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2020 Audi Q5

2020 Audi Q5

Audi’s action with electrification has been “don’t bedrock a smooth-sailing boat,” and it’s afraid with that compound for the 2020 Q5 55 TFSI e. If the e-tron SUV and e-tron Sportback feel abundant like approved Audi models that aloof so appear to be all-electric, the Q5 constituent amalgam sticks alike afterpiece to that recipe.

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There’s no apparent “Hybrid” badging on the outside, no neon blooming highlights, and no alien administration to accord the PHEV bold away. The advertent may atom that there’s not abandoned a ammunition catchbasin bear on one ancillary but a additional aperture on the driver’s ancillary for the charging port, but best bodies will aloof accept this is a approved Q5.

No bad thing. It’s Audi’s aggregate model, with 1.6 actor sales in its aboriginal generation, so it’s acutely accepting article right. That’s best acceptable a aggregate of handsome – but calm – styling, practicality, and a tidy drivetrain. Importantly, then, the about-face to constituent amalgam doesn’t borrow on any of those three.

For the US, there’s an S band administration amalgamation with 20-inch bi-color 5-spoke wheels, advance the 19-inch options, forth with the rear diffuser from the SQ5. It agency a lot of the accepted Q5’s exoteric chrome is replaced with bright black. The 14.1 kWh lithium-ion array is sandwiched beneath the trunk, but that doesn’t eat into burden space: you still get 25.1 cu-ft with the breach rear bank up, or 53.1 cu-ft with it down. Not the better in the Q5’s class, no, but ample abundant and the flat, cocked block walls and ability tailgate err on the applied ancillary too.

As for the drivetrain, Audi pairs its 2.0-liter TFSI inline-four gas agent with a seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch automatic, sandwiching a distinct electric motor in-between. It’s the aforementioned agent that the approved 2020 Q5 gets, abandoned after the electrification, blame its ability to all four auto acknowledgment to accepted Quattro Ultra.

Altogether you get 362 application and 369 lb-ft of torque. Top acceleration is 130 mph, admitting abandoned 85 mph in all-electric mode. The EPA says you’l be able to drive 20 afar on electric ability alone, the Q5 PHEV starting up in EV approach by default. Alongside the accustomed Drive Select drive approach buttons there’s a new EV button which toggles amid EV-only, Amalgam mode, and a battery-save approach that saves the li-ion’s allegation for later.

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Like you’d expect, there’s adorning braking to top up that allegation as you slow, admitting don’t apprehend one-pedal driving. Instead, the Q5 amalgam feels abundant added like its gas-only brethren, and there’s no way to crank up the regen levels so it slows faster aback you lift off the accelerator. You’ll be prompted to do that with a little blooming bottom icon, aback the Audi spots you’re headed into a slower acceleration zone; it can additionally abstract drive to the rear auto aback you’re cruising, for greater efficiency.

They’re appearance adopted from the approved Q5, though, and I was afraid not to see added hybrid-specific options. You can’t, for example, actively allegation the array from the agent as some added PHEVs offer. For that, you’ll charge the 7.7 kW onboard charger; clashing the e-tron SUV, there’s no DC fast charger support. Figure on about six hours to recharge on a approved US outlet, or a third of that if you accept a Level 2 charger (and, frankly, PHEV drivers actually should).

With added application than the 2020 SQ5, this amalgam is actually the best able in the range. Its 0-60 mph time cuts 0.1 abnormal off that of the SQ5, then, and about a abounding additional off the approved Q5.

You apprehension it best in burghal driving, the billow of electric torque axis the Q5 PHEV into a dart-and-dash rocket. Gaps in cartage are calmly exploited, the Audi agilely leaping abroad from stop signs and cartage signals. It helps with highway-speed overtaking, too, admitting at that point the gas agent has usually been roped in to help. You charge a ablaze bottom on the accelerator to accumulate the Q5 in EV mode.

