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2021 Ford Raptor

From the December 2020 affair of Car and Driver.

2021 Ford Raptor Performance and New Engine
Images 2021 Ford Raptor

There are no civil duels in the barter wars. From torque outputs to tow ratings, the change of the auto plays out in slugfests of one-upmanship. That has fabricated the Ford F-150 Raptor’s decade-long administration as the acknowledged champ of high-performance assembly off-road trucks an absorbing feat. While tamer Chevys, Jeeps, and Toyotas accept deepened the branch off-road basin over the years, Ram’s new 1500-based TRX is the aboriginal adversary with a absolute attempt at unseating the Raptor from the aerial head it created.

One attending beneath the awning of the TRX—which Ram internally calls “T. rex”—reveals the calmness of this bout: From Fiat Chrysler’s Hellcat line, this supercharged V-8 makes 702 application and, at 6.2 liters, artlessly dwarfs the Raptor’s 450-hp twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6. To collapse Ford’s EcoBoost further, beneath the Ram’s airbox awning lurks an angel of the TRX’s Cretaceous-period afflatus with a velociraptor in its mouth.

Similar to the Raptor, the TRX has been adherent for its mission with a able ladder frame, massive abeyance pieces, and a able-bodied full-time four-wheel-drive system. Both trucks aeon on asperous all-terrain tires about three anxiety tall, which can aeon through added than a bottom of abeyance biking with the advice of able-bodied adaptive dampers with alien reservoirs. The capital aberration actuality is that the TRX’s rear arbor is captivated in abode by links and sprung with coils adjoin the Raptor’s leaf-spring arrangement—a architecture one adeptness alarm prehistoric. Although both trucks resemble their accomplished ancestors and can be had with about as abounding amenities, their decidedly widened advance and aggressively flared bodywork accomplish them cool to absence on the road.

The TRX’s big agent and crew-cab-only agreement accomplish it a cher proposition, at $71,790 to start, but you accept to bethink that bulk is absorbed to the best able branch auto ever. Numerous options aggrandized our truck’s as-tested bulk to $89,565, with $7920 of that advancing from Ram’s Akin 2 Equipment Group of affluence and accessibility features.

The F-150 Raptor, on the added hand, is a about arrangement because its arduous badassery. It starts at $55,150 in extended-cab form. We asked Ford to accommodate us the bigger crew-cab version, which starts at $58,135, but it wasn’t “available.” (Ford PR acceptable hoped we would delay to conduct this comparo until their next-gen Raptor accustomed with an adapted interior, rear braid springs, and a accounted absolute V-8.) Instead, we busy a 2020 SuperCrew with $15,655 account of options from a adventurous man called James Lyons. Including the absolute $10,920 Equipment Group 802A Affluence advantage (nav, 360-degree camera, Bang & Olufsen complete system, etc.) that acutely all new Raptors have, the as-tested bulk came to $73,790.

Our antagonism began at the analysis clue and again headed west from Ann Arbor over highways and aback anchorage to the aerial littoral beach dunes of Michigan’s Silver Lake State Park—a accessible amplitude area you can absolutely absolve these trucks. Set chargeless to roam the 450 acreage of hills, jumps, and accessible expanses, we advised both trucks in their advised environment. One would be crowned the ultimate off-road assembly pickup. The other’s ego would be battered. Let the action begin.

Photo credit: Marc Urbano – Car and Driver

2021 Ford Raptor Review
Specs and Review 2021 Ford Raptor

Highs: Insanely able off-road, affluence quick, adorable abject price.Lows: Uninspiring twin-turbo V-6, billowing handling, decumbent to rear-axle hop, anachronous cabin.Verdict: Ford’s hardcore F-150 needs to go aback to the gym.

We’ve spent abundant time with the accepted Raptor to account how allotment it is to drive. It feels abutting to bulletproof and looks appropriately menacing. With 86.3 inches amid the fenders, it seems to hug lane curve like an 18-wheeler. And yet our analysis truck’s 5.3-second run to 60 mph is abuse quick for any pickup. It takes a lot to accomplish Ford’s burliest F-150 assume dainty, but that’s absolutely what the TRX does.

The Raptor has no achievement of acceptable a annoyance chase adjoin the supercharged Ram, acute a whopping 5.3 abnormal best to adeptness 100 mph. At rest, you can hardly acquaint that its agent is active if a TRX is in the vicinity. The Ford absolutely produces added babble central at abounding throttle—83 decibels to the Ram’s 80—but the flat, actinic bombinate of its V-6 is wholly unsatisfying.

Photo credit: Marc Urbano – Car and Driver

While both of these cautiously sprung trucks acknowledgment acceptable ride abundance on any blazon of pavement, the Raptor’s administration is sloppier. The adaptive Fox Racing dampers that were added for 2019 do a admirable job of managing the 34.4-inch-tall BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires blind off its long-travel abeyance (13.0 inches up front, 13.9 in the rear). But alike with the dampers in their firmest setting, the Raptor leans and wobbles about corners, consistently activity unsettled. The astronomic brand provides some stability, but the 4E-wide shoes administer aloof 0.72 g of skidpad anchor on pavement—0.02 g added than the TRX—and are acceptable a key agency in the vague, bogus council feel. Ample midcorner bumps aftermath both all-overs from the Ford’s anatomy and abhorrence from its rear axle.

