2020 All Ford F150 Raptor Redesign and Concept

2020 All Ford F150 Raptor

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2020 All Ford F150 Raptor Concept
Performance 2020 All Ford F150 Raptor

Over the accomplished few years, automakers accept apparent that bodies adulation high-performance off-road auto trucks. The Ford F-150 Raptor absolutely kick-started the trend, with the Chevy Colorado ZR2, and now the Ram 1500 TRX following. Off-road-oriented trims are afterward carefully abaft like the Silverado Trail Boss. Despite this off-road boom, there are some niches larboard to fill, and Mil-Spec Automotive, a aggregation that aboriginal became accepted for its above resto-mods of Hummer H1s, has begin one. Its adapted F-150 is there for addition who wants a Raptor but needs a V8 rumble, and article alike beefier looking. It absolutely fits the bill with alone some accessory compromises.

So what absolutely does the Mil-Spec F-150 appear with? Well, absolutely a lot. The aggregation starts with a V8, four-wheel-drive F-150 with a branch cogwheel lock. Mil-Spec will advancement any F-150 with those appearance from a average XLT to a top-of-the-line Platinum. The aggregation adumbrative we talked with recommends activity with a lower trim, though, aback some of the accessories from high-trim trucks will be replaced or removed, so there’s no acumen to absorb added money than is necessary.

2020 Mil-Spec Ford F-150

On the outside, Mil-Spec fits fiberglass pre-runner appearance fenders that abode 37-inch tires captivated about 20-inch Atramentous Rhino wheels. Helping the barter bright these behemothic tires are the alternative Baja Performance Abeyance Amalgamation with adjustable Fox 3.0 alien backlog coilover shocks with Eibach springs at all four corners and BajaKits long-travel ascendancy accoutrements at the front. They accompany caster biking to 11 inches at the advanced and 12 inches at the back. Addicted Desert Designs animate bumpers are adapted forth with a custom grille with Raptor-style LEDs, a ample aluminum Mil-Spec badge, and Mil-Spec cartoon for the tailgate and rear fenders. The aftereffect is a steroidal Raptor, but the actuality that Mil-Spec uses some added easygoing auto and alone builds these trucks in black, white, or two shades of gray helps accumulate it from attractive too absurd.

Under the acute exoteric are some balmy agent and autogenous upgrades. Mil-Spec adds a Ford Performance burke body, assimilation and agent arrangement to addition ability up to 500 horsepower. A Borla cat-back bankrupt adds some noise, and Mil-Specs custom tips appear out appropriate abutting to the animate bumpers so they don’t brandish in a accessible spot.

2020 All Ford F150 Raptor Overview
Overview 2020 All Ford F150 Raptor

Inside, Mil-Spec adds Katzkin covering upholstery in black, gray or tan, carefully analogous the branch Ford colors, batten aluminum caps for the ascendancy knobs, a Raptor council caster with anatomic about-face paddles, and custom aluminum badges. These autogenous changes are actual subtle, but additionally rather nice. The aluminum knobs feel abundant in hand, and the subtleness of their architecture forth with the carefully akin covering gives the autogenous a near-OEM look.

2020 Mil-Spec Ford F-150

With the account of upgrades out of the way, we can assuredly allocution about how these genitalia appear together. Unfortunately, we didn’t accept abundant time to acquisition a abode to booty the Mil-Spec off road, but we were able to absorb affluence of time on pavement, which will still accomplish up a big allotment of any owner’s active experience. And speaking of “big,” that’s absolutely what this barter is. It’s absolutely about seven inches added than a Raptor, which itself is a brace inches added than a approved F-150. And if you’re not acclimated to active about dually pickups, or Mil-Spec’s own Hummers for that matter, there will be an acclimatization aeon of watching your mirrors consistently to accomplish abiding you’re not about to nudge an biting Corolla into a wall. The barter is quite, tall, too, so you’ll appetite to anticipate alert about affairs into covered parking areas or garages.

Other than the ample size, the Mil-Spec F-150 is about appealing accessible to drive about and adequately civilized. Despite the off-road tires, council is authentic and accurately weighted, and there’s alike some acknowledgment through the wheel. The tires don’t alike accomplish abundant babble to the cabin, which is additionally almost artless by wind and alley noise. The off-road abeyance is affluence adequate as well, and possibly a bit softer than that of the Raptor. Anatomy cycle isn’t bad either. There are some awkward noises from the abeyance activity over bumps, but annihilation disconcerting. Braking is fine, but some beefier brakes would be welcome, aback it seems like it takes a fair bit of pedal burden to booty this barbarian down. A aggregation adumbrative said there are affairs for upgraded brakes.

While the Mil-Spec does accomplish 500 horsepower, the barter doesn’t feel abnormally quick. It’s acceptable because of the finer taller accessory ratios from the alpine tires and the weight of said tires. The Raptor council wheel’s shifter paddles are absolutely functional, but actuality able to aces apparatus doesn’t accomplish the acquaintance feel any quicker. Arguably, it feels slower aback the manual is apathetic to change apparatus on demand. This is no accountability of Mil-Spec’s though. Also, the V8 doesn’t accomplish the aforementioned affectionate of abhorrent torque the Raptor’s turbo 3.5-liter V6 makes, so it feels like you accept to assignment it harder to accelerate. The aggregation has affairs to action the Ford Performance supercharger kit with the truck, and we anticipate it would be a advantageous best if you accept the scratch. But the agent does at atomic accomplish all the V8 sounds you’d apprehend from a big truck. Prod the burke and you get a loud, boomy, truck-like roar. Press it adamantine abundant and you’d apparently set off car alarms. Thankfully, it’s alone loud back accelerating hard. Back canoeing bottomward the artery or acclaim dabbling about town, the bankrupt quiets appropriate bottomward to a aerial burble.

2020 All Ford F150 Raptor Style
Spy Shoot 2020 All Ford F150 Raptor

2020 Mil-Spec Ford F-150

If all of this sounds absorbing to you, you’ll additionally appetite to apperceive pricing. The abject amount for the about-face is $34,950, additional the amount of the auto barter that’s actuality converted. The cheapest you can get an F-150 XLT with a locking rear cogwheel is $42,295, so the cheapest you could get into a Mil-Spec would be $77,245. Our analysis barter additionally had the $6,000 abeyance package, and actuality a SuperCrew, would accept added at atomic $6,500 to the amount of the abject truck. That’s a big upcharge over the $55,150 of a branch Raptor, and it alike acme the $71,690 of the Ram TRX. That makes the Mil-Spec a boxy sell, because both of those are a bit easier to handle on a circadian basis, and the Raptor appearance added torque and the Ram is abundant added able with 702 horses.

But there are acceptable added factors at comedy in a buyer’s best to get a Mil-Spec F-150. It could be a Ford loyalist who would adulation a Raptor, but badly wants a V8 sounds and feel. Or it could be addition that’s attractive for article alike burlier than what the OEMs provide, while additionally actuality covered by a bit of a assurance – the Ford $.25 are all covered beneath the branch warranty, and Mil-Spec warranties any genitalia the aggregation installs for 1 year/15,000 miles, with an continued 3-year/36,000-mile assurance available. For these alcove cases, the Mil-Spec serves admirably.

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2020 All Ford F150 Raptor Engine
Style 2020 All Ford F150 Raptor




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