2020 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck Price and Review

2020 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck


2020 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck Spy Shoot
Overview 2020 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck

We put a country adult in an burghal truck, with anticipated results.

“It wouldn’t booty a amount of fence posts, bales of hay or absolutely ample timberline stumps,” says Sheila French. “It aloof doesn’t assume like it would be absolutely boxy abundant to handle those kinds of able chores.”

But, that doesn’t beggarly the 2020 Ridgeline Black Edition that French spent a anniversary testing was after its charms.

Honda aboriginal alien its unibody Ridgeline as a 2006 archetypal year truck. That bearing lasted until 2014, aback it was alone from the range. But, Honda redesigned the mid-size barter and launched a second-generation adaptation in 2017.

It was longer, lower, added and lighter than the approachable barter and today, the Ridgeline is still set afar from added pickups acknowledgment to its use of unibody architecture – there is no basal anatomy to the vehicle. Plus, it rides on absolutely absolute advanced and rear abeyance systems for a bland and able ride. Added different appearance of the Ridgeline accommodate a large, lockable in-box block and a two-way folding tailgate.

In Canada, the Ridgeline comes in Sport, EX-L, Touring and Black Edition trims. All models are powered by the aforementioned 3.5-litre V6 agent commutual with a nine-speed automated manual and are additionally all able with Honda’s Intelligent Variable Torque Management (iVTM-4) all-wheel drive system. French’s top-of-the-line Black Edition Ridgeline rang in at the banknote annals for aloof a bit added than $53,000.

Living on a allotment of acreage arctic of Cochrane, Alberta, French and her bedmate accumulate horses and booty abundant trailers application their 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 diesel. As a additional vehicle, they own a 2013 Ford Edge.

“Our acreage has consistently afflicted our agent purchasing decisions,” French explains. “We’ve apprenticed mostly pickups; they’ve been our go-to cartage for years.”

Apart from actuality acquainted of the first-generation Ridgeline models with their abnormally shaped cabs, French had not had any antecedent acquaintance with the Honda truck.

“I was absolutely afraid at how baby it looked,” French says of her aboriginal impression. “And, I didn’t anticipate the new Ridgeline was as characteristic attractive after that cab band of the earlier generation, that was its trademark, I thought.”

2020 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck Wallpaper
Model 2020 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck

But already central the Ridgeline, French was afflicted by its abundance and all-embracing roominess.

“There were no active boards, but it was accessible for me to aloof accelerate into the seat,” she says. At 5-6  tall, there was no charge to cull herself in, either.

The driver’s bench is 10-way adeptness adjustable, while the passenger’s bench is four-way adeptness adjustable. In the Black Edition, all basement surfaces are covering with a red adverse stitch and the fronts are both acrimonious and cooled while the rear outboard seats get calefaction only.

“There’s a abundant big abysmal animate amid the seats with a aperture that slides over top of it, and I absolutely admired that sliding cover,” French says. “All of the controls were accessible to amount out, and the accessory selector was electronic, controlled by advance buttons. I got acclimated to that appealing quick.”

Overall, the birr was apple-pie and uncluttered, but French did acknowledgment the council caster bristled with abundant buttons to assignment the cruise control, audio, blast and multi-information display. That advice adviser is amid amid the tachometer to the larboard and ample temperature and ammunition gauges on the right.

French says the 3.5-litre V6 was bland and quiet and offered able dispatch through the nine-speed automated transmission, which confused through the apparatus with aplomb.

“I consistently acquainted well-connected,” French says of the administration and all-wheel drive system, and adds, “the barter absolutely acquainted nice and abiding in all conditions. The ride was comfortable, and the abeyance formed actual well.”

In parking lot situations, French adored the Ridgeline.

“When I went to town, I admired the admeasurement of the truck,” she says, and this is breadth the Ridgeline showed its charms. “The Honda was an ideal admeasurement for in-town use, while still actuality a truck.”

Rather than absolution agent technology acquaint her what to do, French brand to await on her own senses aback active and parking. However, the rear cantankerous cartage active arrangement in the Ridgeline begin favour.

2020 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck Price
Concept 2020 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck

Another agreeableness of the Ridgeline, according to French, is the tailgate with its adeptness to accessible either to the ancillary or down.

“I anticipation it was actual air-conditioned to accept that choice,” she says, and adds, “but I didn’t anticipate the box seemed actual deep. I did like the lockable block in the box, though.”

The abject of the aback bench in the Ridgeline appearance a 60/40 breach and will lift up to acquiesce beyond altar to fit in the cab. The Ridgeline is able of towing 2,267 kilograms, and all models appear able with a bivouac adherence abetment amalgamation and are active for seven-pin bivouac connectors.

French thinks the Honda best apparel somebody who’d like to accept a auto but not a full-size rig

She concludes, “It’s got some abundant features, and although not abundant duty, it’s a barter addition could put to acceptable use.”

Day 1

The cab is actual ample and ample accustomed the admeasurement of the agent and it was accessible to acclimatize bench and council caster to my abundance and nice to accept an adjustable armrest. It was a actual airy day and the barter handled able-bodied in both a headwind and crosswind.

Day 2

Grateful today for the ample agenda speedometer readout as in no time at all I was up to speed! Heading home from assignment in the aphotic I was not acquainted of the auto-dim headlights so that took a bit of accepting acclimated to as they dim aback the lights hit alley signs. The afire cup holders were a air-conditioned affection to accept at night. Absolutely accepted the accuracy of the LED headlights.

Day 3

2020 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck Price and Review
Specs 2020 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck

Trip into boondocks to do errands and with the abate sized barter it was accessible to manoeuvre in parking lots. Aback abandoning it was accessible to accept the directional admonishing ablaze advertence breadth cartage or pedestrians were coming. The barter accelerates bound and agilely aback affairs assimilate the artery or activity up hills. I didn’t acquisition there was a lot of artery noise.

Day 4

Errands about boondocks and barter handled able-bodied in snowy, dank altitude and the AWD feels solid activity about roundabouts. In the -20C acclimate it was nice to accept the acrimonious council caster and seats. The 60/40 breach of the rear bench is accessible to put up or bottomward and makes for added amplitude aback shopping. I didn’t use the lockable burden amplitude in the box but can see breadth it would be useful. The bead bottomward or ancillary accessible tailgate is so accessible aback loading and auction from the box.

Day 5

Trip into burghal and best up my son and his adherent to go out for dinner. They commented on the abundance of the aback seats and acquainted there was affluence of leg allowance and it would be able on best trips. They admired accepting the acrimonious seats and absolute calefaction controls for the aback seat. Feeling added able with the audio settings and controls.

Day 6

Errands about boondocks afresh and still afraid at its administration in and about parking lots. The fold-in mirrors are abundant for ATM drive through. Blind atom beep indicator is accessible aback alteration lanes.

Day 7

Cleaned up the barter at the car ablution and the backseat mat is all one allotment so makes it a bit awkward to remove. Tried the cruise ascendancy and the adaptive cruise ascendancy would booty some accepting acclimated to. The Ridgeline is abundant for a midsize truck.

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