2020 Camaro Ss History

2020 Camaro Ss

Beginning with the Camaro’s barrage in 1967, Pennsylvania Chevrolet banker and racer Don Yenko produced some of the best abandoned versions of the archetypal anytime made. Because GM would not fit an agent beyond than 400 ci into its new sports car, Yenko ordered SS Camaros from the factory, removed their agent and blimp a 7-liter 427 ci V-8 beneath the hood. That’s how the Yenko fable was born. Yenko Chevys—Camaros, Chevelles and alike Novas—were the best feared American beef cars aback then, and are amid the best adorable ones from that era today.

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Specialty Vehicle Engineering’s 2021 Yenko/SC Stage II Camaro amalgamation gives Chevrolet’s archetypal 1,050 hp.  Photo: Courtesy of Specialty Vehicle Engineering.

Keeping the bequest alive, New Jersey–based Specialty Vehicle Engineering launches its 2021 Yenko/SC Stage II Camaro, a dent off the old Camaro block and a car that is reminiscent—down to the rear-fender graphics—of the original. But instead of Chevy’s 450 hp, L72 V-8 from the 1960s, the latest Yenko to abrasion a bow tie is powered by a custom-built 416 ci (6.8 liter) supercharged LT-1-based V-8 agent akin to a six-speed chiral transmission. Output is a amazing 1,050 hp with 875 ft lbs of torque, abiding to affect alike the best blah achievement junkies.

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The 6.8-liter supercharged V-8 that comes with Specialty Vehicle Engineering’s Yenko Camaro package.  Photo: Courtesy of Specialty Vehicle Engineering.

The added adaptation of the archetypal can be based on either a showroom-stock Camaro 1SS or 2SS, able with the 1LE Track Amalgamation option, which includes Magnetic Ride Control, cyberbanking limited-slip differential, performance-tuned abeyance (with different bushings, springs and balance bars) and a able cooling system. The closing includes agent oil cooler, bifold outboard radiators, a manual acknowledgment and a rear cogwheel cooler.

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The joyride stops with Brembo brakes—six pistons in advanced and four at the rear. For a blow of nostalgia, Torque Thrust–style auto anamnesis the aboriginal American classics. And aerodynamic enhancements accommodate a rear addle-brain while, inside, Recaro action seats accumulate anybody in abode back the supercharger spools up.

Only 50 examples will be made.  Photo: Courtesy of Specialty Vehicle Engineering.

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Specialty Vehicle Engineering, a Second-Stage Vehicle Manufacturer and Tier One Supplier to GM, is the absolute architect of the accepted bearing Yenko supercars, which are ordered through accustomed Chevrolet dealers. The Yenko/SC Stage II Camaro amalgamation is priced at $69,995, which is in accession to the 1LE-equipped Camaro’s about $45,000. A absolute of 50 numbered examples of the car will be accustomed the affability process.

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