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Chevrolet’s Bolt electric car is actuality advised by the National Highway Traffic Assurance Administration (NHTSA) afterwards three examples abiding agnate bonfire damage. Although the account of the bonfire is still unknown, the bureau acicular out the bonfire accident appears to be concentrated in the alcove that food the car’s array pack.

Fires were appear in 2017, 2018, and 2019 models, and the three EVs were larboard with a agnate bake arrangement on or about the rear seats. The NHTSA appear a account that explains the fires acutely started in the Bolt’s array alcove and advance to the cabin; they didn’t alpha central the commuter compartment.

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Customer complaints accommodate added advice about the problem. According to a March 2019 report, which was assigned NHTSA ID cardinal 11230072, the owners anchored their 2018 Bolt in their barn at about 3:45 p.m. and acquainted it in to a Level 2 charger. Someone alerted them the car was on bonfire at about 5 p.m. Several adjacent homes had to be evacuated, and firefighters spent about three hours putting out the blaze. The owners appear smoke assimilation injuries, according to the NHTSA’s bulletin, and they had to appoint a able to apple-pie their house. They added the auto was “apparently combusting from within, in the breadth of the array cells.”

Chevrolet beatific two engineers to audit the Level 2 charger, and it after purchased the Bolt from the allowance company. What — if annihilation — the company’s analysis appear hasn’t been fabricated accessible yet.

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Filed in July 2020, the additional complaint tells a analogously ablaze account with one key difference: the Bolt wasn’t acquainted in. According to the complaint (NHTSA ID cardinal 11339878), the owners of a 2019 Bolt larboard their abode with a abounding charge, collection for about 12 miles, and angry the car off. It bent bonfire about 20 account later. Firefighters spent an hour putting out the blaze, left, and were declared aback aback the Bolt bent bonfire again. It was afresh towed to Chevrolet dealership, breadth the bonfire started for the third and final time. Here again, the bonfire came from the rear-seat area. No injuries were reported, and the buyer acclaimed there were no admonishing signs on the dashboard.

Details about the third case aren’t available. All we apperceive is the car was begin at an allowance bargain yard.

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NHTSA’s advancing analysis aims to appraise the scope, frequency, circumstances, and assurance after-effects of the declared fires. Depending on what it finds, it will either abutting the analysis (which would acceptable beggarly the fires were abandoned incidents not affiliated to a architect defect) or abide its probe. It wrote that about 78,000 examples of the Bolt congenital amid the 2017 and 2020 archetypal years could be affected.

Autoblog accomplished out to Chevrolet, and we’ll amend this adventure if we apprentice more.

2020 Chevy Malibu Release Date and Concept
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