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Rocket 3.1 takes off Friday black from Kodiak, Alaska.

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The rocket’s antecedent flight off the pad looked smooth.

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But at about 15 abnormal or so into the flight, it began to acutely oscillate.

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Astra set up its rocket with a aggregation of aloof six people.

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John Kraus for Astra

This was the company’s added attack to barrage the vehicle.

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Astra uses adaptable basement for arena systems equipment.

John Kraus for Astra

After months of abstruse and acclimate delays, Astra launched its aboriginal alternate rocket on Friday night from a spaceport in southern Alaska.

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The stubby, baby rocket’s bristles capital engines lit several abnormal afore liftoff, and again the booster called Rocket 3.1 began to ascend into the deepening black sky. Rocket 3.1 appeared to ascend beeline and accurate for about 15 abnormal afore it began to amplitude aback and alternating a little bit.

Later, the company’s co-founder and arch technology officer, Adam London, would explain that a botheration with the rocket’s computerized advice arrangement alien a slight cycle oscillation. As this happened, the agent began to alluvion abroad from its planned trajectory.

At that point, it appeared as admitting the advice arrangement may be able to bedew the roll, but the rocket was accepting alarmingly abutting to casual alfresco of its controlled flight area. To anticipate the rocket from potentially falling into a adequate area, therefore, it was allowable to shut bottomward its engines. They had austere for about 30 seconds, or a little beneath than one-quarter of the planned first-stage burn.

“Overall, we’re appealing admiring with what we accept learned,” London said on Saturday during a teleconference with reporters.

Based aloft a basic analysis of data, Astra admiral said they accept the botheration occurred due to a flight software botheration rather than an affair with the rocket’s first-stage hardware. Engineers with the California-based aggregation plan to conduct an “extensive” analysis to ensure they accept the basis account of the failure.

Prior to the launch, Astra was absolutely bright that it did not apprehend this mission—which agitated no payload—to ability orbit. The company’s aesthetics is that the best way to advance a rocket quickly, and at low cost, is to analysis its booster in flight. The aggregation affairs to ability apogee on the third of three analysis flights, and its arch executive, Chris Kemp, said Friday night’s barrage attack keeps Astra on this path.

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“This rocket is a absolutely new system, none of this has anytime aureate before,” Kemp said. “There’s about not a distinct allotment on this rocket that has anytime flown. This is a absurd result.”

Founded in October 2016, Astra has bound its expenditures to date to about $100 million, in allotment by befitting its arch calculation to a little added than 100 people. Kemp said the aggregation advancing abortion because the best way to get abstracts about the rocket’s achievement is not to accomplish amaranthine simulations on the ground—the company’s tests of its advice and aeronautics arrangement absent the cycle issue—but rather to analysis accouterments in flight.

“For us, what’s big-ticket is not learning,” he said. “This is one of the things that is actual adamantine to analysis on the ground.”

Armed with added data, the Astra aggregation will now adapt Rocket 3.2 for a flight test. This booster is already actuality accumulated at the company’s branch in Alameda, California. The aboriginal date for Rocket 3.2 is agnate to its predecessor, but the aggregation has upgraded its added date to accord it a bigger adventitious of extensive orbit. This flight could appear “real soon,” Kemp said.

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