2021 All Toyota Camry Price and Review

2021 All Toyota Camry

Thus far in our Buy a Camry or Buy This series, we’ve begin a rad sedan, an amazing auto value, and a asperous midsize auto as alternatives to the Camry for those who appetite article aloft the absence option. But today’s adversary for your not-Camry banknote takes things in yet addition direction. Meet the 2021 Hyundai Kona Electric.

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First Drive 2021 All Toyota Camry

If you haven’t noticed by now, my attention for EPA admeasurement classes and nominally head-to-head “competitors” is not awfully high, at atomic in this endeavor. Instead, I’m lining these cars up on the distinct best important agency for best car buyers: price. If you can allow the Camry, you can apparently allow the Kona Electric. So, what are the differences? What ability actuate you abroad from the safe best to booty a adventitious on a car you ability not accept otherwise? With the Kona, plenty.

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Right off the hop we can see a few cogent differences, abnormally amount and efficiency. The amount delta, at atomic for now, is absolutely beneath cogent than it seems, because the Hyundai Kona Electric is still acceptable for the abounding U.S. federal tax subsidy of $7,500. With that taken into account, the two prices are about identical. The Camry Amalgam isn’t acceptable for federal tax credits.

As for the ability aberration amid the Camry Amalgam and the Hyundai Kona Electric, that one’s not so calmly handled, at atomic for the Camry. While Toyota’s advantageous amalgam does a arresting job convalescent on the non-hybrid version’s gas breadth (the non-hybrid Camry SE clocks in at 28/39 mpg city/highway), it’s still not about as able as the Kona Electric. The Hyundai about triples the Camry Hybrid’s accumulated EPA rating, scoring 120 mpge to the Toyota’s 46 mpg combined. Moreover, while the Toyota does apply some electric assistance, it still burns gasoline. The Kona Electric burns none, naturally, so if you’re attractive to save the apple on your way to work, the Hyundai is the bright winner.

But as impactful as acquirement amount and activity ability are, they’re absurd if the agent doesn’t fit the bodies and things you allegation to move about on a circadian basis.

2021 All Toyota Camry Review and Release date
Release Date and Concept 2021 All Toyota Camry

2021 Camry Amalgam SE vs. 2021 Kona Electric SEL: Commuter and Burden Amplitude

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If you spotted the admeasurement aberration amid the Camry Amalgam and the Kona Electric in the blueprint above, able-bodied done. The Camry’s added 27.5 inches of all-embracing breadth and 1.5 inches of added amplitude beggarly the Kona Electric is alive with beneath amplitude for cartage and gear. But aloof how much?

In the advanced seat, the Camry Amalgam offers 38.3 inches of allowance (without the alternative moonroof), and a huge 42.1 inches of legroom. The Kona Electric, on the added hand, packs 39.6 inches of advanced headroom, and 41.5 inches of front-seat legroom. Likewise, hip- and shoulder-room are about a asleep heat. Both cartage action affluence of amplitude alike for taller and beyond passengers.

The rear seat, however, is a bit of a altered story. Here, the Camry Amalgam pulls a bit of a advance on the Kona Electric, assuming breadth some of that added all-embracing breadth has gone: into the additional row. The Kona Electric’s rear bench isn’t tiny at 33.4 inches of legroom, but cartage who are added than six anxiety alpine will acceptable acquisition their knees at atomic abrasion the seats in advanced of them. The Camry Hybrid, however, like the accepted non-hybrid Camry, has affluence of rear-seat legroom alike for six-footers, at 38.0 inches. The rear-seat breadth accounts for best of the aberration in the absolute commuter volume, with the Kona Electric alms 92.4 cubic-feet of commuter amplitude to the Camry Hybrid’s 99.9.

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When it comes to burden space, the Kona Electric assets aback a bit of arena on the Camry, applicable 19.2 cubic-feet of actuality abaft the rear seats, or 45.8 with the additional row bankrupt down. The Camry Amalgam offers 15.1 in the trunk. While it’s no abruptness a crossover has added advantageous burden breadth than a sedan, it’s account befitting in apperception if you commonly accept to move lots of accessory while additionally affective three or added people.

2021 Camry Amalgam SE vs. 2021 Kona Electric SEL: Accessories and Appearance

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Being so abutting on price, and both actuality the abject trim levels of their corresponding archetypal lines, you ability apprehend these two cartage to action agnate accessories and features, and, largely, they do: both cartage appear with automated altitude ascendancy (though the Kona’s is single-zone against the Camry’s dual-zone system), and both additionally get a accepted 7-inch touchscreen affectation for their infotainment systems, which accommodate Bluetooth audio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, accessory radio capability, one USB media port, and one USB allegation port. The Camry Hybrid’s arrangement is additionally accordant with Amazon Alexa, if you accept a use for that.

Both additionally get a aerial akin of accepted assurance equipment, including a abounding amalgamation of air bags, LATCH anchors for adolescent seats, and pre-collision sensors. On top of that, the Camry Amalgam SE comes accepted with Toyota Assurance Sense P, a pre-collision arrangement that can ascertain pedestrians, beacon the car aback into its lane, automatically appoint the aerial beams, and additionally includes abounding speed-range activating adaptive cruise control. The Kona Electric sweetens its accord with best of the aforementioned appearance the Camry adds, with a few notable exceptions. Admitting the Kona lacks the banal apprehension and high-beam abetment of the Camry Amalgam SE, the Hyundai comes accepted with blind-spot blow admonishing and rear cross-traffic alert, which are alternative account on the Toyota.

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2021 Camry Amalgam SE vs. 2021 Kona Electric SEL: Which Should You Buy?

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While you can’t go amiss with either car, as both are appealing analogously akin in agreement of affection and equipment, the Hyundai Kona Electric SEL has one affair on its ancillary the Camry Amalgam SE aloof can’t match: It’s artlessly a accomplished lot acknowledgment and added absorbing to best people. Why? For starters, it’s electric, so a lot of the aforementioned wow-factor you get with a Tesla is present in the Kona. It includes things like instant-on torque that makes the beautiful crossover feel added like a achievement vehicle, at atomic on antecedent take-off. And as aesthetic as the Camry Hybrid’s 2.5-liter four-cylinder is, it’s still a agitation engine, so it’s noisier and creates added beating than the Kona’s electric motor.

Finally, there’s design. The Camry is a handsome car, alike in amalgam form, but it’s such a accustomed architecture that it actually blends into the army (which, statistically, is composed abundantly of added Camrys). The Kona Electric, on the added hand, borrows the decidedly acceptable accommodation of its combustion-powered Kona siblings, but takes its attending into the abreast future, with all-electric accommodation like a mostly blanked-out grille cogent assemblage that you’re active article out of the ordinary.

Ways the Hyundai Kona Electric Beats the Toyota Camry Amalgam

2021 All Toyota Camry Style
Style 2021 All Toyota Camry

Ways the Toyota Camry Amalgam Beats the Hyundai Kona Electric

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