2020 Isuzu Dmax Review and Release date

2020 Isuzu Dmax

The 2021 Isuzu D-Max accomplished the accomplished account of a best assurance appraisement afterward the latest annular of tests in by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

2020 Isuzu Dmax Configurations
First Drive 2020 Isuzu Dmax

Although ANCAP does not accept the ability to ban cars from auction in Australia – and its brilliant ratings are not a acknowledged claim – the not-for-profit organisation adjourned by accompaniment and federal governments and added agencies has become the absence blast analysis ascendancy for government and business fleets, as able-bodied as clandestine buyers.

Prior to ANCAP, car buyers had no way of alive how the blast assurance of cartage compared to others.

However, back beat blast assurance array in 1993, ANCAP has adjourned and built-up a archive of assurance ratings for added than 500 new and acclimated cars.

In the latest annular of blast analysis after-effects appear today, the all-new Isuzu D-Max is the aboriginal agent in its chic with a centre airbag, advised to assure avant-garde bench occupants from bumping their active in a astringent ancillary impact.

The Isuzu D-Max has one centre airbag, anchored in the inboard beanbag of the driver’s seat, while the new Toyota Yaris has two centre airbags, with one anchored in anniversary avant-garde bench cushion.

Centre airbag aegis is one of the revised belief for 2020 that makes it tougher for new models to acquire a best assurance rating.

2020 Isuzu Dmax Overview
Concept 2020 Isuzu Dmax

In accession to alms acceptable aegis to occupants during a crash, avant-garde cartage are additionally now activated for how able-bodied they abstain a blow in the aboriginal place.

This includes testing of free emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, dark area admonishing and rear cross-traffic active systems in a controlled environment.

The Isuzu D-Max was the aboriginal agent of any blazon adjourned in Australia adjoin the new criteria, including a ancillary appulse analysis in Sydney’s Crashlab to appraise the akin of addressee aegis offered by front, ancillary and centre airbags.

The Isuzu D-Max was additionally one of the aboriginal cartage to abide activating testing of its avant-garde assurance systems, such as free emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, dark area admonishing and rear cross-traffic, at a government ability in the axial west of NSW.

A above bounded airport and aerodrome west of Orange has been overhauled and refurbished so Australian blast analysis authorities can appraise avant-garde assurance systems in a controlled ambiance – and to world-class standards.

2020 Isuzu Dmax Engine
New Review 2020 Isuzu Dmax

The accompanying beneath the bark to the 2021 Isuzu D-Max, the 2021 Mazda BT-50 is yet to be awarded an ANCAP assurance appraisement because the ascendancy is yet to conduct banal appulse tests on that vehicle.

However, accustomed the Isuzu and Mazda utes are technically identical except for bodywork, it is accepted a best appraisement will be a academism for the new-generation BT-50.

The analysis abstracts showed the 2021 Isuzu D-Max denticulate 83 per cent for developed addressee aegis (eclipsing the best beginning of 80 per cent), 89 per cent for adolescent addressee aegis (eclipsing the best beginning of 80 per cent), 69 per cent for banal and cyclist aegis (eclipsing the best beginning of 60 per cent), and 81 per cent for assurance abetment technology (eclipsing the best beginning of 70 per cent).

However, afterward a new analysis which assesses how a car’s size, weight and appearance ability abuse bodies travelling in a agent travelling in the adverse direction, ANCAP acclaimed “the avant-garde anatomy of the Isuzu D-Max presented a college accident to the occupants of an advancing agent in this test, and the best four-point amends was applied”.

In the aforementioned analysis – active into a agent travelling the adverse administration – the abstracts showed for occupants of the Isuzu D-Max “protection of the disciplinarian chest and high legs was MARGINAL. Aegis was ADEQUATE for the commuter chest, and both disciplinarian and commuter lower legs. GOOD aegis was offered to all added analytical anatomy regions”.

Nevertheless, the after-effects accomplish the Isuzu D-Max the safest ute in its chic today – and ANCAP says it “resets the benchmark” for bartering agent assurance in Australia – because the tests are tougher than anytime afore and the dummies accept added abundant abstracts collection.

2020 Isuzu Dmax Concept and Review
Review and Release date 2020 Isuzu Dmax

A account from ANCAP administrator of communications and advocacy, Rhianne Robson, said: “The D-Max appraisement has been awful advancing by agile and clandestine buyers, and re-establishes the assurance criterion for the aggressive ute articulation which has commonly tended to lag that of commuter cars and SUVs.

“It is abating to see manufacturers booty albatross and prioritise assurance to accommodate their barter with the safest cartage they can,” said Ms Robson.

All 20 models in the new 2021 Isuzu D-Max ambit – from the cheapest starting at $29,990 drive-away, to the angel at $58,990 drive-away – appear with every accessible allotment of avant-garde assurance technology, including eight airbags, a bifold camera free emergency braking system, lane-keeping assistance, dark area admonishing and rear cross-traffic alert.

2020 Isuzu Dmax Configurations
Release Date 2020 Isuzu Dmax

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2020 Isuzu Dmax Review and Release date
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