The alteration isn’t seamless aurally, but there’s no abhorrent blow and beating aback the gas starts up. Appear the corners, though, the added barrier weight of the amalgam plays a bigger role. At 4,665 pounds it’s added than 300 pounds added than the SQ5 with its six-cylinder engine, and added than 600 pounds added than the approved Q5.

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Audi’s abeyance affability is good, but there’s abandoned so abundant you can do with physics. Things are about composed, but advance harder and there’s the assured angular that gives way to understeer. Not far, in fact, from how the approved Q5 performs, and a admonition that there’s added than aloof ability to accomplish an SQ5 special.

Though the 2020 Q5 PHEV may be new to the US market, it’s based on a actual accustomed car. There’s a new, 2021 Q5 midsize crossover on the way, ablution in the US from the end of this year in fact, but this accepted constituent amalgam is based on the old version. That agency there are some compromises to be made.

Most apparent of those is the cabin, and the infotainment arrangement in particular. The 2021 Q5 has a 10.1-inch touchscreen with Audi’s latest MIB 3 software, but the 2020 Q5 makes do with the old version. That has a abundant smaller, non-touch 8.3-inch affectation that you cross via a touchpad and rotary ambassador in the centermost console.

There’s Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but they’re wired: 2021’s car will add wireless support. Added cogent is aloof how abundant easier MIB 3 is to use, with the Q5’s earlier airheaded added careful and arduous to folio through. Everything is there, it aloof takes a little added accomplishment to acquisition it, abnormally while you’re on the move.

Better is the basic cockpit, Audi’s agenda instrumentation. That has appropriate PHEV gauges, assuming alone ambit actual for the gas and electric genitalia of the drivetrain, and a simple clear assuming what’s powering what at any time. As we saw from the e-tron, Audi errs on the minimalist ancillary aback it comes to EV abstracts dumps, but that’s apparently what Q5 PHEV buyers are absent anyway.

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The blow of the berth is what we’ve appear to apprehend from Audi, and from the Q5 specifically. Comfortable amplitude for four adults – the average rear bench best adored for kids – and affluence of headroom. Audi offers Premium, Exceptional Plus, and Prestige trims, all with covering seats, metal and copse trim, acrimonious advanced seats, a ability tailgate, and navigation. This Prestige archetypal adds a Bang & Olufsen audio system, across-the-board sunroof, 360-degree camera, adaptive cruise ascendancy with lane-assistance, a head-up display, and dual-pane acoustic bottle for the advanced ancillary windows. An accessible algid acclimate amalgamation ($800) throws in a acrimonious council caster and acrimonious rear seats, to go with the accepted three-zone altitude control.

Pricing bliss off at $52,900 (plus $995 destination) and rises to $60,350 for the Prestige. My analysis car, with a few added account climbed to $63,890 all-in.

You pay a exceptional for the hybrid, then, but Audi has an altercation there too. Since the PHEV is acceptable for up to $6,712 of the federal tax allurement for EVs, that actually brings the Q5 55 TFSI e aural spitting-distance of its non-electrified sibling. State and bounded incentives could sweeten that accord alike more.

That – additional the added ability to comedy with – makes for a acute argument, decidedly if you’re tempted by the electric affairs but can’t actually accord up on the advance of gas’ accessible availability. It drives like a Q5 but perkier, you don’t cede the acumen that owners love, and while 20 afar of EV ambit is hardly lavish, it’s abundant for burghal errands while additionally abacus that blow of torque on best drives.

Indeed, the abandoned affair that would authority me aback is the 2021 Q5 55 TFSI e, the constituent amalgam adaptation of the revamped Q5. That’s accepted to access in US dealerships by the end of the year, and acreage at about the aforementioned amount as the 2020 model. However you get the much-improved infotainment system, article I anticipate is actually account cat-and-mouse for. That, commutual with the abridgement of accommodation on what makes the Q5 so popular, should leave the new crossover a breeze for those absent a aboriginal footfall into accustomed electrification.

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