2020 Bentley Muslane Performance and New Engine

2020 Bentley Muslane

”Beautiful one day, absolute the next” was Queensland’s long-running tourism slogan, and it still holds true. The Sunshine State is a decidedly nice abode to be – decidedly appropriate now, back added East Coast states are disturbing to accord with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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But if you’ve been advantageous any absorption to the account lately, you’d apperceive that Queensland is befitting its borders able-bodied and absolutely closed. We can’t accusation them, to be fair. But say you did appetite to bastard beyond the border. You couldn’t do it in aloof any old car. It would charge to be fast, stealthy, and potentially bulletproof.

Fortunately, this 1985 Bentley Mulsanne Turbo is all that – additional a hell of a lot more.

Don’t be bamboozled by the adorned badging – this isn’t aloof some costly acreage yacht. Image: Callum Lawton Photography

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“Originally supplied to the London Embassy of the State of Qatar for His Excellency Sheikh M A Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the Ruler of Qatar, in 1985, this Mulsanne is one of aloof 496 turbocharged variants of the Mulsanne congenital and possibly the best different one anytime made, actuality bomb- and bullet-proof to assure the occupants,” Will Keogh from Short Shift Speed Shop details.

“With 10mm armour plating and 40mm blubbery glass, this 4.5-tonne barbarian additionally comes with a congenital blaze extinguisher system, megaphone to allege to bodies alfresco of the car and alike anarchism armament launchers army in the corners of the bumpers (they no best work).”

We’ve heard of crazy anti-carjacking accessories – such as this South African apparatus from 1998 which attaches a flamethrower kit to the basic of your agent – but armament launchers? That’s some James Bond-level insanity.

2020 Bentley Muslane Performance
Wallpaper 2020 Bentley Muslane

A actual cockpit. Image: Callum Lawton Photography

Produced from 1980 to 1992, the Mulsanne was the abject for all Bentley models until the 1998 addition of the Bentley Arnage, itself based on the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. The ‘base’ archetypal (if such a affair absolutely exists in the branch of high-end full-size affluence cars) featured a 6.8L V8 authoritative a august 191kW – which it bare to booty about its 2245kg kerb weight.

Remarkably, the Mulsanne Turbo – of which this bulletproof babyish is an archetype – is 50% added able than the abject archetypal its acknowledgment to its Garrett turbocharger. That agency that this 35-year-old British barbarian has added kW than the Kia Stinger GT S artery convoying cars some associates of the Queensland Police Service now apparatus about in (272kW to the Bentley’s 287).

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Besides, alike if they did bolt you, they couldn’t get you out of the car if they tried. Using the centre console-mounted about-face panel, you could aloof bark at them with the megaphone, or abuse to shoot pipebombs at their legs. No charge to acknowledgment the armament launchers don’t work.

It’s additionally a appealing comfortable rolling bomb shelter, with acreage of adaptable covering you can alembic bottomward in. It is a Bentley, afterwards all.

In case you were in any doubt, this one’s got affected induction. Image: Callum Lawton Photography

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Currently actuality offered for a awful reasonable $40,000, this actually sheik-tier cairn to balance and the accomplished tiers of all-embracing relations would be the absolute car to breach some bound laws in. Only botheration is that it’s actuality awash in Perth… So you’d accept to cantankerous the WA bound afore you could get it into Queensland. But that’s beside the point. Short Shift Speed Shop accept this bonkers Bentley on Gumtree if you’re keen.

Thanks to Car Rave for award this beauty. Check out added of their articles here.

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