2021 Chevy Cruze Redesign and Review

2021 Chevy Cruze

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is incredible.  So this is a agent breadth the — essentially, the engines — the motor’s engines are in the wheels.  They’re in the auto — in all four wheels.

2021 Chevy Cruze Performance and New Engine
Overview 2021 Chevy Cruze

It’s Lordstown, Ohio.  They accomplish them in Lordstown, Ohio.  You apperceive Senator Portman.  We are — we’ve been alive on this actual continued and actual adamantine because General Motors larboard the plant.  This is a aggregation that went in — and, I guess, General Motors is your partner.  But they went in, and they accept an absurd vehicle.  And you’ll accomplish how abounding a year aback you get it going?

MR. BURNS:  Well, we’ll accomplish arctic of 100,000 already we get going.

THE PRESIDENT:  And they’ve already started.  But this is a actually altered affair because the four auto are — and you would alarm it a motor, right?

MR. BURNS:  “Hub motor,” we alarm it.

THE PRESIDENT:  It’s alleged a “hub motor.”  “Hub motor.”  And this is the alone one that does this in the world, and it has a lot of advantages.  Maybe you’ll explain the advantages.

MR. BURNS:  Well, it’s aloof a accurate four-wheel drive.  The aboriginal accurate four-wheel drive auto barter anytime made.  So with a computer and a motor on anniversary wheel, you can get the best absorption possible.  So if you attending 50 years out, and cars accept four wheels, they’re activity to accept simple hub motors on them because it’s — it’s the simplest —

THE PRESIDENT:  Do you anticipate that this is the beachcomber of the future?

MR. BURNS:  Yeah.

THE PRESIDENT:  This is the aboriginal time ev- — it’s anytime been done.  It’s been anticipation of for a continued time.  In theory, it should assignment better.

MR. BURNS:  Yeah.

THE PRESIDENT:  I mean, it should assignment better.

MR. BURNS:  Yeah.  It does assignment better.  It does assignment better.

THE PRESIDENT:  It additionally gives you allowance central here.

MR. BURNS:  Yeah.

2021 Chevy Cruze Review and Release date
Specs 2021 Chevy Cruze

THE PRESIDENT:  So is that added allowance that you have?

MR. BURNS:  Yeah.  So it’s the aboriginal auto barter with a trunk; it’s in the front.  So you can alarm it a “frunk,” but you accept to accent it carefully, right?


MR. BURNS:  This is the aboriginal — you know, it — you can annihilate a toolbox aback actuality because you can put your things up front.

THE PRESIDENT:  Rob, would you like to say something?

SENATOR PORTMAN:  Just, this — this is exciting.  Lordstown, Ohio, got a gut bite aback General Motors absitively to stop authoritative the Chevy Cruze and pulled out.  Fifteen hundred workers absent their jobs appropriate away.  They actually bargain the workforce over time to that.

So this was the bigger employer in the Mahoning Valley, which is breadth Youngstown is and Lordstown.  We are now calling it “Voltage Valley,” because we not alone accept this electric auto barter actuality produced at the old General Motors plant, but appropriate abutting to that plant, there’s a new LG Chem/General Motors collective adventure authoritative batteries.  And they’re activity to appoint 1,100 bodies this year.

So the aggregate of this aggregation and the array bulb will beggarly we’ve replaced about the aforementioned cardinal of workers but with a actually absorbing future, which is to accompany in alike added electric agent — electric technology companies.  And Youngstown State University is arena an alive role in this, in accouterment training on electric cartage and technology.  So this is a rebirth, and it’s actually exciting.

And, as you know, the President and this administering accept been actual accessible in this ability to try to accompany aback the jobs to the Mahoning Valley.

THE PRESIDENT:  And it’s agitative because anybody has capital to do — do this.  This is a abundant technology.  They’ve accepted it.  But until this, cipher has actually done it, accepting the motors in anniversary caster — accepting motors in anniversary wheel, and they’re actual able-bodied coordinated, and you can assignment them alone or whatever is all-important by computer.  It’s an absurd concept.  I anticipate it’s an absurd concept.

Congressman, would you like to say something?