Our analysis barter performed hardly bigger in the beach dunes. Aided by an electronically locking rear differential, an alternative Torsen limited-slip advanced diff, and an arrangement of anatomy and drivetrain systems that tie into the Baja and Mud/Sand drive modes, the Raptor is a blow nimbler than the Ram at speed. Its in-flight attitude is bigger balanced, and its adeptness to blot up big landings after bottoming out never fails to impress.

Photo credit: Marc Urbano – Car and Driver

2021 Ford Raptor Engine
Model 2021 Ford Raptor

But the Raptor additionally had to assignment added adamantine to accumulate up with the TRX. In the soft, power-sapping sand, it had some trouble. The V-6’s 510 pound-feet of torque seemed to appear in surges, which acquired Ford’s 10-speed automated manual to occasionally blunder as it jockeyed apparatus to accumulate the agent in its candied spot. Significant rear-axle hop beggared the Raptor of adored absorption and drive on abrupt dunes. But alike aback the barter begin purchase, its agent generally aloof couldn’t accumulate the auto spinning as adamantine as we wanted. Added than already the Raptor got bent amid apparatus and absent addition while the TRX roared up the aforementioned acropolis with ability to spare.

We accept that best owners will never advance these trucks as adamantine as we did. To the all-inclusive majority of drivers, a Raptor unleashed in its aspect is an adorable experience. But every administration charge appear to an end.

Photo credit: Marc Urbano – Car and Driver

Highs: Intoxicating V-8 ability and noise, impressively adjustable suspension, a Ram 1500 at its core.Lows: Alike bigger than the Raptor, avid thirst, no rear-drive setting.Verdict: The quickest, best able assembly auto ever.

Even in the aggregation of the Raptor, the TRX is a agent of extremes. The Ram stands added than two inches taller than the Ford and is 1.7 inches wider. Its Goodyear Wrangler Territory AT tires are added and taller than the Ford’s BFGs, too. And belief in at 6866 pounds—869 added than the Raptor—the TRX is as close as a locomotive, but we’re not complaining, because its adequate anatomy feels adamant abundant to abutment all that bulk.

The TRX’s centerpiece is the Hellcat V-8, which calmly shrugs off the truck’s accumulation with the advice of ZF’s able eight-speed automatic. Engage barrage ascendancy on pavement and the behemoth Ram rockets to 60 mph in an cool 3.7 seconds—quicker than a Toyota Supra 3.0 that weighs beneath than bisected as much. The TRX’s 110-mph clip at the end of its 12.3-second quarter-mile run is both 13 mph greater than the Raptor’s and faster than the Ford can go collapsed out. The babble from the big V-8 is aloof as impressive. From its supercharger beef to its abysmal abandoned that can be acquainted central adjacent barrio to its awful full-throttle roar, the TRX is bashed on power. Fuel abridgement is as abominable as you’d expect; we averaged aloof 9 mpg on our mostly artery adventure, including a bald 4 mpg in the dunes.

Photo credit: Marc Urbano – Car and Driver

2021 Ford Raptor Concept and Review
New Concept 2021 Ford Raptor

That the TRX maintains best of the approved Ram 1500’s autogenous abundance and on-road clarification is shocking. Abundant of the acclaim goes to its all-coil-spring suspension, which has about the aforementioned bulk of biking as the Ford’s bureaucracy yet employs adaptive Bilstein dampers that bear a bigger ride. They are hardly firmer than the Raptor’s dampers in their accustomed ambience and conspicuously added so in Sport mode, which after-effects in bigger anatomy ascendancy about corners. “It’s amazing how a barter this large, heavy, and off-road aggressive can be placed so absolutely on a arduous paved road,” empiric testing administrator Dave VanderWerp. The TRX has added beeline council and stronger braking achievement from 70 mph—189 anxiety adjoin 195 for the Raptor.

We initially weren’t abiding how able-bodied the TRX’s brute-force access would assignment off-road. It’s a little trickier to jump than the lighter Raptor, but Baja access softens its dampers appreciably to blot big impacts. Because the Ram’s added mass, we never would accept anticipation the TRX could bland out accelerated whoop-de-doos bigger than the Raptor, but it does.

Photo credit: Marc Urbano – Car and Driver

Quick launches appropriate some burke accentuation to accumulate the Ram from spinning its tires and burrowing into the beach on the spot. But already we got the barter moving, the eight-speed automated managed the Hemi’s abounding 650 pound-feet of torque with absorbing activity and smoothness. On collapsed sand, the TRX clawed to 60 mph in 8.8 abnormal and accomplished an adumbrated 90 mph; the Raptor took 11.3 abnormal and never approached that speed. Steeper-than-expected hillsides were bound accomplished with the angle of a appropriate foot, the TRX downshifting and throwing beach from all four Goodyears with about none of the calumniating arbor hop that plagues its rival.

Our gripes are few: We ambition we could vaporize the TRX’s rear tires in a two-wheel-drive access like the Raptor has, but it offers alone 4WD Auto, 4WD High, and 4WD Low settings. We’d additionally like a limited-slip advanced cogwheel to go with the accepted rear locker; the accepted bureaucracy uses the brakes to actor a limited-slip advanced diff, and this truck’s stoppers already accept abundant assignment to do. And while the Ram’s berth is aerial tech and added cautiously akin than the F-150’s, some of the controls could be added acknowledging and easier to use, such as the laggy drive-mode buttons on the birr and the angled paddle shifters that alternate audio buttons on the aback of the council wheel.

Annoyances aside, the TRX is an outrageously able accomplishment based on the best half-ton auto currently available, and so we never questioned its price. Ram took the abstraction of the bonkers off-road barter to the abutting level, and that’s what makes the TRX the new champ.


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