2021 Audi S7 Specs

2021 Audi S7

Sedans are declared to be over, at atomic in America. Alike in the affluence market, the bit-by-bit accepted acumen goes, buyers appetite SUVs. But that overlooks article obvious: automakers are alms added acceptable affluence sedans than anytime before, forth with affluence of abundant ones.

2021 Audi S7 Configurations
Model 2021 Audi S7

The Audi S7 is in that aggregation and the chat that came to apperception while I collection all over the New York and New Jersey suburbs, with a alley cruise befuddled in, was “magnificent.” But able magnificent. The S7 is subtle, but if you like your four-doors to adumbration at amplitude after absolutely debauchery it, this Audi is a advantageous accolade for a activity well-lived.

The S7 is the jazzier adaptation of the A7, which itself is a fastback abundance of the A6, the amount auto in Audi’s lineup. You can additionally footfall up to the RS7, which gives you a bigger motor — a V8, an advantage no best accessible for the S7 — and a aroma of Porsche-ness, accustomed that this belvedere shares a abiding with the Panamera on the VW ranch.

At $89,990 (as-tested), the S7 is expensive, but as far as the all-embracing affluence alehouse branch is concerned, the S7 is what I’d alarm “not too,” as in “not too fast,” “not too fancy,” and “not too sporty.” The S7 is a car for somebody who has fabricated it but isn’t absorbed in assuming off, but who brand a bit of acceleration and wants to point the advanced end at a bend and accept some fun.

And accustomed that one could absorb able-bodied over $90,000 for added cars aimed at such a customer, I’d additionally say the S7 is “not too” pricey, in its context.

Like best big Audi sedans, the S7 is acutely appealing. My “Navarra Blue Metallic” tester was gorgeous, and the “Rotor Gray” autogenous cooperated with the exoteric tones to accomplish for a bang package. I go annular and annular with fastbacks: Best of the time, I anticipate the bland ambit from the windshield to bear is the way to go, but afresh I attending about and see about every auto adopting the basal form, and I continued for a simple, collapsed block lid.

2021 Audi S7 History
New Review 2021 Audi S7

Not so with the S7. The fastback analysis gives this car a faculty of amaranthine motion from advanced to rear. The accomplished architecture suggests effortless flow. Declaring the S7’s administration “tailored” is a clichéd announcement of bespoke area metal (complete with a $1,750 “Black Optic” exoteric package), but actuality the cliché is apt. The 21-inch wheels, with a “V” design, were the ideal finishing touch.

Standing still, the S7 comes off as planted, but accessible to bound into action. For me, the S7 is too ample to be a accurate sports sedan, but it’s not badly plushed-out for controlling limo duty. The angel that consistently occurred to me was of a above Olympic-level decline skier, retired and confused to a acknowledged post-jock phase, but still able of arrest some boxy mountains.

Providing action is a 2.9-liter, twin-turbocharged V6, authoritative 444 application with 443 pound-feet of torque (I wondered if the absolute altitude was 443.49 and accordingly wasn’t angled up to the optically adorable 444 pound-feet, to bout the horsepower, a absolutely Germanic decision). The ability is piped to the allegorical Audi Quattro all-wheel-drive arrangement through a crisp-shifting eight-speed automatic, with paddles for chiral mode.

There’s additionally an electric, 48-volt, affected consecration assemblage added to the drivetrain, a affectionate of on-demand amalgam that bigger turbocharger performance. My 0-60 mph appraisal yielded about 4.5 seconds, affluence fast for this affectionate of car. Fuel economy, afire premium, is fair: 28 mpg highway, 18 city, and 22 combined, according to the EPA.

I collection the S7 to the Catskills and back, a adventure of about 250 afar annular trip, and alike with some dabbling about our burghal New Jersey analysis center, I didn’t cesspool the tank. That isn’t to say that the S7 is economical to operate. But for a auto organized about the ethics of ability and torque and all-wheel-drive, I was surprised.

2021 Audi S7 Configurations
Speed Test 2021 Audi S7

On the inside, the S7 is adequate after actuality smushy and affable after causeless bling. Some diamond-shaped adornment on the Valcona covering upholstery and a bit of affected ash-wood trim was all that proclaimed the four-door’s tax-bracket aspirations. Otherwise, the now-familiar Audi attitude that beneath is added was on exhibit. Except with the burden hold, which boasts a ample 25 cubic feet.

From the perforated, topstitched covering of the multifunction council caster to the ample yet not abundant rear seats to the across-the-board moonroof, the S7 fabricated me feel like I usually do in an Audi sedan: successful, but in no affection to accomplish a fuss about it. BMWs assignment adamantine to argue me that I’m a bigger disciplinarian than I am, and Mercedes cushion me in awe-inspiring materials, but Audis booty a form-follows-function access and accede how I ability best interface with the machine.

That doesn’t beggarly the S7 lacks annihilation on the belly front, but I’ll get to that in a second. For the moment, let’s dig into the tech, a defining aspect of this Audi and adumbrative of the brand’s cerebration about gadgetry.

The S7 combines Audi’s MMI infotainment arrangement with its “Virtual Cockpit” feature, enabling the disciplinarian to transform the agenda apparatus array into a large, customizable display. I like to set the appearance to the GPS map action so that my avenue is appropriate in advanced of me.

The axial infotainment touchscreen is big and responsive, and beneath it is a accessory touchscreen that can handle altitude ascendancy duties and transform into an ascribe interface for added functions. I’ve accomplished this blueprint before, but the S7 was my aboriginal able at application a fingertip-stylus address to accelerate the aeronautics arrangement instructions, and I apparent that it both works able-bodied and doesn’t crave the disciplinarian to booty his or her eyes off the road. You can author and beacon and the arrangement abstracts it out.

2021 Audi S7 Exterior
Model 2021 Audi S7

Beyond that, my S7 provided accessible Bluetooth pairing, USB connectivity for devices, wireless charging, and a Bang & Olufsen aberrant audio arrangement that articulate aberrant in the Audi’s environs. For what it’s worth, Audi’s arrangement won our Infotainment Arrangement of the Year accolade alert in a row, so it’s consistently been a standout. And if for whatever acumen you don’t like it, afresh there’s consistently Apple CarPlay or Android to abatement aback on.

The aftereffect with the Audi S7 is that I wouldn’t alarm this car youthful, but accepting an “S” rather than an “A” in its moniker and bringing some acceptable “Sportback”-ness (Audi’s appellation for fastbacks) to the affair makes the auto far from stodgy.

Is that abundant for acute drivers of cogent means? I’d say so, and because the S7 is so well-executed, axis to stern, the car ends up actuality array of addictive. I wasn’t captivated to blaze it up whenever I punched the start-stop button, but I looked advanced to accepting the elastic on the alley and savoring the S7’s freeway-cruising accomplishment that, with a flick of the drive-mode selector, could about-face to curve-wrangling activity for active driving.

I couldn’t acquisition anything, really, to accuse about, afar from the S7’s acute composure: if you’d like your car to, back asked, to accord you a bang in the pants, the S7 isn’t what you want. But let me acquaint you, it’s accessible to outgrow instability, no amount how thrilling. And if you anticipate the Audi S7 is activity to be all aged and mannered, anticipate again.

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