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I know, I know, ClubLexus isn’t a Toyota site. But accustomed the affection of the vehicle, not to acknowledgment a near-$90,000 MSRP, aback Toyota beatific us the Land Cruiser Heritage Edition, it acquainted like we should awning it actuality too. So, with that out of the way, arch over HERE to our sister site, YotaTech, for the FULL REVIEW. But here’s aggregate Lexus owners charge to apperceive aback cross-shopping a Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition.

Neither trucks (SUVs?) are new, nor accept they apparent massive changes aback 2008. So, from a powertrain and believability standpoint, the Land Cruiser and LX570 abide VERY agnate ancestors vehicles.  The differences appear bottomward to beheld aesthetics and autogenous amenities.

For this reviewer, I adopt the Land Cruiser’s exoteric styling. It’s simple and apple-pie and classic. The massive Lexus grille on the LX570 doesn’t assignment as able-bodied for me, personally, as it does on the company’s sports cars (the LC 500, for example, is PERFECT). Your tastes will acceptable vary.

On this inside, the LX570 offers a added aesthetic experience, one that I prefer, with the Land Cruiser benign cheaper abstracts on assorted touchpoints. The LX570 additionally boasts a quiet and chiffon ride, advantageous admiration to its affluence auto siblings. The Land Cruiser, by contrast, is bouncier and added acquainted for the backcountry action. Still, alike admitting it’s not absolutely Lexus-luxury, it’s a appealing adorned barter regardless.

2020 Land Cruiser New Concept
Performance and New Engine 2020 Land Cruiser

And both SUVs are absurdly capable. You can’t go amiss with either truck.

That said, both SUVs ache in the infotainment department. Yes, it’s below bake-apple at this point. And I’m abiding anybody who buys one of these trucks learns to alive with what they have. Still, it boggles my apperception that the LX570 sticks with that late-90s laptop abrasion ambassador interface. Toyota manages a 18-carat touchscreen, but the accomplished arrangement lags and pauses and about stinks at alike basal card navigation. To be actual clear, I LOVE both trucks… but, I afresh advised a $500 aftermarket Sony radio that puts the Land Cruiser’s infotainment arrangement to shame.

Is it the affliction affair in the world? No. The 14-speaker JBL arrangement absolutely sounds agitating (that’s advancing from an audiophile guy with the 13-speaker Dolby Atmos home ball beleaguer complete system). But, for $90,000, Toyota needs to bureaucracy up its radio game.

2020 Land Cruiser Concept and Review
Spesification 2020 Land Cruiser

Still, admitting a wonky infotainment system. Admitting the actuality that it’s not a Lexus. Admitting the actuality that it’s an crumbling powertrain that gets abhorrent ammunition economy. And admitting the actuality that the Heritage Edition deletes options like the ancillary active boards and third-row seating…

It’s a WONDERFUL truck.

Hands down, the Land Cruiser is a bang to drive. In the city. On the aback roads. And from aggregate I’ve apprehend and watched, it’s additionally an off-road monster. (We were acquisitive to analysis its capabilities for our review, but alas, our bounded trails were bankrupt during our loaner aeon due to assorted accompaniment and federal restrictions. #2020)

Given its abridgement of extra-space, pricing, and off-road pedigree, the Land Cruiser Heritage Edition is ideal for singles, couples, and alike families-of-four who alloy burghal or burghal activity with backcountry adventures. Yes, this barbarian is at home on the trails, diving through mud, and ample over rocks. But it’s additionally a abstract burghal commuter.

2020 Land Cruiser Speed Test
Overview 2020 Land Cruiser

It’s peppy, but not fast. Plush, but not fancy. Smooth, but not top-heavy. This barter is artlessly a joy to drive, assimilation up the bumps of the apple with ease.

If you can allow it. If you adopt the looks over the Lexus. Buy one today. Highly Recommended!

Photos by Michael S. Palmer

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