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The Kia Optima midsize auto was redesigned for the 2021 archetypal year, and with it came a new name: K5. That’s old news, almost speaking; the aboriginal reviews started authoritative the circuit in July or thereabouts. It’s still a head-scratcher of a decision, because the Optima was a appealing acceptable car and not absolutely in charge of a rebranding, but in agreement of poor automotive business decisions, it’s boilerplate abreast the affliction I’ve anytime heard of. The Optima was decent-looking, offered a lot of appearance at a aggressive price, and was scandal-free, at atomic as far as I know, at atomic over the aftermost few years. Early Optimas (we’re talking mid- to late-‘00s, here) weren’t great, but that was appealing accepted for the Kia cast aback then, and the aggregation has done an admirable job axis itself around.

So why rebrand a appropriate car? The K5 is added of the same, except now bodies will anticipate it’s new.

This has all already been discussed, but now the K5 stars in addition “What is Kia thinking?” moment. It seems Kia wants to accomplish as abundant of its advantage as possible. I can’t anamnesis seeing much, if any, announcement for the Optima during its run, except, perhaps, for banal photos on bounded Kia dealerships’ billboards.

And now that the K5 is “all new,” it seems Kia deems it aces of an announcement campaign. On the upside, it’s nice to see abutment for a acceptable car. On the downside… what a attack it is.

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History 2021 Kia Optima

The new Kia K5 commercial, alleged “Turn The Lights On,” shows the car canoeing through an action esplanade at night. Creepy, right?

The tagline for the ad, on Kia’s official YouTube profile, is “We’ve developed annoyed of the aforementioned old rides. So, we congenital a new one. Introducing the turbocharged Kia K5 sedan.”

That tagline doesn’t explain actual abundant at all. So here’s what happens and why it’s ridiculous.

The car zips through what appears to be an alone warehouse, afresh approaches a broad antic mouth. As the car zips through the broad antic mouth, it illuminates. Creepy!

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Then the car drifts about in the semi-dark for a few seconds, which is accomplished — helps the car attending cool, emphasizes the aciculate advanced end and ablaze headlights. All right, that allotment works, alike if no one’s absolutely activity to alluvion in a K5.

The voiceover in the ad says, “Rides fabricated us feel article once.”

A teddy buck tumbles off a accumulation of alone blimp animals and hits the ground. Yikes.

Voiceover: “They can do it again. Introducing the turbocharged K5.” The car cruises aback through the clown, off to… who knows where.

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Here’s why it’s dumb. Action parks are cool creepy, abnormally alone ones. That’s why there are websites committed to alone or asleep action parks!

I’d adulation to see the cartoon for this ad. I’d adulation to see a modern-day “Mad Men” adventure area they all sit about the controlling boardroom and alcohol whiskey and altercate this ad. “You know, what we absolutely charge actuality is a teddy bear. That’ll do it.”

Ultimately, the chat and the adumbration assignment adjoin anniversary other. Maybe the K5 will accomplish me feel. I achievement it doesn’t accomplish me feel the hairs angle up on the aback of my neck.

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