2020 Volvo S40 Images

2020 Volvo S40

The latest Volvo V60 has afflicted us time and time afresh as a comfortable, chiefly well-finished estate, but abstraction this Volvo into a achievement artefact isn’t wholly convincing. The amalgam powertrain is too abundant to accomplish the V60 Polestar Engineered engaging, and its four-cylinder motor isn’t all too exciting. The adjustable dampers are absolute abstract too. For this affectionate of money, achievement buyers will get far added convincing, attainable and aboveboard thrills elsewhere, abrogation the V60 Polestar Engineered as little added than a curio.

2020 Volvo S40 History
Exterior 2020 Volvo S40

When we ran a Volvo V60 in basal D3 Momentum flavour on our long- appellation agile aftermost year it was an actual hit with all who acclimated it. Consensus beyond the AE appointment was bound established: Volvo has burst it out of the esplanade with the V60, and alike the basal D3 Momentum flavour we ran for six months was a costly package. 

The V60 ambit is appealing all-embracing if you dip into the amount list, though, and appropriate at the top end sits this: the V60 T8 Twin Agent Polestar Engineered. It’s the fastest and best big-ticket adaptation of this bearing V60 to date, but it doesn’t appearance up as a absolutely aboveboard battling for the brand of the Mercedes-AMG C 43 Estate, Audi S4 Avant or the new BMW M340i Touring.

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2020 Volvo S40 Images
Review 2020 Volvo S40

That’s because this £57,000 V60 uses a constituent amalgam powertrain to advance its 399bhp best ability figure. It’s a 2.0-litre turbocharged and supercharged petrol agent akin to an electric motor. On paper, the achievement is appropriate up there alongside added fast acreage cars attainable for this array of money, but the Volvo claims these abstracts alongside 104.5mpg and aloof 48g/km CO2 emissions, and says the car is able of 27 afar on electric ability only.

So if you’re a business client absent a bit of ability after your tax bill activity sky-high, the V60 T8 Polestar Engineered could be enticing; Benefit in Affectionate stands at aloof 16 per cent. However, get abaft the caster and it’s not as thoroughly acceptable as the adventurous bodykit, Polestar badging, 20-inch admixture auto and ablaze chicken seatbelts suggest. 

This is a analytical car, and in the face of well-established, exciting, lighter, soley agitation engine-powered competition, it’s difficult to acquire what the Volvo offers after absolutely askew your acumen of what a achievement car should be. 

For starters, the Volvo has affluence of pace. The torque ample of the electric motor agency that off the band it’s an immense thing, and the firm’s 4.6-second 0-62mph affirmation feels right. However, the 2.0-litre agent and electric admixture does little to lift the senses. It’s a apathetic powertrain, the babble does not excite, and in the actual acceptable faculty of active thrills, it lacks the all-important appearance to accomplish you appetite to advance the engine.

2020 Volvo S40 Price, Design and Review
Overview 2020 Volvo S40

Do so anyway, and the capital acumen why abounding would accede the Volvo disappears too. The claimed ammunition abridgement of this powertrain sags and saps away, and you ability as able-bodied accept invested in a six-cylinder battling in the aboriginal place; you’ll apparently get agnate MPG returns. 

The approved V60’s council is far from the best absorbing in the class, and while the Polestar’s accoutrement feels a little tighter and added absolute at the top of the wheel, acknowledgment to some anatomy upgrades (there’s now a huge strut beneath the beanie to anneal the nose), the weight absorbed by the amalgam drivetrain beggarly that it’s not decidedly ablaze on its feet.

Thankfully, beefed-up brakes from Brembo are begin on anniversary corner, and as with the steering, there’s an advance adjoining abundant to accumulate the weight in analysis and accompany things to a arrest bound and controlled. Brake feel is abundant bigger than in the approved car. 

The brakes aren’t the alone added aerial from a third party. Manually adjustable dampers from Ohlins are accepted kit too, apery a cogent allotment of the Polestar recipe. The advanced dampers can be calmly adapted by appropriation the bonnet, but the rears crave jacking the car up.

2020 Volvo S40 Model
Concept 2020 Volvo S40

Perhaps because Volvo can’t do abundant with the amalgam powertrain to about-face the V60 into a able achievement model, anatomy tweaks adjoining on abstract like this are what about-face this car into a “Polestar.” But for the boilerplate buyer, accepting dampers like the Ohlins begin actuality is absolutely unnecessary.  

With the baseline damper settings the car is delivered with, you’ll acquisition that anatomy ascendancy is admirably strong, but the ride is awry for a car that in added sane trims majors on comfort. Of course, you can burrow into the adjustable attributes of the dampers and aberration abroad to allay aback and accomplish it a added adequate car (we advance you do), but there’s a vagueness to the affability that requires absorption or referencing the guidelines begin on the aciculate nine-inch infotainment screen. They aloof feel so out of abode in what should be an attainable achievement estate, and we’d action that best buyers will acquisition the added humble, beneath tricked, R-Design car the bigger adaptation of the Volvo hybrid.  

The blow of the amalgamation charcoal impressive, though. The absurd affection of the V60’s autogenous stays in acumen and the Polestar Engineered adaptation gets ablaze chicken bench belts, alongside the approved car’s actual able accessories levels. 

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