2021 Kia Telluride Review Youtube Price and Release date

2021 Kia Telluride Review Youtube

Byron goes over the 2021 Kia Telluride’s infotainment and tech features, which helped acquire the Korean automaker Autoblog’s Technology of the Year award. 

2021 Kia Telluride Review Youtube Concept
Research New 2021 Kia Telluride Review Youtube

BYRON HURD: Hello everybody, it’s Byron. I am actuality in the 2021 Kia Telluride, and we’re activity to do a little analysis of the infotainment arrangement and tech central this absurd three row crossover. This is Kia’s hottest affairs car, and the best big-ticket crossover they build.

It has a abundant layout, there’s a ton of acceptable actuality in here. So let’s dive appropriate in. OK. So actuality we are on the home screen. As you can see we accept this nice advanced awning layout, which is abundant for both advice display, which is what we’ve got to accomplishing appropriate now, and absolutely interacting with the unit. So aback we’re actuality at home we don’t accept a home button, which is how it should be.

You can see we accept navigation, audio, and our status. From actuality we can attainable up anniversary one of these widgets and expand. The aeronautics has compression to zoom, one feel drag. And you accept all your archetypal options bottomward here. And of advance you can actuate any of these application articulation commands, aloof as able-bodied as application the blow interface. So we hit our home button, we go aback to the capital screen.

As you can see, with these tiles we can bash larboard or right. We accept Android Auto and Apple CarPlay congenital in. I accept those are standard, alike on the abject Telluride. I already showed you that aperture up aeronautics opens its own pane, the aforementioned is accurate for these added ones. And you can see we accept these little winglets.

So that we can absolutely see added tiles from the home awning while we accept this window open. So this is a abundant account aspect of accepting this nice advanced awning setup. Because we can accept our amount affair actuality that we’re absolutely interacting with, we appetite to change the source, Sirius AM/FM, if we appetite to manually tune, all that affectionate of actuality is here. And again we can additionally accept addition advice panel, or the navigation, whatever you accept active, over here.

So that you can admission that while you’re interacting with whatever it is that you absolutely charge to do. So this is the absence blueprint for the tiles on the home screen; navigation, audio, and information. We can adapt those application this. Easily accessible.

Let’s say the radio’s the affair you collaborate with best and you appetite it abutting to you, boom, done. You go aback to home, now we’ve got radio, than nav, than weather. The aforementioned is accurate of the icons. And the icons are not bright from what we’re seeing here, but those are what you get aback you bash to the larboard and get this broader menu.

So as it sits we accept these 12 options, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, sounds of nature, which is an ambient complete affair that Kia does. Accept Hyundai does it on their cars as well. And again actuality we accept the affectionate of assorted items. But let’s say you frequently accept rear cartage and you appetite that to be about a little added accessible. Well, adapt the icons, . grab your altitude control, annoyance it to this panel, and it will affectation article assimilate the aback folio that we don’t use as frequently.

In Bureaucracy we accept options for aloof about everything. Some of these are not accessible to you while you’re driving. I’m currently in park, so we accept the adeptness to blend about with absolutely a few of these. We can admission drive approach options, which there’s not a accomplished lot to that in this accurate car. Climate, lighting, so on and so forth.

2021 Kia Telluride Review Youtube Release Date and Concept
Price, Design and Review 2021 Kia Telluride Review Youtube

So from this menu, of course, all the archetypal things you can do. You can about-face on or off their beleaguer complete access software, the abject boost, your acceptable old ancient EQ, your altered complete levels for navigation, parking safety, and all those kinds of things. The adeptness to aphasiac navigation, which you can do from here. You can additionally do that from aural the nav itself.

Please advance to the accent route, again the avenue advice will start.

And so while we’re in this card I’ll go advanced and go over a brace of the appearance that are somewhat altered to this car, or at atomic altered by name to Kia. One of them is commuter talk. Commuter allocution is an advantage that will absolutely amplify your articulation in the rear seat.

So if you’re active on blatant accurate or article like that, the bodies in the aback bench are accepting agitation audition you, you can about-face this on. You can apparently apprehend the answer of my articulation advancing from the rear speakers appropriate now, alike on the video. It’s a accessible little affection if it’s activity to be a accustomed affair for you to backpack rear bench passengers.

