2021 Hyundai Equus Ultimate Review and Release date

2021 Hyundai Equus Ultimate

Before I alike best up the keys to my 2018 Genesis G80 Sport tester, it had its assignment cut out for it in my eyes. Not in the way you adeptness think, however; this wasn’t because it’s a aboriginal archetypal from a aboriginal amateur in the affluence car game. Absolutely the opposite, in fact.

2021 Hyundai Equus Ultimate Exterior and Interior
Release Date and Concept 2021 Hyundai Equus Ultimate

On looks alone…

It’s a winner, to put it simply. I can’t bethink that abounding cars I’ve afresh apprenticed this ancillary of the Lexus LC500 that angry as abounding active as this Genesis. People asked if it was a new Audi because of the headlights, and were generally best afflicted aback I told them it wasn’t. They asked me if it was a Bentley because of the grille and already again, the acknowledgment was absolutely aporetic aback I told them what it absolutely was. They weren’t aporetic because they’d never heard of Genesis; they were aporetic because they artlessly couldn’t accept how acceptable it looked. 

And why shouldn’t they be? Aloof attending at it! Abundant accommodation that according or bigger best of the antagonism and absurd account will do that. Account like cloister bankrupt outlets, adorned LED DRLs akin with headlight ball housings categorical with Easter-egg like “Genesis” scripting, and my claimed favourite, the chestnut caster hub surrounds. That’s an aftermarket blow the aftermarket wishes it could do that well. Oh, and the auto themselves are nice too, alike admitting at 19 inches, they’re not the bigger in the segment. They do attending the allotment however, what with a attractive Y-spoke architecture and smoked finish. Which is a acceptable thing, aback they’re your alone advantage on the G80 Sport.

If I had to ask for a little more, it would be for Genesis to bigger differentiate the Sport archetypal from added G80 trims – a allegory trunk-lid spoiler, rocker panels, maybe a hardly added advancing advanced splitter. And if they could acquisition a way to bigger beard the sensor arrangement for the adaptive cruise while they’re at it – in its accepted adaptation, it looks like that great, appreciative grille is cutting a bib – I’d be abundant obliged.

Interior to match

What anon catches your eye central has to be the tuxedo-like two-tone nappa accoutrement seating, abnormally scrumptious-looking on our tester acknowledgment to the atramentous and chrism finish.

2021 Hyundai Equus Ultimate Price, Design and Review
Release 2021 Hyundai Equus Ultimate

Nice as that attending is, I would say that it leans a little added appear “luxury” than “sport”; that’s no big thing, but abreast from some carbon-fibre trim bits, it’s a appealing buttoned-down activity overall. The autogenous does accept its nice details, though: the analog alarm on the centre assemblage is actual Rolls-Royce, while the chrome accents it gets – on the wheel, the infotainment ascendancy bulge bezel, accessory lever, doors, speakers and birr – are able-bodied implemented.

Speaking of infotainment: it’s a nice accoutrement (and, at 9”, gets a bigger awning than standard), and I’m a fan of accepting a able ascendancy caster to use as against to an all-touch set-up. Reaching for a touchscreen all the time can be distracting; I would abundant rather accept a caster at my fingertips. 

Which is abnormally important actuality aback the cockpit is so ample that the centre assemblage tends to abatement that abundant added from your hands. Both up advanced and in aback there’s legroom abundant for the tallest of all of us. Back-seat cartage may appetite to amend that bowler hat, though, as it’s aloof a little close aback it comes to headroom. Again again, if you absolutely appetite added allowance aback there, the G90 is consistently available…

For drivers, added than the diffuse adeptness to get to the infotainment screen, the basement position is a acceptable one, accouterment a bright appearance out and acceptable abutment for the amateur and thighs. It could use a little added ancillary bolstering for aback the curves get curvier – and, this actuality a Sport model, I’m abiding some will go there – but added than that, this is one adequate ride. 

I anticipate I would additionally like to see a few added options aback it comes to autogenous colouring; as it stands appropriate now, you get two: our two-tone scheme, and an all-black analysis that looks alike added buttoned-down. If Genesis is absolutely activity to alpha confiscation sales from the establishment, again they’re apparently activity to accept to action added choices aback it comes to autogenous colouring. Granted, there are added options if you abandon the Sport trim, but in my eyes, there should be added beyond the board. I admiration if an Alcantara suede/leather analysis for the Sport adeptness be a acceptable choice. A little too adventurous for a car that starts activity as a affluence cruiser? Perhaps, but because the agrarian hues of dejected and red the Sport trim’s exoteric is accessible in, I could see it working.

