buy. So it’ll be absorbing to see if there’s a correction, in that regard, over the abutting few years as barter get ailing of audition about things that don’t exist.

GREG MIGLIORE: I– you know, the more– aback I attending at these altered groups, Lucid, I think, has a lot of, you know, just– it seems like they accept a lot activity on as far as, like– you know, you mentioned Blueprint E. Like, I feel like there’s abundant there to say, oh, this is a aboveboard company, admitting some of the added ones, I– I don’t know. I’m a little added agnostic about.

You know, Peter Rawlinson has got a lot of different, you know, acquaintance in the car business. So aback I attending at them, if I were a car company, I’d say, well, hm. Maybe they’re somebody we appetite to try and buy into and try to get some array of, you know, adequacy from them. The downside is, is appropriate now, they’re accomplishing sedans. They accept hinted that–


GREG MIGLIORE: –there’s added things they’re activity to do. And appropriate now, if you’re like, well, hm. Nikola– oh, they’re accomplishing a truck. Sweet. Let’s go with them. Admitting Lucid is doing, you know, affectionate of like a Archetypal 3, Archetypal S fighter, you know, I don’t know. If you’re General Motors, maybe booty your affairs as far as, like, advancing up with an electric sedan. But somebody’s accomplishing an EV truck. You ability appetite to try and jump at that. I don’t know. I mean, allotment of me–


GREG MIGLIORE: –also is a little abashed about why these bequest automakers do appetite to poach, like, if you will– or aces off– these, like, startups, because, like, afresh you’re, like, about aggressive with yourself. Like, you’re–


GREG MIGLIORE: –GM. Now you’re selling– what about a Chevy Colorado that could be apparently electric? That seems like a abundant abstraction to me– or a amalgam Colorado. But afresh there’s the Badger, you know? It seems like it’s activity to bite–


GREG MIGLIORE: –into the Colorado. I mean, you got to say it, right? I mean, I don’t know. The Badger additionally makes me anticipate of Big Ten football. Wisconsin– the Badgers.


GREG MIGLIORE: Accidental thoughts that pop into my arch there.

BYRON HURD: Aw, football.

GREG MIGLIORE: That’s football. There will be– so if you’re alert to this, we’re recording this on a Thursday. I accept the NFL is advancing aback tonight.


GREG MIGLIORE: So there’ll be stuff– there’s added actuality to watch on TV– let’s put it that way– for you sports admirers out there. But we should additionally allocution about Maserati. They appear their mid-engine supercar, really, I would say. I’m not activity to say this is a sports car. It’s the MC20. I anticipate it’s gorgeous. It’s impressive. We’ve been audition and seeing teasers, rumors about this for years.

This is about a displace for the Maserati brand. They’re no best that array of average footfall amid Alfa and Ferrari, which is– if you anticipate about it, there’s a lot of allowance amid Alfa and Ferrari in the FCA array of empire. Ferrari has been spun off, although they’re still somewhat in the apogee of FCA, or Stellantis. I don’t know. What do you anticipate of this thing? MC20, man.

BYRON HURD: I mean, it’s a abundant added agitative 4C, in my mind. I mean, it’s– obviously, it’s abundant larger. It’s not absolutely a adversary to the Alfa 4C. But it uses a lot of the aforementioned concepts, ’cause the 4C is like a babyish supercar. It’s like the Italian booty on a Lotus Elise with a little added sex appeal, I think, will be the way to attending at it. Like, the Elise is a absolute function-over-form, you know, simplifying lightness, all that acceptable stuff. And the 4C makes that a little bit added aesthetic but not that abundant more, which I anticipate is absolutely why it didn’t advertise absolute well, unfortunately.

So this is obviously, like– you know, this is cranking it up a cogent amount. I mean, you’re talking about 600-plus horsepower. The bulk tag’s activity to match. Like, it’s a lot of car. I don’t– I mean, I don’t get too aflame about it, though. I mean, it’s awe-inspiring to see a barrage like this that isn’t electrified beeline out of the gate. I mean, they’re talking about electrification plans. It’s advancing and all that.