Especially because it agency you can allocution at a far added reasonable aggregate and still be heard, rather than accepting to bark at your children. Which, let’s face it, you’ll apparently accept to do anyway. But now it’ll be louder.

It’s a accurate trick.


And here’s one added little accurate affection congenital into this Kia Telluride. The sounds of nature. And you accept altered options for this. So what this is, is about it’s ambient complete for you to accept to aback you’re cerebration about asthmatic the disciplinarian abutting to you to death. So ocean waves, rain falling, an attainable air cafe, fire, apparently not the best abstracted complete to apprehend in a car aback canoeing on the artery but, we digress.

I don’t alike absolutely apperceive what to say about this one. It’s the complete of addition stomping through snow. I accept that’s the alone complete snow absolutely makes, so I assumption there’s some amount of faculty to that. A active forest. Yes, sounds lively. And aback to our sea waves.

2021 Kia Telluride Review Youtube Concept and Review
Specs 2021 Kia Telluride Review Youtube

So aloof one added affair to agenda actuality apropos the infotainment system. As you saw in the capital display, there are alone so abounding agent options accessible through the blow screen. The blow of them are actuality in the cluster. As you can see here, this isn’t absolutely a abounding agenda cluster, aloof the centermost part. And the larboard and appropriate gauges there are fixed.

But this does accept a almost abounding menu. Altered things we’ll accelerate through here. But the best important area for our purposes appropriate now is this user settings menu. Which allows you to acclimatize the arch up display, the disciplinarian abetment features, which there’s absolutely a bit to this.

Driving abetment is apparently the key aspect to this menu, the one best bodies will appetite to go in and edit. This is area you can accredit and attenuate things like lane abandonment warning, lane following, or lane keeping, depending on how you like to accredit to it. And artery drive assist, which is the semi self-driving artery system.

Now, this is on by absence aback you use cruise control. So that’s article to accumulate in mind. If you do not attenuate it in this card you will accept to alive with it whenever you use the cruise ascendancy system. There are additionally things actuality for how bound and how continued it alerts you aback assertive bad things happen.

And you accept a little bit of granularity with attention to how abundantly you appetite intervention. Safe avenue assist, which you apparently bethink from some of Kia’s commercials. Added abilities actuality are absolutely up to you, claimed preferences. You’ll apparently admit safe avenue abetment from some of Hyundai and Kia’s commercials. That’s the affair that keeps your kids from aperture a aperture into advancing cartage if it’s detected abutting from the rear.

And there are the things that we can get to from actuality as well. Aperture settings, lights settings, convenience, there are a lot of things in actuality that you can fool about with in the accessibility menu. A lot of these are things that pop up in the array aback assertive altitude are met. I’ll agenda a few in here, such as the wiper and lights display, basically cogent you aback you’re application them, aback you’re not.

The accessory position pop up, basically tells you in the array which position the accessory selectors in. Icy alley warning, which should appear on aback the temperature dips low abundant for there to be ice on the road. Things like that. Accessible little appearance that some bodies ability acquisition added annoying than useful.

So there’s a lot in here, and I’ll appearance you how I’m accessing all of this. It’s all on the council caster application this little bang switch. It aloof goes up and bottomward to aeon through the menu. And acute bottomward on it will baddest the class you accept highlighted.

And again you accept this button actuality with the little card logo on it that cycles through the assorted categories in the array display. This one’s my favorite. Nothing like a agenda speedometer. So there you accept it.

2021 Kia Telluride Review Youtube Price and Release date
Exterior and Interior 2021 Kia Telluride Review Youtube

That’s the 2021 Kia Telluride infotainment system. You’ll agenda that we didn’t accept to awning things like altitude ascendancy or annihilation like that. Because those are absolutely buttons. Crazy, right? There are buttons on the birr the temperature, and the fan speed, and the acrimonious seats.

And I’m activity to stop because contrarily I’ll go on a bluster that cipher wants to hear. Thanks for watching.

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2021 Kia Telluride Review Youtube History
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