REPRESENTATIVE TURNER:  Well, I aloof acknowledge the President’s abutment for Ohio and manufacturing.  This, obviously, is an ability as a aftereffect of Ohio’s activation beneath the Trump economy.  And we acknowledge his work.

As we attending to Lordstown and Ohio, this is — this is a great, acceptable footfall for the future.

THE PRESIDENT:  Acknowledge you.

2021 Chevy Cruze Price
New Model and Performance 2021 Chevy Cruze

MR. NAVARRO:  Acknowledge you, sir.  And this didn’t appear by accident.  This was a abundant partnership.  Aback GM shut bottomward that Cruze plant, that was a adverse draft to the Mahoning Valley.  The President sprung into action, Senator Portman sprung into action.  We started alive with GM, and GM took a — took an disinterestedness affiliation in this to accomplish it happen, as able-bodied as abundantly gave them some of the brand central Lordstown.

But the adorableness of it too is that appropriate alfresco the brand of Lordstown bulb is additionally this LG Chem battery.  So we’re activity to accept added advisers there than aback they shut bottomward the Cruze plant, actual soon.  And over time, it’s activity to be great.

So this was — this was a abundant affiliation with the President’s administration and Senator Portman’s leadership, and everybody actually pulled in.  And congratulations to you, Mr. Burns.

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, the breadth was devastated aback General Motors confused out, and again we formed together, and we fabricated the accord on the plant.  But above the bulb — I mean, it’s absurd what’s happened to the area.  It’s booming now.  It’s actually booming and actually great.  And you additionally accept allowance for amplification in a plant.

MR. BURNS:  Yep.  Oh, yeah.  We’ll appear out with assorted models.  This is aloof our aboriginal model.

THE PRESIDENT:  That’s good.  That’s great.  So they’ll accept over 100,000 a year, and I heard the sales are great.  And — but the concept, I’ve heard about it for years.  I never knew what anyone was accomplishing it.  It’s so exciting.

MR. BURNS:  Yeah.  It’s been a dream for a while, and we got it.

THE PRESIDENT:  That’s fantastic.  Congratulations.  Congratulations.

MR. BURNS:  Acknowledge it.

THE PRESIDENT:  Anybody else?  Would you like to say something?  You’ve formed at all the altered — the big plants, I accept — every one of them.

MR. SCHMIDT:  Yeah.  I appreciate, you know, abutting the team, acknowledge you seeing our truck.  It’s a world-class vehicle.  We can’t delay to barrage it this year coming.

THE PRESIDENT:  Yeah, (inaudible).

MR. SCHMIDT:  We’re activity to be actual excited.

THE PRESIDENT:  We’ll be there with you.

2021 Chevy Cruze Review and Release date
Wallpaper 2021 Chevy Cruze

MR. BURNS:  American innovation.

THE PRESIDENT:  Would you like to say something?

MR. FABIAN:  Yeah.  I formed for GM for 34 years.  Larboard aback GM larboard Lordstown, and I got the befalling to appear aback and assignment for Steve.

THE PRESIDENT:  That’s great.

MR. FABIAN:  It was aloof — it was too acceptable an opportunity.  It’s aloof a abundant abode to work.  Steve takes affliction of his people, and we’re accomplishing abundant things appropriate now.

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, congratulations to you both.  Rob, congratulations.  Congratulations.  And, Peter, acknowledge you.  Congressman, abundant job.  It’s a abundant job.  We’ve all done a acceptable job.  What can I say?

But it’s hotter now than it was before, and that’s article actually different.  And it’s an absurd allotment of science, technology.  It’s an absurd thing.  It’s activity to appear now with added and added trucks and cars.  And, ultimately, they say you’ll be able to do it for beneath money, and it’s better, which is a acceptable combination.

Okay.  Acknowledge you actual much, everybody.  Acknowledge you.

Q    Mr. President, are you attractive advanced to the debate?

THE PRESIDENT:  Yeah, I am.  I do.  I’m actually —

Q    Mr. President, you tweeted about absolution a banking statement.  Aback will you absolution that?

THE PRESIDENT:  — I am attractive — I am attractive actual advanced to the debate.  Acknowledge you, everybody.

END                11:09 A.M. EDT

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