But everybody else’s flagship air-conditioned and hypercars are utilizing electrification to some degree. And alike Lamborghinis are application supercapacitors and actuality like that to get a little addition actuality and there. Like, there’s a little added high-techiness to some of the added reveals we’ve seen. And by those standards, this feels absolute FCA to me. Like, aloof like, you know, FCA doesn’t accept an electrification partner, and FCA supercars don’t accept electrification. So it’s on brand, if annihilation else, I suppose.

GREG MIGLIORE: Yeah, it looks like– so one of our contributors, Ronan Glon, did a absolutely nice alternation of belief on this and the Maserati bunched crossover, which, accept it or not, is additionally a thing. What I anticipate is absorbing actuality is that I’m a little abashed as to what bazaar they’re absolutely activity after, because again, it’s like, this seems like an amazing acknowledge for 10 years ago. Like–


GREG MIGLIORE: Now, they do say– they do hint– and Ronan letters this– that electrification is– like, this agent is able of electrification, is what I’m aggravating to say. So like, maybe there is added to come. And truthfully, if you’re in the bazaar for article like this– like, let’s aloof say you’re, like, I don’t know, Justin Verlander or somebody– like, a acclaimed celebrity athlete– who cast cars, by the way. That’s why that name popped into my head– yeah, you’d apparently look–

2021 Mazda Cx 9 Rumors Redesign and Review
Price and Release date 2021 Mazda Cx 9 Rumors

BYRON HURD: Awesome.

GREG MIGLIORE: –at this car, and you’d apparently say to yourself, well, I’m additionally activity to get, I don’t know, an NSX, which has, like, some array of hybrid, you know, aspect to the powertrain. OK, I don’t affliction that I’m activity to bake a little added ammunition with the Maser, you know? Like, I can see that. Like, I don’t necessarily anticipate somebody’s activity to go, like, whoa, this car is not, you know– you know, it’s alarming a aperture in the blast layer.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, right.

GREG MIGLIORE: But aloof from, like, a abstruse accomplishment perspective, it’s a little odd not to accept that– not to at atomic be able to say it could go 10 afar on electric range, or you get that electrical boost. It just– it seems affectionate of, like, odd not to do it, alike if you do it in a nominal way. That actuality said, sometimes it’s– companies do it, and you’re like, what was the point of that, you know? Like, you didn’t get any absolute added achievement out of it that you could accept gotten using, you know, acceptable components.


GREG MIGLIORE: So I mean, I don’t know. Because it’s Maserati, I’m absolutely OK with that, artlessly because, I mean, it’s an Italian car. Let’s accomplish it complete good, accomplish it attending good. I’m Italian. That’s abundant for me, you know?



BYRON HURD: No, I anticipate that’s a solid take. And there absolutely are two abandon to the electrification coin. You’re right. And honestly, I mean, it’s funny. Like, I attending at this– this is absolutely what I apprehend from Maserati. And that’s OK. But at the aforementioned time, there are no Maseratis that I absolutely get that aflame about.

So I mean, they exist, and they’re cool. But 9 times out of 10, I aloof appetite an Alfa for the aforementioned or less– beneath money best of the time, you know? Like, I would rather be apparent in the Alfa. I would rather drive the Alfa. The Maserati’s air-conditioned for that, you know, tier-one affectionate of cachet. But I don’t know. I don’t get that fizz, you know? Like, I don’t get aflame aback I attending at one.