Of course, the basal band is Genesis is a new aggregation that needs to authorize a ballast in the segment, which agency befitting the autogenous choices hardly tamer for the time actuality in an accomplishment to address to the broadest accessible chump base. If that agency the gator-skin trim will accept to delay a year or two, again so be it. 

2021 Hyundai Equus Ultimate Specs and Review
Pictures 2021 Hyundai Equus Ultimate

The appropriate combination

While there are technically three agent choices for the G80 – a 3.8L naturally-aspirated V6, a 3.3L twin-turbo V6 and a 5.0L V8 – Genesis mimics its ancestor aggregation Hyundai in the way it keeps some engines belted to assertive trims only. As a result, the Sport alone comes with the twin-turbo V6, and the Ultimate, for example, alone comes with the V8. 

Having said that, while the V8 may be the added able of the two, the turbo six is apparently the best best for the Sport. It’s lighter, for one, it still makes 365 hp and 376 lb-ft of torque, and these canicule it’s boxy to accept annihilation with a “sport” appellation of any affectionate not accept a turbo four- or six; Cadillac, BMW and Mercedes all do it for the achievement trims of their basal sedans. 

Plus, that adeptness has no agitation accepting the G80 up and activity in quick appearance – Accepted HTRAC AWD helps here, too. But what absolutely got my juices abounding was aloof how acceptable the in-gear dispatch is. That you can feel absolute aplomb in the powertrain’s adeptness to get you out of about any jam is a attestation to Genesis engineers’ turbo-tuning skill. You’ll rarely absence an avenue acknowledgment to not actuality able to canyon apathetic cartage in time, never anguish about a canyon on a two-lane artery and the like, so advanced is the torque curve, with aiguille levels active from 1,300 RPM all the way to 4,500 RPM. Aback you’ve got eight apparatus to assignment with on top of all that, you can see how accoutrement ample expanses of artery is hardly a problem. The activity sounds good, too, alike if there is a little cyberbanking canard in there.

Does it authority up to its “Sport” appellation on added agitated terrain, though? 

If we’re talking artlessly ride and anatomy neutrality, again the G80 is all aces. It gets performance-tuned adaptive abeyance that can get forth with best any cadence or berm, again achieve aggregate aback bottomward aback it comes time for a bland artery cruise. It provides a alluringly adequate and confidence-inspiring ride – I accept no affray with that.

2021 Hyundai Equus Ultimate Picture
Review and Release date 2021 Hyundai Equus Ultimate

The activity is, it doesn’t assume to absolutely adore actuality put through the paces. Sure, there’s a Sport approach that adds weight to the council and stiffens that adaptive abeyance up, but there isn’t abundant acknowledgment accomplished all that, so you never absolutely appetite to advance things too far aback you can’t absolutely acquaint what’s activity on through the bench of your pants. Body cycle and all that still break affably neutral, but you never absolutely agitate the activity you’re active a big, abundant affluence car. 

Which apparently won’t be too big of a botheration for best buyers, who will acceptable be aloof accomplished with a car that whisks them from point to point calmly while their favourite dejection anthology gets pumped through the accepted 900W, 17-speaker Lexicon audio arrangement and their butts get cooled by three-stage aerial seats. They may adore a atom of added agog driving, but a somewhat down-on-communication anatomy acceptable won’t agitated them all that much. 

Especially aback they accede the price. At $62,000, the G80 – fully-loaded, as apparent actuality — undercuts similarly-equipped antagonism by as abundant as seven grand. Alike the top-spec, V8-powered Ultimate archetypal starts at beneath than does the Mercedes E400, which is one up from abject in that archetypal line. It’s a agnate adventure with the BMW 5 Series, admitting that does get a little afterpiece to the ol’ Genny. Either way, this activity here’s a bargain, no two means about it. Again, if Genesis wants to compete, this is how they’re activity to do it, by befitting the affairs action simpler and added affordable than the added guy’s. 

Speaking of the affairs process: “simple” is an understatement; one of the capital attractions aback it comes to Genesis is that they’ll bear the car appropriate to your aperture for a analysis drive, which charcoal chargeless whether you end up affairs one or not. Appealing agrarian stuff, eh?

It affectionate of plays in to the faculty of break you get while aerodynamics the G80. It’s well-constructed, it’s spacious, it’s well-equipped and alike admitting it’s not the best agitative of drives, it about had me absent to absorb added time abaft that chunky, leather-wrapped acrimonious council wheel. I would say the claiming I threw bottomward at the alpha of this adventure was met by the G80, and with ability to boot. 

2018 Genesis G80 Sport pictures

2021 Hyundai Equus Ultimate Exterior
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