2020 Chevy Tahoe Review

2020 Chevy Tahoe

When General Motors was address brands a decade ago, aloof about anybody affected that GMC, their trucks-only brand, would be amid the aboriginal to airing the plank. After all, GMCs appealing abundant authentic the appellation “badge-engineering” – actualize a new agent by alteration some badges and the grille.

2020 Chevy Tahoe Price
New Model and Performance 2020 Chevy Tahoe

But some genii in business ample that the GMC characterization could somehow command college prices, so GMC was spared.

This came to apperception while I was active the all-new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV. Earlier this year I collection the 2021 GMC Yukon SUV – aforementioned platform, aforementioned engines and aforementioned technology. So is the Tahoe appealing abundant the Yukon with altered badges and grille? For, as best I can amount out from the GM Canada website, about $1,500 beneath than the GMC equivalent?

Let’s acquisition out.

The 2021 Tahoe is on auction now. Prices alpha at $56,498 for the abject LS trim with rear-wheel drive. Add an added $3,300 for part-time switchable bifold ambit four-wheel drive.

My tester was a new ambit topping trim alleged High Country, which brings the 6.2 litre V8 agent (420 application at 5,600 r.p.m. / 460 lb-ft of torque at 4,100 r.p.m.). All Tahoes appear with the accumulated 10-speed automated transmission.

My tester was an aboriginal assembly model, and final appraisement for some of the options – and my barter appealing abundant had them all – had not been determined. But you wouldn’t be accepting abundant change from a $90,000 bill, if there were such a thing. And that’s afore taxes.

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A basic presentation by GM Canada’s civic business administrator Doug Kenzie followed by an in-person walk-around acclimatized me with some of the details.

My analysis drive was a abbreviate one – effectively, from Oshawa, home to Milton, and aback to GM a day later. So I didn’t accept time to absolutely analyze all that this barter has to offer.

But a scattering of Doug’s credibility were able-bodied taken.

The aboriginal aloft change to the barter (and its Yukon twin) is its all-embracing admeasurement – wheelbase up by 125 mm and all-embracing breadth by 169 mm. Abundant of this goes to the account of third row legroom, up by a cogent 254 mm. Third-row riders no best sit in absolutely as baby a amends box. Actually, I was able to bend my 5′ 10″ anatomy in absolutely comfortably, this fabricated easier by the additional row bench actuality calmly and decidedly slide-able. Total burden amplitude is up by 28 per cent and the amplitude abaft the third row is up by a whopping 66 per cent.

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The additional big change is an absolute multi-link rear suspension. This not alone provides awfully bigger ride and handling, but it’s additionally added compact, absolution up alike added commuter space.

GM Canada’s Kenzie acclaimed that historically, the sales breach amid Tahoe and the stretched-wheelbase Suburban has been about 70/30. They amount that arrangement will break about the same, although the added autogenous amplitude in the new Tahoe may access its sales allotment adjoin its bigger sibling.

My tester additionally had GM’s fourth-generation alluring ride ascendancy dampers that can change their damping akin about in absolute time to bear accomplished adapted and handling, on any alley (or off-road) surface. It additionally had the “air ride suspension”, which afresh improves ride quality, and additionally offers up to 102 mm of ride acme adjustment.

Some of this is automated – baddest low ambit in the 4×4 arrangement for off-roading and it will crank itself up for bigger arena clearance; on the artery in accustomed approach it will lower itself about 2 cm to abate annoyance and ammunition consumption. A audience of the 4×4’s capabilities during that Yukon drive showed how able this arrangement is. It will alpha on a abrupt acclivous split-mu apparent (one ancillary of the barter on blaze ice; the added on dry pavement) and calmly cull abroad no problem.

Like all contempo General Motors products, the Tahoe shows all-inclusive advance in autogenous trim abstracts and finish. The gauges and the axial capital awning are big and bright, and while the accessory controls will booty some accepting acclimated to – they consistently do – they’re bigger not alone than abounding competitors, but additionally bigger than GM itself acclimated to offer. Of course, there’s a massive colourful head-up affectation and like any safe driver, I shut this off. You should be attractive area you’re going, not at the abject of the windshield. I’ve accounting afore about GM’s birr camera views. You can baddest from a advanced arrangement of them – behind, ahead, to the sides, bird’s-eye, assorted combinations of the aloft – to advice you manoeuvre this big barter through bound spots.

2020 Chevy Tahoe Redesign and Concept
Engine 2020 Chevy Tahoe

Trailer towing is generally a big accord for this customer, and while I didn’t try any of that during my abrupt test, acquaintance in added GM trucks – for example, that Yukon – showed me that this arrangement additionally makes abetment this barter up to block a bivouac is awfully easier than before.

GM’s on-board WiFi will be accessible for the kiddies, and for business bodies defective to break in blow wherever they go. One affection I was blessed to be re-acquainted with – the about-face apparatus has been confused off the centre animate and assimilate the dashboard. It’s a alternation of pull-buttons – no, you absolutely do cull them rather than advance them, which apparently prevents some exceptionable changes. In abounding cartage these days, it’s too accessible to about advance the amiss button; this architecture eliminates that problem.

The centre armrest hides a massive accumulator bin, which can be calmly reconfigured to handle endless of capricious sizes. It can additionally be bound and alone opened with the “real” key fob; you can leave the “valet” key with, well, the aide and apperceive your being is safe.

One affection I was not so blessed to be re-acquainted with – the four-way flasher about-face is way over in advanced of the commuter area it’s abundant too adamantine to get to if you charge to acquaint afterward cartage of an adventure up ahead. There’s a bare atom adapted amid the two axial birr vents that would be perfect. This, and the actuality that like far too abounding vehicles, the Daytime Running Lights don’t about-face on the taillights, and the headlights don’t automatically shut themselves off back you shut the car off. An adapted time adjournment to acquiesce yourself time to get from your barn to your house, again off they should go.

So, the Chevrolet Tahoe against the GMC Yukon – is the closing account fifteen hundred added than the former? Admittedly, my tests of these trucks were not back-to-back.But the technology is absolutely the same, and frankly, I couldn’t acquaint any aberration in how the two drove.

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Price, Design and Review 2020 Chevy Tahoe

Still, if I still charge a barter this big, I’d opt for the Chevy for sure.

The agent was provided to the writer by the automaker. Content and agent evaluations were not accountable to approval.

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