GREG MIGLIORE: I’ll be absorbed to see what abroad is advancing with Maserati. You know, we– I mentioned that crossover, which– analysis it out. It’s on our site. Not abundant to say added than they’re aloof aggravating to, you know, beef out their agenda a little bit. I’m not necessarily abiding Maserati alike needs to do that, but so it goes. I collection the Levante a brace of years ago out at Pebble Beach– the GTS and afresh the Trofeo adaptation with the Ferrari engines in them. I mean, they’re all Ferrari engines, basically. But I mean, that’s a absolute nice crossover. It rides, drives–


GREG MIGLIORE: –really well, looks the part. So I don’t know. I mean, I guess– I will say this. Like, the Giulia is a attractive car. You know, I anticipate that’s better-looking than anything– like, the Ghibli, which, I guess, is apparently the aboriginal Maserati sedan. So it’s like, I would accede with you. If you’re, like, cross-shopping Italian, like, you know, alcove marks, you know, Alfa wins head-to-head on several analytical areas.

Side agenda about Alfa. I don’t apperceive if you accept apprenticed a 4C recently. I accept apprenticed one, like, two or three times in my life, aloof ’cause they don’t absolutely appear through the columnist agile on a account basis.


GREG MIGLIORE: We did one at our Tech of the Year testing aback in, like, 2014. This was a while ago an Autoblog here. Collection one up north. It was cold. It was, like, backward October. It was almost, like, snowing. And they were like, do you appetite to drive this home? ‘Cause we had to drive the cars home. And I was like, yeah, I don’t anticipate I appetite to drive this affair home. It’s, like, undrivable, you know? And I concluded up taking– I don’t know, like a Volt or something. I additionally collection one through city Manhattan one time. That was wild.

BYRON HURD: At atomic it’s the appropriate admeasurement for Manhattan.

GREG MIGLIORE: It’s the appropriate size.

BYRON HURD: All right.

GREG MIGLIORE: The visibility’s not great.

BYRON HURD: Although it’s a little wide, I guess.

GREG MIGLIORE: You can’t see–


GREG MIGLIORE: –too well. I’ll accept that was affectionate of scary. And it was during a video shoot breadth the– like, the producers were administering me, like, into this, like, ancillary breadth by the Manhattan Car Club. So literally, I was active up a sidewalk, at one point, in the 4C. Oh my god. This is insane.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, it’s–

GREG MIGLIORE: This was assorted years ago. Let’s put it that way.

BYRON HURD: –certainly not a affluence car. Yeah, I accept it.

GREG MIGLIORE: Anyways, abundant on that. That’s Maserati. Speaking of affluence brands, you did drive the Lexus GS. But what we’re activity to allocution about actuality in the–


GREG MIGLIORE: –news section– ’cause it is– like, it is asleep for 2021. This is your final take. You could accept addition booty if you want, but I just– what do you think? They’re killing this car. Do you care?

BYRON HURD: I do, actually. I’ve got a bendable atom for the GS. I’ve never apprenticed a alternative of the GS that I didn’t enjoy. Granted, I haven’t driven, I don’t think, just, like, a alike abject spec– I assumption the 350 is still the everyman level. I don’t alike anamnesis off the top of my head. So the one I accept is a 350 F Sport, so it’s a sportier adaptation of the abject car. And I adulation the GS F. That’s an amazing vehicle. Overpriced compared to the M5’s and E 63’s and such of the world. But still a abundant car, in its own right, ’cause that V8’s wonderful.

And the amalgam versions of this car accept consistently been about fun to drive, too. They’re just– you know, they’re punchy. It’s rear-wheel drive. It’s, you know, an old-school booty on affluence midsize sedan. And it aloof works. And abnormally aback it’s a Lexus, it absolutely aloof works. Like, you know, every day, you go in. You columnist the button. You drive away. You don’t anytime absolutely accept to anticipate about these cars. And that makes them appropriate in their own way, too.

So I anticipate it’s a abashment this is activity away, abnormally because what’s acceptable activity to alter it, functionally, is activity to be an all-wheel drive adaptation of the ES. And I think, as auto writers, we’re affectionate of answerable to attending bottomward on the ES because it’s, adduce unquote, “just a Camry.” But the new ES is absolutely a absolute nice car. And they accept gone out of their way to advance the chassis. It is absolutely accomplished to drive– I wouldn’t say fun, but fine.

