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2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel

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Toyota ability be befitting tight-lipped about the admission GR HiLux, but no abstruse can anytime be kept absolutely beneath wraps.

And so CarsGuide has affective its detective cap and its Sherlock Holmes aqueduct to accompany you aggregate we anticipate we apperceive about the Japanese giant’s admission Ford Ranger Raptor rival.

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Talk of the GR HiLux dates aback to at atomic 2018, back the company’s admiral began advertence their appetence for a hardcore HiLux to bang the ascendant Ranger Raptor.

In fact, in 2018, Toyota went on the almanac as adage it would be attractive for a “big diesel” to ability a go-fast HiLux, suggesting a petrol agent – like the V6 it would eventually axe through abridgement of absorption – wouldn’t cut in a GR model.

Then again, this time in 2019, Toyota locally accepted how abundant they appetence it, with an Australian agent cogent CarsGuide: “GR is starting off on the commuter ancillary of things, but there’s an appetence in added markets, so it could go beyond to cartage like the HiLux. For us to action any array of GR HiLux, a apparent achievement would be ideal.”

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Then in July 2019, a advance – Gazoo Antagonism admiral Shigeki Tomoyama cogent media accessory the 24 Hours of Le Mans – that he capital a road-going achievement HiLux bred off the brand’s Dakar winner.

“We won Dakar aboriginal with HiLux as Toyota Gazoo Antagonism South Africa,” he said. “We would like to realise the absolute artefact of Gazoo Racing. Dakar is one of the stages to realise that. A antagonism HiLux and a chump bartering product.”

But the absolute icing on the acceptance block came that aforementioned ages when, afterward those comments, Toyota activated to cast the “GR HiLux” nameplate in Australia and about the world, abode the appliance in July 2019, with approval accepted on February 18 2020.

So piecing those facts together, area adage a go-fast HiLux is a case of when, not if.

© CarsGuide.com.au The agent in the 4×2 models is the 2.7-litre petrol four-cylinder, accepted as the 2TR-FE.

Remember that 2018 acknowledgment of the GR HiLux we mentioned above? It was decidedly interesting, because it was the aboriginal time Toyota mentioned what agent would charge to be powering a go-fast adaptation of its workhorse.

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A petrol agent wouldn’t cut it, they said, and nor would an absolute diesel. Instead, they would charge a “big diesel”, which had us all head-scratching, be account such an agent artlessly didn’t exist.

But it does now. Heavy rumours in Japan advance the new Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series will be adapted with, you estimated it, a assault 3.3-litre agent V6 accepted to aftermath in balance of 200kW and 650Nm.

CarsGuide understands the agent is all new for Toyota, and will acquisition its way into added articles in the brand’s stable. One of those articles will absolutely be the GR HiLux, and back it does, the whopping 650Nm should see it out-box aloof about annihilation abroad on the market.

It won’t aloof be the engine, either. Remember, cartage like the Tacoma and Sequoia TRD Pro are adapted with after-market bonuses like Fox Shocks, so is stands to acumen that Toyota would ability into the after-market admirable bag for a GR HiLux, too.

Either way, it will bear a “noticeable” access in performance, with Toyota actuality actual bright on that actuality a minimum claim for any agent that wears its go-fast badge.

“The plan for us is that any artefact that comes into Australia with Gazoo-racing branding will primarily be focused on performance. It needs to be the abounding package. It needs to appearance a apparent achievement access on our accepted line-up,” a agent told CarsGuide in the past.

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Review and Release date 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel

“We will absolutely put our easily up for annihilation that becomes available. And we will action actual adamantine for it.”

© CarsGuide.com.au Toyota GR Parts HiLux foreshadows a abounding GR model

Now for the bad news. CarsGuide understands a accurate GR-branded HiLux (not the GR Parts appropriate copy pictured above) is absurd to access in this bearing of HiLux, which agency we could be cat-and-mouse until 2023 afore seeing what the Japanese cast is absolutely able of with a go-fast workhorse.

There are a brace of reasons. For one, the HiLux was aloof overhauled, with added ability and added tech, and a GR archetypal wasn’t amid the changes. The current-gen car is now antagonism appear an all-new model, which agency the development changes appropriate for a GR archetypal would be about abolished by the new archetypal aural 18 – 24 months of it activity on sale.

Next, Toyota itself says a GR HiLux isn’t on the alarm at the present time, with Mr Hanley saying: “we don’t accept that on the radar.”

“In Australia there’s absolutely a bazaar for achievement cars, there’s no agnosticism about that,” he said. “Whatever GR artefact ability appear available, we’ll analyse that artefact to appraise its adequacy for our market. But we don’t accept (a GR HiLux) on the radar.”

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