And if they adjudge to get affectionate of catchy with it, maybe do a amalgam with a little added punch, ’cause they can– you know, they don’t accept to anguish about the manual actuality able to handle the ability if they stick it all on electric motors on the rear arbor or article like that.

And they’ve been– they assuredly confirmed, I anticipate absolute recently, that the ES is activity to get all-wheel drive. So that affectionate of brings that accomplished amalgamation together. That’s how they finer alter the GS in the Lexus agenda afterwards absolutely replacing the GS, which appears to be a non-starter.

So yeah, I’ll absence this one. It’ll be a abashment to see it go. At the aforementioned time, you affectionate of had the feeling, for the accomplished few years, that Lexus was never absolute austere about befitting it about anyway. They saw the autograph on the wall. They knew what they were doing. And while it was nice that we got the GS F while it was still around, you could acquaint they didn’t absolutely accept any affairs for it above that. So–

GREG MIGLIORE: I took the GS F to Taco Bell maybe a year or two ago. That was fun. It’s my alone booty on this. I’ve absolutely abnormally been to a cardinal of– I feel like Lexus GS events. Like, they did, like, a facelift–


GREG MIGLIORE: –at the Chicago Auto Show. I anticipate I had a cold. It was afore coronavirus, so it apparently wasn’t coronavirus. Don’t absolutely accept abundant added abroad to say about these cars added than the GS F was a heck of a car. Let’s put it that way. I mean, absolutely annihilation with that V8 in it was–

BYRON HURD: Oh, yeah.

GREG MIGLIORE: I mean, to me, sure. Whatever that goes in, I was apparently activity to like it. But I mean, from a business–


GREG MIGLIORE: –standpoint, this– I anticipate this car’s time has passed.

BYRON HURD: Yeah. I mean, it’s a absolute abashment that the IS F didn’t see a additional generation. The RC F is neat. But you accept to appetite what’s finer a affluence pony car–


BYRON HURD: –to drive that thing, ’cause that’s what it is. And the IS F at atomic gave you four doors and, I mean, a nod against abundance and accessibility that you don’t absolutely get from the RC F. And the GS F was aloof like, oh, well, we can accomplish an IS F but bigger, which has penalties and weight and all that kinds of thing. So you know, it– I absence the IS F. That was my ideal formula. But if I had to aces a additional place, it would be the GS.

GREG MIGLIORE: I accede with you that–


GREG MIGLIORE: –IS F is apparently cardinal one, like, on the filigree actuality as far as, like, authoritative the Lexus sedans, like, hotter, if you will.


GREG MIGLIORE: So yeah, I’d accede with that ranking. I don’t know. I assumption I’m– for me, I’m aloof affectionate of added like, meh. Bye, GS F. See ya– that array of thing. But it’s significant, though, which is, hey, why we’re talking about it.

So article that’s apparently not cogent but I’m activity to bandy this out here– we’ve had some accidental appearance on the podcast lately. We’ve done beer, which is one of my favorites. I anticipate we charge to do one of those. Maybe in a few weeks, we’ll get a brace bodies aback on the appearance and do, like, a abatement beer podcast.

BYRON HURD: Oh, I’m so actuality for that.

GREG MIGLIORE: Yeah, it’s about time. What’s your abatement beer, by the way? Aloof curious. Do you accept a go-to?

BYRON HURD: My go-to for years and years and years has been aloof a acceptable ancient Sam Adams Octoberfest.


BYRON HURD: It’s a abundant beer. It’s consistently reliable. It consistently tastes great. And it shows up that aboriginal anniversary of August. And in best years, that would be appropriate afore NFL preseason starts. So you accept August. You’ve got your aboriginal brawl beers. You’ve got NFL preseason. It’s like, OK. It’s axis into fall. It’s about to happen. And so this year, I alone got the Octoberfest out of that deal, which is fine. But yeah, I’m usually acceptable with aloof about any, like, attic ale or article like that. Abatement is my season. This is what I attending advanced to.

GREG MIGLIORE: Aforementioned here. It’s– it was– it’s absolutely been appealing air-conditioned about here, about these parts. Sometimes, like, it’s– I don’t know. It’s awe-inspiring in Michigan. Like, you get Labor Day in that. Labor Day was backward this year. So all of a sudden, it’s like, you know, the aboriginal anniversary afterwards it, it’s like mid-September. And like, there’s a little bit of a conciseness in the air this week, which I’ve been loving. It’s been–

2021 Mazda Cx 9 Rumors Specs and Review
Performance and New Engine 2021 Mazda Cx 9 Rumors


GREG MIGLIORE: You know, it was bottomward in the 50s, I think, aftermost night. I’m absolutely cutting sweatpants appropriate now, which– it’s been a little cooler, you know? Temperatures get bottomward there. There’s a breeze. All of a sudden, there’s no humidity, and you apprehension it. My beer is Bell’s Amber Ale. That is, to me, like–

BYRON HURD: Oh, that’s a acceptable one.

GREG MIGLIORE: It’s a solid beer. Acceptable for November. It’s a little heavier.

BYRON HURD: I adulation Bell’s Amber. Yeah.

GREG MIGLIORE: But it’s OK beforehand in the year. There’s a Short’s beer, too, I think, that’s– oh, I can’t anticipate of it. It’s like a anemic ale, an autumn ale– article like that. It’s absolutely solid. It’s got, like, a–

BYRON HURD: I’ll accept to look.

GREG MIGLIORE: –like, a leaf– a leave on the– a leaf– geez, I apperceive my singulars and plurals for the chat “leaf”– on the bottle. But that was good, too. Anywho.

BYRON HURD: Nice. I’ll accept to attending for that. I’ve got to accomplish a run tonight. It’s my bold night. Do–


BYRON HURD: –socially-distance amateur with my accompany from aback in Cleveland. So–

GREG MIGLIORE: Oh, there you go. All right.

BYRON HURD: It’s absolute socially distant. We’re 180 afar apart.

GREG MIGLIORE: OK. All right. Well, hey, you know, we’ll accord a shout-out to our accompany of the Yahoo ecosystem. You can watch tonight’s game. It’s, what, Chiefs, Texans? Is that right?

BYRON HURD: Oh, man. I absolutely don’t accept that in advanced of me.

GREG MIGLIORE: I accept you can–

BYRON HURD: I should.

GREG MIGLIORE: –watch that bold on altered Yahoo platforms, streaming– analysis out our accompany at Yahoo Sports. So yeah, I’ll accord a bung over to them.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, Houston, Kansas Burghal [INAUDIBLE]–

GREG MIGLIORE: That’s a abundant game, too. I– so it’s–


GREG MIGLIORE: –getting absolutely late, too. I charge to accompany a fantasy football league. I am a little surprised–

BYRON HURD: Oh, that’s absolutely how I knew what the affair was that I aloof pulled it up, and I’ve– I’m starting Pat Mahomes. So–

GREG MIGLIORE: You’re activity to win, then, ’cause–

BYRON HURD: I’m in a acceptable mood.

GREG MIGLIORE: Yeah, that’s, like, fantasy ceaseless credibility appropriate there.


GREG MIGLIORE: So fantasy football is great. Point of the segment, though, is– we absolutely go off the rails– was things that are bigger than you remember. And I’m aloof activity to accomplish the case here, briefly, for the Fox-Body Mustang. Growing up, for bodies of a assertive age, Fox-Body Mustang was about like– it was, like, a high-school car. Abounding bodies I knew collection them. One of my best accompany on cantankerous country absolutely had one. And it was a air-conditioned car. It was like, dude, you accept a Mustang, you know? And it was old alike then, to be clear– not that old.

But I mean, like, the aperture was decayed and wouldn’t open. And he, like, got rid of it and got, like– he got, like, an old Dodge Ram, like, from the backward ’70s, which– in hindsight, that was maybe alike acknowledgment than the Mustang, as I anticipate about it, aloof based on what he did. But at the time, it absolutely wasn’t. It’s like, you’re accepting rid of your Mustang– things you do in aerial academy as far as cars and, you know, accepting altered cars. You know, it’s, who’s got the best car? It’s– anyways.

But anyways, I anticipate the Fox-Body Mustang is article that is activity to maybe be accepted more. I almost, aback I came up with this, went with the– like, the abutting generation– the fourth gen– which was from, like, ’94, I think, to ’04, if I’m accepting it right. One of my neighbors has a Mach 1, which I anticipate is appealing cool. So I about went with that.

But my point– this is why I’ll aback this up– is those Mustangs, I think– the third gen, the Fox-Body– on those platforms– Fox platform, if you will– to me, that car was accurately muscular, abnormally for the ’80s. It was a apple-pie look.


GREG MIGLIORE: It was– it wasn’t blocky, but it– like, it was boxlike off. It’s absolutely a attending that Ford, afore or since, hasn’t done with the Mustang. It’s altered in that sense. I absolutely admired some of the afterwards ones breadth the advanced end– they affectionate of tweaked the headlights, fabricated it look– to me, it got more, like, about timeless. Those late– the backward ’70s– like, I anticipate it was ’78, ’79– and afresh [INAUDIBLE] ’80s with the affectionate of angular headlights– I don’t know. That– those, to me, are a little weird.

And then, of course, the 5-0. You know, we were talking about Mustang engines beforehand in the podcast. It was a solid engine, you know?


GREG MIGLIORE: Alike that, like– there was, like, I think, a L6. They alleged it– I’ll accept to Wikipedia this. I anticipate they alleged it a beeline six. Oh, they did. It’s absolutely absolutely in quotes on Wikipedia here– for the ’79 archetypal year. Now I’m aloof account from Wikipedia. But some of the engines were interesting. And you could get turbos.

I aloof think, considering, like, that additional gen– you know, some bodies absolutely adulation those. But I do anticipate that’s absolutely a bearing of Mustang breadth there was a bead off. From the aboriginal ’70s and backward ’60s icons, you know, they became article different. And to me–


GREG MIGLIORE: –those Fox Mustangs absolutely fabricated the Mustang a little bit added like it could be, and what it–


GREG MIGLIORE: –should be, and what it should aspire to be. My parents had an ’84, I appetite to say. Like, literally, it was the affliction car they anytime had. It went through, like, two transmissions, and afresh they junked it. Total lemon. But it was so cool. It had the fastback, like, roofline. I bethink I acclimated to clamber through the block to get into it. So you know, there was that.

But I don’t know. Accomplish the case. I anticipate the Fox-Body’s underappreciated. I anticipate they’re activity to be collectable, at some point, as bodies who are of a assertive age alpha to get a little added cornball about this bearing of cars. Like, I think, you know, maybe I am appropriate now.

I mean, if you attending at the Mustang in its accepted form, it’s retro. It’s added powerful. It’s added sophisticated– bigger than it’s anytime been. There’s, like, the Shelby GT350R we were talking about earlier– bigger than any Fox Mustang anytime fabricated on its best day, for sure– aesthetically, performance-wise. But it’s cast new, and it’s got the account of all of this development and technology. For its time, I absolutely anticipate the Fox-Body Mustangs were appealing sweet.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, I’m with you on that. I had a neighbor– my actual next-door acquaintance growing up had an ’88 or an ’89 GT convertible that he kept in bright shape. He absolutely aloof afresh passed, and I don’t apperceive what happened to the car because my ancestors is all confused out of the old neighborhood. But I collection by afresh and saw that they’d adapted the house. And of course, the car was gone. So it’s affectionate of a shame.

But yeah, I mean– and the apple-pie ones are absolutely starting to get expensive. I mean, if you appetite one that aloof hasn’t been angry into that academic high-school car, you’re starting to attending at, like, $15,000, $20,000 entry. So there– bodies are noticing. It’s communicable on again, which I respect. I don’t apperceive that I accept a– I acutely didn’t analysis this area for mine, ’cause I didn’t put annihilation in our planning area here.

But I– actually, aloof to cheat, I absolutely anticipate the CX-9 is one of the ones that I accept affectionate of a renewed account for, we’ll say, ’cause it’s not that old of a vehicle. But aloof active it this anniversary is the aboriginal time I’ve apprenticed one in four or bristles years. And it’s a crossover, so you never absolutely accept decidedly aerial expectations for the way they drive.

But it has just– maybe it’s because I’ve apprenticed a lot of Mazdas in my life, and I’m acclimated to the way they drive. But it’s one of those cars where, if I’m activity bottomward the artery in it, I can actually, like, attending at the screen, attending alfresco the window, and the car hasn’t wandered abroad from me, you know? Like, that awareness you get sometimes in a car where, like, if you booty your eyes off the alley for an eighth of a second, there’s so little acknowledgment through the caster that you can’t acquaint that you’ve wandered out of a lane.

And granted, aggregate these canicule has lane-keeping, and lane-centering, and all this added stuff. But alike that is a distraction. So it’s absolutely nice to get abaft the caster of a car that you can absolutely feel adequate active one-handed bottomward the freeway afterwards an ounce of anticipation committed to what the car’s accomplishing about to what you feel. And to get that in a big ancestors car like that absolutely is special.

I mean, they’re just– there aren’t– alike the affluence ample crossovers aren’t absolute acceptable at that. So it was affectionate of a animation of beginning air to get in that, abnormally after, like, actuality in the Allroad and accepting to accommodate with all of its assorted cyberbanking systems to get it to behave the way I capital it to aloof to get out of the driveway. To get in the CX-9 and accept aggregate aloof affectionate of appear the way it should afterwards accepting to anticipate about it was absolutely refreshing. So I’ll bluff and use that as my newfound-respect vehicle.

GREG MIGLIORE: I like it. I like it. And I like the show– fast-paced. We’ll get you out of there. We’ll get everybody abroad out of here, on their way to a abundant weekend. Adore your football. Adore your abatement beers. Of course, be safe about them. Byron, acceptable communicable up with you. Any final thoughts?

BYRON HURD: Nope, not a accomplished lot. I accept no football teams to get aflame about this year, so I’ve got no one to cheer. Although, my Orioles– Greg can see–


BYRON HURD: –that I’m cutting my O’s cap appropriate now– ability absolutely bastard into the playoffs in this ridiculously terrible, abbreviate baseball division we’re having. So that’s the one affair I’m absorbed for appropriate now.

GREG MIGLIORE: I acquaint you what. It’s mid-September, and I’m still watching the Tigers. And they’re, like, in the ambit of 500. They got absolute out the added day.


GREG MIGLIORE: But they’ve got some absorbing pitchers. Like, they’re affectionate of accomplishing what I appetite them to do, which is accompany up the adolescent players who are appealing good, see what they can do. Everybody abroad is arena OK. And I mean, it’s interesting. It’s article for me to do in August and September. And then, I don’t know, maybe the Big Ten will alpha arena football afterwards or something, and I’ll accept added to watch. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll watch Notre Dame this week. That’s not something, as a Michigan State grad, I’m acclimated to watching. But we’ll leave it there, I guess.

All right. Again, that’s all the time we accept this week. Be safe out there. If you adore the “Autoblog Podcast,” amuse leave us a best rating. We’re accessible on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube– wherever you get your podcasts. Until abutting time.


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